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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 8

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)


(Jiyeon’s POV)


…Have you ever felt lost?

…Have you ever lost something or someone that really means a lot for you?

Hurt isn’t it??

That’s what I feel now…

Not only me, Kikwang, and Jieun’s parents who are feeling lost. But all of my classmates feel that way. We really miss Jieun. We miss her beautiful smile, we miss her cheerful voice…

…We miss everything about her…

“Let’s pray for our beloved friend, Lee Jieun! We hope that she will calm and peaceful in her new place.” Said our teacher, Mrs.Taeyeon.

All of us bow our head and pray for Jieun.

“Jieun-ah, I hope you can calm and peaceful in your new house. I miss you Jieun-ah..”

I turn my head to see Kikwang who is sitting not far from me. He looks so upset. He keeps bowing his head during the class. And I also can see that his eyes is still teary.

“Jieun-ah… without you realizing, You already brought the half of Kikwang’s soul with you.”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


(Kikwang’s POV)

Im at the school’s garden now. It’s our favourite place in this school, Me and Jieun.”

Im looking at Jieun’s photos which I took before she died. Eventhough she looked so much pale and also skin, but for me she’s still the prettiest girl that I’ve ever met.

“Are you happy now?” I asked with a weak tone, while im looking at the sky.

“I bet you are.” I smiled weakly as im still looking at the sky right above my head.


When I was about to enter the classroom, I see Jiyeon is sitting on the chair while she’s looking at Jieun’s desk. I can’t see her face because Im standing right behind her back. But I can tell that she’s crying.

…Ne, Jiyeon is crying.

Jiyeon stands up and then she walks to Jieun’s desk. She touches Jieun’s table slowly, and then she sits on Jieun’s chair.

I know how does Jiyeon feel now, cause I can feel that too..

…I can feel the pain, right in my chest.

(Kikwang’s POV End)


Jiyeon laid her head on the table. Slowly but sure, tears started to fall from her eyes..

She knew she couldn’t be like this, but she couldn’t help it. It was too hard for her…

…It was too pain for her…

“Hiks… neomu geuriwo Jieun-ah..” Jiyeon sobbed.

Without her knowing, Kikwang was standing right behind her. He watched her quietly.

Kikwang couldn’t help but also cried when he saw Jiyeon.

“How could you, Jieun-ah! How could you leave us??”



(Jiyeon’s POV)

The exam will be held soon! Seriously, im so excited about that! But I also nervous at the same time. Im afraid if I fail and I will make my parents disappointed.

Huh… it’s been a month since Jieun has gone. Sometimes I feel like she’s still here.. with us..

And Kikwang…

He changed a lot since Jieun died. He became so cold and quiet now. And our relationship also changed. We became so awkward now, I feel like we don’t know each other anymore.

Yaah.. I understand that! That must be because he already knew my feeling toward him, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Huh.. I just hope that our relationship will back to normal again.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


(Kikwang’s POV)


Mianhe… jeongmal mianhe…

I don’t know what to do. Im confused with myself, with my own feelings.

“Aish.. Nan jeongmal baboya!”



I see Jiyeon is sitting on the bench while reading book. I actually want to talk to her. I really want to go back to the old times, when I still didn’t know about Jiyeon’s feeling toward me.

Because I think that will be so much better than now.

“Mianhe Jiyeon-ah..” I said in my heart while im looking at her, before I walk away.

(Kikwang’s POV End)


“Aigoo jinjja…” Mumbled Jiyeon while she looked at the sky.

The rains kept falling from the sky, it’s been 2 hours since Jiyeon waited for the rains to stop. But unfortunately, the rains kept falling from the sky.

Jiyeon thought for a while before she made a decision to just walk through the rain.

Jiyeon stopped in front of the Ice Cream shop. She used to go to that place with Jieun, when she was still alive. A lot of memories about Jieun came to her mind. She kept looking at the Ice Cream shop until she realized something.

Jiyeon looked above her head, and then she immediately turned around..

“Kikwang…” Said her with a surprise tone.

Kikwang gave her a small smile. He was standing next to her while holding an umbrella.

“What are you doing here? You might catch a cold if you keep standing here.” Said Kikwang as he looked at Jiyeon.

“Um… I just…”

“Miss her? You miss Jieun don’t you?” Asked him again.

“Ne… Nan jeongmal bogoshipo.”

They walked side by side under the umbrella. Jiyeon kept looking at Kikwang. She really miss him, cause eventhough they still met each other almost everyday, but they always act like strangers.

“Can’t we stay like this forever, Kikwang-ah? Can’t we?”


They kept silent until they arrived at Jiyeon’s house.

“Gomawo Kikwang-ah.” Said Jiyeon as she smiled to him.

“Ne, Cheonmaneyo.”


“Jiyeon-ah… about our relationship…”

“Arasso, I know that you still love Jieun right? So, just forget it! Just forget that I have a feeling for you. Let’s start all over!” Said Jiyeon with a smile on her face.

“But… I already made a promise to Jieun.”

“Gwenchana… I know that Jieun will understand about it. So, let’s start all over!” Said Jiyeon as she offered her hand.

Kikwang took her hand and said “Ok, We’re gonna start all over again!”


(Jiyeon’s POV)
Why did so hard to say that to him??

Why did so hard to let him go??

Kikwang… the truth is Im still waiting for you. Im still waiting for you to open your heart for me. But I also realize now, that is just useless… Cause whatever I do, you’re always gonna love Jieun. NOT ME!

But, can I still hoping that someday you will open your heart for me?

Can’t you look at me, ONLY ME just for once??

(Jiyeon’s POV End)

-To Be Continued-



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