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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 6

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)


(Jiyeon’s POV)

Sometimes, reality can be really scary and also painful. Like what I feel now when I knew about Jieun’s condition. She’s really sick and she doesn’t have so much time left. But I don’t wanna lose her, NEVER want to lose her!

Im about to enter Jieun’s room when I see her and Kikwang are laughing with each other. They seem happy especially Kikwang.

So, I decide to go back. I don’t want to ruin their perfect moment.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


(Jieun’s POV)

I know that my time is about to over…

So, I just want to do something useful for my friend, Jiyeon. I hope everything will run smoothly.


“Ne..” Answered him as he looks at me.

“How about if… if there’s a girl that secretly likes you? Hmm.. for the example, she’s your bestfriend. You know her like forever.”

“What will you do? Will you accept her?” Added me again.

Kikwang looks at me and then he smiles.

“Why did you ask like that?” Asked him as he’s showing me his beautiful smile.

“Anii.. just wanna know.”

“Hmm…” Kikwang pauses for a while before he continues his sentence.

“Yaa! Just answer it. That wasn’t a hard question.” I said to him while im pout.

Kikwang pinches my cheek “Hahaha.. ya don’t pout like that! You look weird.” Said him as he laughs.

“Yaa!” I hit his shoulder.

“Ok ok.. im gonna answer it. So, the girl is my bestfriend?”

I nod as a response.

“Of course! Why not? Beside she’s my bestfriend, so I think that’s gonna be easy for me. You know right, that I hardly get close to any girl, because im shy.” Said Kikwang.

“Kekeke… great! Now all I have to do is to make them getting closer, more closer than ever!” I said happily in my heart as im looking at Kikwang, with a smile on my face.

(Jieun’s POV End)


(Kikwang’s POV)

Wait a minute! Am I dreaming right now? Did Jieun really ask me that question?

She asked me what if there’s a girl that secretly loves me and she’s my bestfriend. Did she talk about herself?? If she did… It meant that….

….She also LIKES ME!!

Gosh, I hope that’s true! I think I should confess to her soon, beside she already told me that she likes me.



I keep thinking about what should I confess to Jieun. It has to be something special and also memorable.

“Kikwang-ah!” Called Jiyeon to me.

“Hmm.” I just mumble as a response.

“Why are you keep smiling like that? You look weird, you know? There’s something that makes you happy?” Asked Jiyeon to me.

“Whahaha.. Jeongmal?? I keep smiling like all the time?”

“Ne.. Malhaebwa!”

“Ok, Im gonna confess to Jieun soon.” I said while smiling to her.

“MWO?!” Asked her with a surprise tone.

“Ne, Wae? Something wrong with that? Beside, she already told me that she likes me.”

“Jeongmal? She said that she likes you?” Asked Jiyeon with a weak tone to me.

Jiyeon seems really shock and also….


I can see it cleary, eventhough she smiles to me but I can tell that she isn’t happy. Seriously, I wonder why she becomes like this. Doesn’t she feel happy to me, her own friend?

“Hmm.. she didn’t say so. She just said that there’s a girl likes me, and she’s my bestfriend. So, from her statement I can tell that she likes me.”

Jiyeon just quiet, she seems busy with her own thought.

“Ya! What’s wrong with your face? You seem like you just got a bad news.” I tease her.

She turns her head to face me. “Anii.. Chukkae nae chingu! I hope everything will run smoothly.” Said Jiyeon with a cheerful tone and with a smile on her face.

“Aish.. I gotta go now! Mr.Kim is waiting for me.” Added her again. And without waiting for my answer, she just left.

“Weird… What is actually wrong with her??”

(Kikwang’s POV End)


Jiyeon walked to the balcony in her room. She stood there while she was looked at those beautiful stars. Looking at the stars is her favourite thing to do, especially when she had a problem and felt lonely.

“…. Ottohke byul (stars)? What should I do now?” mumbled Jiyeon as she looked at those stars.

Jiyeon sighed heavily. When she was about to go back to her room, she heard someone called her from outside the window.


Jiyeon turned her face to see that person..

… And there’s Kikwang standing under Jiyeon’s balcony while he was smiling at her.

“What brings you here, huh?” Said Jiyeon as she tried to hide her true feeling, or the other word her BROKEN heart.

“I need your help.” Answered Kikwang as he looked at Jiyeon who was still standing on the balcony.


They were sitting side by side in Jiyeon’s garden.

Jiyeon was still looking at the stars while she was waiting for What’s Kikwang gonna say.

“Im planning to confess to her tomorrow…” Said Kikwang as he broke the silent between them.


Jiyeon felt like her heart even more destroyed after she heard that.

“Jeong…jeongmalyo?” Asked Jiyeon with an awkward tone.

“Hmm, ne.. That’s why I need your help! Can you help me Jiyeon-ah?”

Jiyeon just stayed quiet while she still looked at the stars.

“Yaa! Answer my question!”

Jiyeon turned her head to face Kikwang.

“Jebaaalll!!” Kikwang begged to her while he showed her his puppy eyes.

Jiyeon sighed “Ne.. ne.. I’ll help you. Just don’t ever show me your puppy eyes!”

“Wae?” Asked Kikwang with his innoncent look.

“Cuz you look so weird when you do that. WHAHAHA..” Jiyeon ran immediately after she said that.

Kikwang started to chase her like there’s no tomorrow “Yaaa PARK JIYEON come back here!!”

Jiyeon kept running while she was still laughing like a crazy girl. She didn’t know whether she should happy or sad for her bestfriend, Kikwang.

Suddenly Kikwang pulled Jiyeon hands, and accidentally her body hit Kikwang’s body.

Jiyeon felt like her face started to heat up and blushed. She tried to run away from kikwang, but Kikwang even more tightened his grip and then he started to tickling Jiyeon.

“God.. please let us stay like this for a little bit longer! Jebal..” Prayed Jiyeon in her heart.



“Yaa, what are we doing here?” Asked Jieun to Kikwang.

“You’ll see later.” Said Kikwang with a smile on his face as he was pushing Jieun’s wheelchair.

Kikwang stopped pushing Jieun’s wheelchair. He bend down his knee in front of Jieun who was still sitting on the wheelchair.

Kikwang hold her hands softly and he kissed them, made Jieun surprised by his action.

“Kikwang.. neo..”

“Saranghae Jieun-ah.. Nan jeongmal saranghae.” Said Kikwang and he kissed Jieun’s hands again.

Jieun couldn’t say anything, because honestly she didn’t expect that Kikwang will confess to her.

Suddenly, there were a lot of fireworks popping in the sky. Those fireworks were beautiful, it made Jieun mesmerized.

“Will you be my yeojachingu?” Asked Kikwang as he looked at Jieun deeply.

“I… I cant… Mianhe..” Jieun bowed her head. She felt sorry for Kikwang, but she should do this because she never think of him as a lover. For her, Kikwang is just like a big brother for her. Nothing more than that…

Kikwang looked at her with a disappointed face.

“Wae?” Asked him.

“Mianhe… but I never think of you as a lover. For me,you’re just like a brother that I never had.”

“But… you told me that there was a girl likes me and she’s my bestfriend.” Said Kikwang.

“Your bestfriend isn’t only me, right? You forget about Jiyeon.” Answered Jieun as she looked at Kikwang deeply.

“Mwoo? Jiyeon??” Asked his with a disbelief tone.

“Ne, She likes you a lot. But she never dare to tell you the truth. She’s afraid if it will be ruin our friendship.”


“You should know that she feels really hurt when she knew that you like me, not her.”

Jieun sighed heavily when she saw that Kikwang just stayed there and didn’t say anything.

Jieun touched his hand softly. “Can you do me a favor?” Asked her with a soft tone.

Kikwang looked at her “What is it?”

“Please make her happy… Im talking about Jiyeon. Please try to love her! I know you can. She’s a good girl and she’s perfect for you. Jebaaal…”

“Shireo! I just love you Jieun! Only you… there’s no way I can love Jiyeon more than as a friend.”

Jieun touched Kikwang’s cheek slowly.

“Remember when you told me that’s gonna be easy for you to have a relationship with your own friend? Because you said that you hardly get closer with a girl.” Said Jieun as she looked at Kikwang deeply.


“Please…. I just want to see her happy.” Jieun begged to Kikwang with her teary eyes.

Kikwang couldn’t stand to see her like this..

And finally, with a heavy heart he said….

“…. Ne, I’ll try. If that’s gonna make you happy, then I’ll do it.”

Jieun smiled happily and hugged Kikwang tightly, Kikwang hugged her back. When she was about to pulled the hug, Kikwang kept hugging her even more tight.

“Please… please let us stay like this for a while.” Said Kikwang weakly.

Jiyeon saw all the scenes with heart broken. She could only see them without could hear their conversation, but she could tell that Jieun and Kikwang are officially dating now since they were hugging each other and Jieun smiled happily.

“Gwenchana Jiyeon-ah… Gwenchana.. At least both of your bestfriends are happy.” Mumbled Jiyeon to herself.

Before she go, she turned for the last time to see kikwang and Jieun. “Chukkae nae chingudeul! Please be happy!” Said Jieun with a sad smile while she wiped her tears.

With that, Jiyeon walked away with her broken heart..

-To Be Continued-


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