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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 7

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)


Knock knock knock…

“Jiyeon-ah, irona! Time to school.” Called Junhyung to his sister, Jiyeon.

Still no answer from Jiyeon..

Junhyung decided to enter his sister room, to wake her up. Jiyeon still sleeping on her bed with a blanket that cover around her body.

Junhyung sat on the edge of Jiyeon’s bed. He tried to wake her up again.

“Jiyeon-ah! Palli irona! You’re gonna be late for school if you don’t hurry.” Said Junhyung again.

“Hmm.. oppa, I don’t want to go to school today. Im not feeling well.” Said Jiyeon with a weak tone.

“Jinjja?” Junhyung touched his sister forehead to check her condition.

“But you don’t have fever.”

“I just feel a little bit dizzy oppa. Just let me rest at home, please..” Begged Jiyeon to her brother.

“Ok, just sleep! I’ll tell mom that you’re sick. I’d better go now, see ya dongsaeng! Get well soon.” Said Junhyung, and then he kissed Jiyeon’s forehead before he came out from Jiyeon’s room.

Actually Jiyeon lied to him, she didn’t sick or something. She just wasn’t ready to meet Kikwang.

“Mianhe oppa.. I have to lied to you.”


Kikwang sat on his chair with anxiety. He was waiting for Jiyeon, he didn’t know why he felt nervous like this. After he knew everything from Jieun, he felt guilty for Jiyeon. But at the same time, he also felt confused.

He never expected that everything will be turn like this…

How can he never knew that Jiyeon had a feeling toward him?

How could he easily tell to Jiyeon about his feeling toward Jieun? And he even asked her to help him to confess his feeling toward Jieun.

“Aish! What kind of person am i? How could I don’t notice that?? Jiyeon must be feels upset now.”

But until the bell rang, Jiyeon still didn’t show up…


Kikwang was walking on the hallway when he heard someone called him.


Kikwang turned his body to face that person. And it was Junhyung, Jiyeon’s brother. He walked closer to Kikwang.

“Annyeong Hyung!” Greeted Kikwang.

“Ne, Annyeong. I forgot to tell you that Jiyeon is sick, so she couldn’t come to school today.” Said Junhyung to Kikwang.

“Ah, that’s why she didn’t show up today and she didn’t even pick up her phone.”

“But, she’s ok right?” Asked Kikwang with a concern tone.

“Ne, she’s alright. She’s just feel a little bit tired and dizzy.” Said Junhyung, and then he walked away from Kikwang because the bell already rang.


(Jiyeon’s POV)

I stare at the photo of Jieun, Kikwang and I. We looked so happy in that photo.

I really miss it…

…I miss those old times…

Suddenly my phone is ringing, I walk to my study table to take my phone. And it for me to surprise, it’s from Kikwang… AGAIN!

He keeps calling me since the morning until now. But I don’t want to pick up the phone, cause im still not ready to talk to him. Eventhough im curious why is he keeps calling me like there’s something important that he wants to tell me about.

“Ah… maybe he wants to thank me because of yesterday.”

“Mianhe Kikwang-ah…” I mumbled to myself as im looking at the phone.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


(Kikwang’s POV)

I was sleeping when my mom knock on my door. I open it, and i can see that my mom’s face full of worries.

“Omma gwenchana?” I asked her, who is still standing infront of my door.

“It’s about Jieun, Kikwang!” Said my mom in a panic tone.

“Mwo?? Jieun?? What happens with her?” I asked in a panic tone. I can help but feel panic when my mom mentioned Jieun’s name. Because seeing my mom’s face full of worries, i can tell that something bad is happening right now.


(Kikwang’s POV End)


(Jiyeon’s POV)

I run along the hospital’s corridor with Junhyung oppa. Im afraid…

…Really afraid if i should lose Jieun now.

From a far, I see Kikwang who’s standing in front of Jieun’s room. I can see that his face looks so sad and devasted. I really want to hug him, to comfort him. But i know that it’s so immposible.

Our relationship is different now…

Eventhough we’re still friends, but our relationship isn’t as close as before. It’s like there’s a gulf between us.


Kikwang immediately turns his face to face me.

“Jieun gwenchana?” I asked him with a weak tone.

He just stays quiet and doesn’t say anything.. I guess i know what’s the answer.

Without i can control it, tears starts to fall from both of my eyes. Junhyung oppa immediately hugs me, to make me calm.

“Ottohke oppa?? Ottohke??” I asked while im looking at the floor.


Suddenly, Jieun’s parents come out from Jieun’s room with a sad face. I walk to Jieun’s mom and hug her.

“Ahjumma, Jieun gwenchanayo?” I asked her while im sobbing.

“Jieun… she’s dying now..” Answered Jieun’s mom and then she cries on my shoulder.

“Jieun wants to meet both of you.” Added Jieun’s father as he’s looking at Kikwang and i.

“Kajja!” Said Kikwang, and then he holds my hand tightly.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


Jieun was laying weakly on the bed with various hose on her body.

“Annyeong…” Greeted Jieun weakly to Jiyeon and Kikwang.

Jiyeon sat on the chair next to Jieun’s bed, and she held Jieun’s hand tightly as she was crying. While Kikwang, he just standing there… crying…

“Don’t cry Jiyeon-ah! Jebal! I dont want to see you crying while im gone.” Said Jieun as she was wiping Jiyeon’s tears.

“You’ll be healthy again. I know that. It just the matter of time. Please, stay strong Jieun-ah!” Jiyeon cried harder.

“Ani… i guess my time is about to over now.”

“Kikwang… please come here!” Said Jieun weakly with a small smile.

Kikwang walked closer to Jieun’s bed while his tears kept falling from his eyes. Kikwang held Jieun’s hand tightly.

“Gomawo Kikwang. Gomawo for everything.” Said Jieun to him.

“Mianhe.. mianhe cause i can’t reply your feeling. Im sorry if i hurt you.” Said Jieun as her tears fell from her eyes.

Kikwang wiped her tears softly. “Gwenchana.. i understand that. It doesnt matter for me if you can’t love me back as long as you’re ok.”

“Can you guys do me a favor for the last time?” Asked Jieun weakly.

“Hmm.. sure! What’s that?” Asked Kikwang.

Jieun took Jiyeon’s and Kikwang’s hands, and then she unites their hands.

“I want you guys to be together.” Said Jieun with a weak smile.

Jiyeon froze for a while after she heard that.

“Ne, If that’s gonna make you happy, we’ll do it.” Answered Kikwang.

Jiyeon immediately turned her head to face Kikwang. She didn’t expect that Kikwang would say that. And honestly, she felt a little bit confused.

“Aren’t they dating?”Asked her to herself.

Jieun looked at Jiyeon.  “Jiyeon-ah, otte? I know that you like Kikwang very much. And im sorry, cause i already told everything to him. I just dont want you to feel hurt just because of me.”

Jiyeon looked at Jieun and then Kikwang. Kikwang just nodded his head and with a weak smiled he said “Please… “

Jiyeon turned her head again to face Jieun.

“Jebal Jiyeon-ah!” Begged her.

Finally, Jiyeon nodded her head. “Ne, i will.” Answered her shortly.

Jieun smiled weakly…

She felt happy for both of her friends. Now, she could go in peace because her goal has been completed.

Jieun felt something warm came out from her nose. She knew that right now, it was her time…

… her time to say goodbye…

“Jieun-ah! Your nose is bleeding again!” Said Jiyeon with a panic tone.

When Kikwang tried to call the doctor, Jieun forbid him.

“Andwee Kikwang-ah! It’s time for me to go now..”

Jiyeon cried harder as she was holding Jieun’s hand tightly, didn’t want to let it go.

“Go.. gowamo.. for everything.. Gomawo for being my friend.. and.. and always be there for me. And im sorry… im sorry if i make you guys sad and.. and also makes you bother.”

“Aniii Jieun-ah…” Sobbed Jiyeon.

“Now… i can go in peace.” Added Jieun again.

Blood kept coming out from her nose, and her face was getting so much paler than before.

“Sa…sarang…saranghae nae chingudeul…”

After Jieun said that, she closed her eyes along with the sound of a machine that indicates that Jieun has gone…

… She has gone forever…


-To Be Continued-



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