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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 2

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)

Don’t you know that I love you???

Don’t you know that I really want to be with you? Just to be with you…

Can you see me who is always be by your side?

Can you see me who’s always there for you when you need me, help you when you fall down??

I know, I shouldn’t feel like this… but I can’t help it…

Eventhough I always try to forget this feeling, but I still can’t.


Because I really love you Lee Jieun…

Yeongwonhi, I Love You…

Jiyeon refolded the paper. Now she already knew the truth, that Kikwang, the man whom she loved the most, liked her own bestfriend.

Jiyeon tried to accept the fact that Kikwang loved Jieun. She assured herself that she will be fine and she was ok with it.

“Gwenchana… gwenchana…” mumbled Jiyeon to herself.

But eventhough how hard she tried to act ok with it, she still couldn’t hide her true feelings. She felt hurt and also heartbroken.

Suddenly, Kikwang’s door opened. Jiyeon immediately wiped her tears and also act as if nothing happened before.

“Jiyeon-ah, sorry im kinda late. There are a lot of things that I should buy.” Said Kikwang while he put his things on the bed.

“Hmm.. gwenchana. What did you buy?” Asked Jiyeon while she was trying to act normal.

“Just some stuff.” Answered Kikwang.

Kikwang realized that there was something wrong happen to Jiyeon. He walked toward Jiyeon, and then he touched Jiyeon’s cheek, making her surprised by his action.

“Gwenchana?” He asked Jiyeon while his hand is still on Jiyeon’s cheek.

“N..ne.. naega gwenchana.” Replied Jiyeon with a nervous tone.

“Don’t lie Jiyeon-ah! Because you’re not a very good liar. You just cried, didn’t you? What’s wrong?” Asked Kikwang again.

Jiyeon didn’t know what to say. Because it was all because of him, Lee Kikwang.

“Mianhe, I can’t tell you. How can I say to you that im being like this because you break my heart.” Said Jiyeon in her heart.


“Aniii, it’s actually not a big problem. It just… hmm.. i.. got a bad score in Chemistry.” Lied Jiyeon.

“Aigoo… you make me worried! I thought there was something bad happen to you.” Said Kikwang with a smile on his face.

Kikwang sat on the edge of his bed, facing Jiyeon.

“Jiyeon-ah, Are you in love now?” Asked Kikwang.

Jiyeon froze after she heard Kikwang’s question.

“Waeyo?” Asked her, while she tried to cover her shocked.

“Ani, Jieun said that you’re in love now.”

“Hahhaha… that wasn’t true. Im not in love with anyone now.”

“Mianhe Kikwang… once again I have to lied to you.” Said Jiyeon in her heart. She looked at Kikwang’s face, who is busy with his camera.


(Jieun’s POV)

Jiyeon seems really weird these days, I feel like she’s hiding something from me and Kikwang. But everytime I ask her about that she will say “Gwenchana Jieun-ah, nan gwenchana.”

She also keeps a distance from us. Im really curious about what happen to her, I keep asking to myself why is she acting like this. It really makes me confused.

“Ya gwenchana?” Asked Kikwang to me.


Kikwang sits next to me on the bench, We’re at the school’s garden.

“Thinking about Jiyeon?” Asked Kikwang again.

“Hmm.. Im worried about her. You know right, that she’s a type of person who likes to keep her own problem by herself?” I asked him as im looking at his face.

He looks at me back. “So, you think that Jiyeon has a problem now?”

I nod at him.

“Well, maybe she just needs a time to be alone. When she’s ready, im sure that she’ll tell us about what is exactly happen.” Said Kikwang, he’s trying to comfort me.

Suddenly, my head feels really hurt, it hurts me so badly. It feels like being hit by a huge and heavy stone.

“Oh no! Please not now! Please… not infront of Kikwang.” I keep praying in my heart. Not long after that I feel like there’s a warm and liquid come out from my nose. I immediately wipe it, and just like I thought before it’s….



I really want to go before Kikwang realizes about what’s happening to me. But I can’t, because my head feels really hurt and I also feel really weak.

“OMO… Jieun-ah..” Said Kikwang with a panic tone.

He takes a tissue from his pocket and he immediately wipes my blood.

“You look pale. Are you sick?”

“Anii, nan gwenchana… I just..”


(Jieun’s POV End)


(Kikwang’s POV)

“Don’t worry! She’s just tired. She’ll wake up soon.” Said the nurse to me.

“Ne, Ghamsahamnida.” I bowed to the nurse before she left.

I look at Jieun who’s sleeping peacefully on the bed now. I was so panic when she was bleeding and then fainted. Im afraid if something bad happens to her.

I sit on the chair beside her bed. I touch her pale face slowly, not wanting to wake her up.

“Jieun-ah… saranghae….”

Yeah I know that im such a babo… I can only say that word to her in a condition like this. Of course she will not answer that, because she didn’t hear it…

Im just a coward…

…ne, a very very coward person.

(Kikwang’s POV End)


(Jiyeon’s POV)

I was so worried when one of my classmates said that Jieun fainting. I immediately ran to the School’s clinic.

When Im about to open the door, I see from the window that Kikwang holds Jieun’s hand and then he also touches her face slowly.

Once again, I feel hurt… really hurt…

I try to ignore it, and pretend like nothing happens. I open the door slowly, not wanting to make a noise.

“Jieun-ah… saranghae…”

I froze when I heard that from Kikwang’s mouth…


He loves Jieun that much…

Without making any sound, I walk out from that room. I decide to go to the school’s garden, I just want to calm myself.


I sit on the bench under the tree. I recall what had happened between Kikwang and Jieun just now. Im crying again… to be honest, im really tired for being like this.

Keeping this feeling only make me tired and also hurt.

If I could, I really want to throw away this feeling.

I almost jump from the seat when I feel something cold stuck on my cheek. I immediately turn my head to see what that is.


Yup, that was my oppa, Junhyung. He was one year older than me.

He sits next to me and then he gives me a cup of icecream, the cold thing that was stuck on my cheek.

“Gomawo oppa.” I thanked him.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in the class now.”

“……….” I just silent. I don’t know what I have to say to him, because just like Kikwang ever said to me that im not a very good liar. So I think I should be silent, instead answer that question.

“Love problem, huh?” Asked him. His question make me froze for a while.

“O..ottoke arasso?”

He smiles when he face me. “You’re my sister, I know you since you were a baby. Of course I can know easily about what’s happening to you.” He answered as he’s stroking my hair.

I feel comfortable with his action. I rest my head on his shoulder.

“It hurts… really hurt…” I said to him while I touch my chest.

“It’s hurting me until I feel hard to breathe.”

Junhyung oppa keep listening, while his hand holding my hand.

“Ottoke oppa?? Ottoke? I want to throw away this feeling, but I cant… it ‘s really hard for me to do.”

“Don’t cry! Im sure if you’re not destined together, you will forget him soon.” Said my oppa with a soft tone.

Ne, oppa’s right. If Kikwang and I aren’t destined together, im sure that I will forget him soon.

But the thing is…

Can I be able to do it???

(Jiyeon’s POV End)

-To Be Continued-



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21 tanggapan untuk “A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 2

  1. kyula unnie..(mian i 92 lines) where are you come from?? sorry theres no connection with the story …but if im not wrong IU has a hard disease…btw i like your thriller KyuYeon …engaged?? oh no!! because of that fanfic im tobe KyuYeon shipper…hehe..mian im too much talking jeongmal mianhae…hehe..^^

    1. I think you dont have to call me unnie, cause im younger than you 😀
      Im 95 lines ^^ so i think im the one who have to call you unnie ^^
      Yeah, IU has a hard disease.

      Really? You like it? 😀 thank you! im so glad..
      I made that because both of them are my favourite maknae 😀

      Gwenchana, i dont mind that! I actually glad to talking to you ^^

  2. ok ntar aku add deh…oh iya saeng aku author d parkjiyeonfanfiction.wordpress.com id wordpress ini msh pnya 1 ff sih tp lumayan ntar ksh tw aku th apa kurangnya…oo btw knpa gk bkin ffnya bhs indo?? atw thrillernya bhs indo pasti lbih lucu…^^

      1. Ok ntr ak confirm 😀
        Pengennya jga gtu sich kak, cma ak dh biasa bwt FF bhs inggris jd ntr klo bwt pke bhs indo takut gk dpt feel-a..
        trus selain itu aku kn jga author di asianfanfics, makanya keseringan bwt yg bhs inggris, klo di translate jd kerja 2 kali kan…

        tp ntr deh ak cba bwt yg bhs Indo 😀
        gomawo atas sarannya eonnie ^^

  3. saeng jeongmal gomawo yh udh bikin ff engaged oh no…karena itu pertama aku nemu ff KyuYeon dan buat aku jadi KyuYeon shipper tp sekarang jd jarang bgt ff KyuYeon…pasti karena Jiyeon ma Kyuhyun gk pernah satu acara variety show kyk gtu…klw ada pasti bnyak deh …mereka lebih ska bkin haeyeon donghae jiyeon karena mereka pernah jd pasangan mc music core…ah coba jgn donghae coba Kyuhyun….:@

    1. iya, sm2 eon 😀
      Iyaa mereka jarang bgt ada interaksi makanya susah 😦
      Tp ak juga salah stu HaeYeon shipper loh #plaak 😀
      Abis mereka b’2 imut bgt. klo ak lbh ke KyuYoung shipper eon.

  4. oh aku juga suka haeyeon sih, sebenernya mah aku suka semua pairing Jiyeon #plak dasar maruk…hehe eh sekarang lg musimnya myungyeon couple loh..myungsoo infinite dan Jiyeon pastinya..owh kyuyoung yah…aku pernah denger sih tp blm pernah baca atwpun liat sesuatu tentang mereka…entar deh aku coba browsing tentang mereka…oceh saeng…

    1. Iyaa.. prasaan smua cwok klo dipasangin am jiyeon cocok2 aj deh 😀
      He’eh eon, bahkan di Asianfanfics aj lgi pd heboh am myungyeon couple >.<

  5. betul..betul..betul…yah keluar deh upin ipinnya haha#plakk abaikan…
    iya apalagi Jiyeon lucu imut aku pertama suka Jiyeon pas di tawarin ma temen nonton god of study ternyata rame!! aku suka hyunjung ..trus kemaren2 aku nonton death bell2 jiyeon trnyata sama rame!! tp sebel d sna Jiyeon gk d pairin sma ji changwok eh..kalo d pikir2 Jiyeon ma jichangwook jodoh yah…1 d mv young gun
    2 d film death bell
    3 d mv cry2
    wah double ji…!!

    1. He’eh eon..
      pas liat MV cry cry perasaan kyk pernah liat cwoknya.
      eh,, tau2 itu ji changwok..
      Mereka sering dpt kerjaan bareng, tp sygnya jarang dipairing-in 😦
      Di death bell kan jiyeon dipairing ama yoon siyoon

  6. Dh liat kok eon 😀
    Itu video mereka yg pertama kli ak liat, trus bru deh di death bell.
    Tp di death bell ji changwok matinya sadis bgt, sereeem deh :p

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