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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 1

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)

(Jiyeon’s POV)

He looks awesome eventhough he’s sweating now. I don’t know since when I have this feeling for him. But from day to day I feel like I love him more. I know that im wrong, because I shouldn’t love him.

Ne… I shouldn’t love Lee Kikwang, because… he’s my bestfriend.

And im sure that he will never love me back. Im just a bestfriend and also a sister for him, nothing more than that…

“Boo!” Jieun surprised me from behind.

“Yaa! What was that for.” I said still in shock. I pretend like im mad at her.

She laughs and then sits next to me. “Mianhe… you seemed like you were really enjoying your daydreaming. I can’t stand not to interfere you.” Said Jieun with a smile on her face.

“Aigoo… you’re so annoying.” I said to her while im pouting.

“Hahaha… but you love me right?” Asked her back.

Before I can answer her, someone comes toward us. Even just see him and hear his voice can make me feel nervous like this. But luckily, I can easily cover it.

“Yaaa ladies, where’s my drink?” Asked him. And then he sits between us, Jieun and i.

“Here it is!” I said to him while im giving his drink.

“Gomawo.” He thanked me before he drink.

I looked at his sweating face. Just like I said before, he looks awesome eventhough he’s sweating. I give him my handkerchief.

“Gomawo.” He thanked me again and then he wipes his sweating face with myhandkerchief.

I just smile as the reply.

“God, why did you give me this feeling? Why did you let me fall too deep against this feeling if in the end it’s only gonna hurt me?”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


(Kikwang’s POV)
“She’s here…” I said happily in my heart when I see her watching my basketball game. Her presence makes my spirit grow.

Yeah… I really like her. Anii.. not only like her, but I think I love her so much…

I love her since a long time ago, but until now I didn’t dare to tell her how much I love her. Im afraid if it will ruin our friendship.


Yup, that’s right! Im in love with my own bestfriend. I know i shouldn’t feel like this because, I know that im just a bestfriend and also a brother for her. Nothing more…


“Kikwang!” Called someone.

I immediately turn my body to see that person.

“Annyeong!” I smiled to her.

“Where are you going?” She asked me with a curious tone.

“As usual, im going for walk while taking some pictures. Who knows, maybe there are a lot of great objects to be photographed.” I answered her.

“Can I join with you? Im so bored at home.” Asked her again.

“Sure Jieun! That will be great!”

After that, we continue to walk . We are walking side by side. During the walk, we are also making some jokes. We laugh happily, like there’s no tomorrow.

“Hey! Do you know what? I think Jiyeon is in love now.” Said Jieun to me while we’re still walking.

I turn my head to face her. “Jinjja? I didn’t notice that. How do you know?” I asked her curiously.

“Aigoo… what a bad chingu you are!” Said her while she’s pouting.

“Everyone can see that clearly… Lately, she often smiled to herself and sometimes she also daydreaming during the class. You know what kind of person she’s right? She isn’t a type of student who likes to daydreaming during the class. That’s why I could say that she’s in love now.” Explained Jieun to me. I just nod as a response.

“Ah, and one more thing.. she’s also like to make a love poem these days.” Added her again.

“How do you know that?” I Asked her while looking at her.

She smiled mischievously. “Hehehe… I read her diary without on purpose.”

“Mwoo??! Yaaa… neo jinjja!”

“Hehehe… don’t tell her arasso? I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me if she knows that I read her diary.” She begged me while she’s cupping her her hands.

“Beside, I only read the poems not all of her diary.” Added her again.

I laugh when I see her funny expression. “Ne, I won’t tell her. Beside I still need you for the math test.”

“Mworago?? So you just using me??” She asked me while pouting.

“Ne.. Im just using you.” I said jokingly.

I run immediately after I said that to her. And I think my action is right. Because not long after that, Jieun chases me while shouting my name.


“HAHAAHAHA… CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!” I shouted back to her and then I laugh happily.

“Aish… neo jinjja!!”

(Kikwang’s POV End)


“Annyeong ahjumma!” Greeted Jiyeon politely to Kikwang’s mother.

“Annyeong Jiyeon-ah! Long time no see, how are you honey?” Asked Kikwang’s mother as she let Jiyeon enter the house.

“Im okay ahjumma. What about you?”

“Me too. And im getting more good when I see you now.” Kikwang’s mother smiled to Jiyeon.

“Is Kikwang here?” Asked Jiyeon again while she looked around.

“He just went to Supermarket to buy something. But just wait in his room, he will not be long. He come back soon.” Said Mrs. Lee, Kikwang’s mother.

Jiyeon, Jieun, and Kikwang are friends since in Junior high. They are so close to each other, that’s why when they came to each other home, they feel like they’re in their own home.


Jiyeon entered Kikwang’s room. It’s blue, just like the colour of her room. She sat on the chair infront of Kikwang’s study table.

There are a lot of paper on that table. Some of them are paper, and some of them are photos.

Jiyeon took one of those photo while smiling. It’s their photo when they went to holiday in Jeju island. Jiyeon took another photo, and it was Jieun photo.

Soon, she realize that there’s something wrong…

She took all of those photos.

“Jieun? Why there are a lot of Jieun’s photos here?” She mumbled.

“Don’t tell me that…” Jiyeon couldn’t continue her thought. She was afraid to know the truth.

Jiyeon opened the drawers of Kikwang’s desk. There was a blue box in there. Jiyeon knew that she shouldn’t do this, because it meant that she violated Kikwang’s privacy.

But the curiousity made her sure about her decision.

Jiyeon took that box slowly, and after the box was placed on the table she decided to open it.

Jiyeon felt so much regret after she opened the box… Because there was something that she last wanted to know in that box.

Her heart ached…

It felt hurt… really hurt until she didn’t realize that tears started to fall from her eyes.

-To Be Continued-



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