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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 4

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)


(Jiyeon’s POV)

Kikwang and I are sitting on the bench under the tree. We are really tired after played a lot of games in the amusement park.

Im quietly watching Kikwang who’s eating his ice cream.

“Kikwang… I wish I can tell you that I love you. But if you know the truth, will you avoid me?”

Kikwang turns his head to face me, I immediately laughing when I see his face.

“Waeyo? There’s something wrong on my face?” Asked Kikwang curiously.

“Hahaha… Yaa you’re eating like a little kid.” I said to him while im wiping his face with my own hand.

Kikwang silent and then he looks at me. I become nervous when our eyes meet. I immediately pull my hand from his face.

“Aigoo… what was I thinking?? I shouldn’t do that! You’re such a babo Park Jiyeon!!”  I cursed myself while im bowing my head. Im too afraid to face Kikwang now, cause I know that my face is blushing.

“Gomapta.” Kikwang breaks the silence by thanking me.

“Hmm.. ne…” I said to him while im still bowing my head.

“Kikwang…” I called him.


“Do you like someone now?”


“Kikwang-ah!” I called him again because he doesn’t answer my question.

“Ani…” Answered him as he smiles to me.

“Geotjimal Kikwang-ah! You’re in love with Jieun, right?”

Kikwang seems surprise when I said that to him. Maybe he didn’t expect that I know about his feeling toward Jieun.

“O..ottohke ara?”

“So, I guess the answer is yes. You’re in love with Jieun.” I said to him as im trying to smile, eventhough it hurts me a lot.

“Yeah, I really like her… ani… I think I love her. I don’t know since when I had this feeling, but all I know is I really love her with all of my heart.” Said Kikwang. I can see that his face is blushing.

Kikwang’s recognition makes my heart even more hurt. Slowly but sure, my tears falling down on my cheeks. I immediately wipe it because I don’t want Kikwang to see me crying like this.

“Kikwang… can’t you see me right here, next to you??”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


After Jiyeon knew the truth about Kikwang’s feeling toward Jieun, she always tried to stay away from her two bestfriends, Kikwang and Jieun. This situation made Jieun even more confused.

“Did something bad happen between her and Kikwang?” Asked Jieun to herself as she watched Jiyeon walk out from the class.

“Jieun-ah! Look at this!” Said Kikwang as he showed his photos to Jieun.

“I took them yesterday. Is it good?” Asked him.

“Hmm… these photos are amazing. Especially this one.” Said Jieun as she took one of those photos, it was a picture of the sunset.

“If you like it, then take it! That’s for you.”

“Jinjja?? Gomawo chingu-a.” Thanked Jieun happily.

Kikwang smiled because of Jieun’s happy face. For him the important thing is to see Jieun happy, eventhough Jieun will never know how Kikwang felt toward her.

Jieun turned her face from those pictures to Kikwang.

“There’s something wrong happen between you and Jiyeon?”

“Mwo?! Ani… waeyo?”

“It just… can’t you see it, that she seems like stay away from us. I wonder why she’s being like this.”

“Yaaah, why don’t you ask her about that, maybe if you ask her she will tell you about her problem.” Said Jieun as she looked at Kikwang.

“Naega?? Why don’t you ask her? You’re guys are girls, so I think it will be good if you ask her. Maybe it’s like….a… girl problem.”

“Aigoo Kikwang…. You’re such a babo!! Now im sure it’s about Kikwang. Kikwang… can’t you feel that Jiyeon likes you???” Said Jieun in her heart as she looked at Kikwang.

“Yaa, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Jebaallll……” Jieun begged to Kikwang as she showed her puppy eyes.

“Aish… ne.. ne.. naega arasso. I’ll ask her later.”

Jieun smiled happily. “Gomawo Kikwang-ah! You’re the best!”

He stroked Jieun’s hair “Ne, anything for you princess…”



Jiyeon sat quietly in front of the television.


…That was how she felt…

“Gwenchana?” Asked Junhyung to his sister.

“Hmm… nan gwenchana.” Answered Jiyeon without looking at Junhyung.

Junhyung stroked his sister’s hair. He knew that Jiyeon was lying, because he could clearly see that Jiyeon wasn’t fine at all. She just looked at the tv without any expression, although that tv didn’t even turn on.

“You can share your story with me, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know that oppa. But not now ok!” Said Jiyeon weakly.


They stayed quiet for awhile before someone knocked the door.

“I’ll get it oppa.” Said Jiyeon as she walked to the door.

Jiyeon couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw who was coming to her house.

“Kikwang…” Said Jiyeon with a surprise tone. She didn’t expect that Kikwang would come to her house.

“Ya, what’s wrong with your expression?” Asked Kikwang as he showed his charming smile.

“It’s not the first time I come here, right?” Added him again.

“What are you doing here?” Asked Jiyeon as she tried to cover her surprise.

“So, I can’t come to my bestfriend’s house??” Asked Kikwang with a sad face.

“Aigoo… that’s not what I mean.”

“Are you busy now?” Asked Kikwang waiting for Jiyeon’s answer.

“Ani wae…” Before Jiyeon could finish her sentence, Kikwang pulled her hand.

“Let’s go!”

“Yaaa Lee Kikwang!!”


(Kikwang’s POV)

“So, how was the movie? Did you like it?” I asked Jiyeon.

“Hmm…” She mumble as a respon.

“You know what, Jieun very worried about you. She’s afraid if something bad happen to you.”

Jiyeon stops and looks at me sharply.

“So, this is all about Jieun?” She asked me with a sharp tone.


“You’re doing this because of her? You asked me to go out just because of her too??”

“I… i….”

“Stop! I don’t wanna hear it. I think I know what’s your answer.”

“I thought you asked me to go out just because you care about me, but I think I was wrong.” Said her with a sad tone and I can see that her eyes are teary too.

I grab her hands “Jiyeon-ah, I care about you. You are my bestfriend.” I said while im looking at her.

Jiyeon pulls her hand from mine and she immediately run away before I can chase her.

“JIYEON-AH!!!” I called her loudly. But she doesn’t care and keeps running from me.

“Aish.. did I say something wrong to her?” I asked frustrate to myself while I ruffled my hair.

(Kikwang’s POV End)


(Jieun’s POV)

“Jiyeon-ah gwenchana?” I touched Jiyeon’s shoulder and she turns his head to face me.

I sit next to her.

“There’s something that bothering you? You know that I’ll always be by your side right?” I said to her softly.

Jiyeon just stays quiet and doesn’t say anything. Slowly, her tears starts to fall from both of her eyes.

“Jiyeon-ah, wae geudae?” I asked her with a worried tone.

Jiyeon looks at me with her teary eyes.

“What did you say to Kikwang?”


“Just so you know… I don’t need your pity!” Said Jiyeon with a sharp tone.

Seriously, im really surprise with the way she talked to me. Because she never talked to me with that tone before.

“What do you mean? I totally don’t understand.”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know!”

“It’s all about Kikwang?” Jiyeon just quiet as a response and I take it as a yes.

I hold her hands and try to explain everything.

“I did it for you Jiyeon-ah. I know that you like Kikwang, that’s why I did that.”

Jiyeon pulls her hand “You want to play with me huh??!! You know exactly that Kikwang likes you, right? I already told you about that. But why do you still doing this to me?? WAE???”

“MWO??! Kikwang likes me??” I asked her with a surprise tone. Yeah, Jiyeon did tell me about that, but I didn’t expect that she was telling the truth. I thought she was just guessing.

Jiyeon stand up and turns her body to face me.

“Jebal… don’t do this to me! You know what?? It’s hurting me a lot… in here..” She said as she’s pointing to her chest.


“You make me hoping a lot Jieun-ah, when I knew that Kikwang will always like you and it never changes. He will never like me more than a friend…” Jiyeon sobbed.

I just cry… I don’t know what to say. I feel bad for Jiyeon. I don’t know that im the one who hurt her.

… I feel like, im the worse bestfriend ever…

“Please stop it Jieun-ah!

…Stop it if you still consider me as your friend…”

And then Jiyeon run away from me…

I just sit there, don’t know what to do.

“Mianhe Jiyeon-ah… Jeongmal mianhe… I didn’t know that I hurt you so badly. I just want to make you happy. I just want to see my bestfriend happy before I leave…”

(Jieun’s POV End)

-To Be Continued-



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