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A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang) Part 10

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : A Beautiful Love (Areumdaun Sarang)
Genre    : Romance, Friendship, Sad Romance

Cast :
Lee Kikwang (B2st)
– Park Jiyeon (T-ARA)
– Lee Jieun/IU (Singer)


Jiyeon and Kikwang passed the exam with a really good score, which meant they passed to the next grade.

But unfortunately, Kikwang and Jiyeon were in the different classes. Since, they were in the different classes they hardly met each other. Cause Jiyeon was busy with her school’s stuff and so was Kikwang.

And also, the came of guy named KyuHyun made their relationship a little bit separate.


Kikwang walked to Jiyeon’s class. To be honest, he kinda missed Jiyeon..

Kikwang walked faster when he saw Jiyeon just came out from her class.

“Jiyeon-ah!” Called him loudly. Jiyeon turned her head when she heard that someone called her. A small but beautiful smile escaped from her lips.

“Hey, do you have time now?” Asked Kikwang as he looked at Jiyeon, waiting for her answer.

“Ne. Waeyo?”

“Ani, it just that… it’s been a long time since we hang out together. So, I was just thinking maybe we can have a lunch together now and after that we can go to the movies. Are you in?” Asked him again.

Without thinking twice, Jiyeon nodded as a response.

Kikwang smiled happily because of that. But it wasn’t long until…

“Omo, wait a minute!” Said Jiyeon. Kikwang stopped his step and then he looked at Jiyeon curiously.


“Aish… Mianhe Kikwang-ah, but I don’t think that I can go now.” Said Jiyeon with a sad tone. She seemed disappointed.

“I already had a plan with KyuHyun oppa.. Mianhe…” Added her again as she looked at Kikwang with a sorry stare.

Kikwang felt really disappointed. But he tried to cover it by acted like he was totally fine with that.

“Oh… jeongmalyo?? Hmm… ok then, maybe we should go next time.” Said him as he gave Jiyeon a small smile.

They walked side by side to the school’s gate. None of them talking. They were too busy with their own mind.

“Jiyeon-ah, Who’s KyuHyun actually?” Asked Kikwang, as he broke the silent between them.

“I already told you, right? We’re just friends. KyuHyun oppa is Junhyung oppa’s bestfriend. They have been friends since in Junior high, that’s why im really close with KyuHyun oppa. He’s like my own brother.” Answered Jiyeon as she looked at Kikwang.

“Owh… but… nothing more than that, right?” Asked Kikwang again. He didn’t know why, but he just wanted to make sure that Jiyeon and that guy named Kyuhyun didn’t have a relationship. It just BROTHER AND SISTER relationship.


After he heard Jiyeon’s answered, he felt so much relief.

“Ahh.. Glad to hear that!” Kikwang mumbled to himself, but loud enough for Jiyeon to hear it.


“Ah.. aniya..” Kikwang smiled awkwardly to Jiyeon.


(Kikwang’s POV)

I can’t believe about what I see now…

Jiyeon and Kyuhyun…

…Ah, I should know that there’s something going on between them. If they don’t have any special relationship, there’s no way Kyuhyun would do that!

You must be wondering about what’s actually happening, right?

Ok, I’ll tell you..

I see Kyuhyun and Jiyeon in the jewelry shop. And for me to surprise, I see Kyuhyun buy a ring for Jiyeon. And Jiyeon looks really happy with that. If they don’t have any relationship, there’s no way Kyuhyun would buy her a ring..

…So, on the other word… They’re a COUPLE now.

But the weird thing is… why am I feel so sad and angry like this???


(Kikwang’s POV End)


(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Do you think she will like it?” Asked KyuHyun oppa to me while his hand holding a beautiful ring.

I smile to him and nod my head. “Ne, im sure that SooYoung unnie will love it! This ring is so beautiful oppa.” I said to him.

Ne, I actually accompany Kyuhyun oppa to buy a ring for his girlfriend, SooYoung. He told me that he would propose SooYoung unnie soon. That’s why im right here now, to accompany him.


“Gomawo dongsaeng-ah.. you helped me a lot, you know.” Thanked Kyuhyun oppa to me as he gives me his charming smile.

“Ne, Cheonmaneyo.”


“Kikwang!” I called him, when he came out from his class.

He turns his head to face me… But for me to surprise, he immediately looks away.

“What’s wrong with him? Im sure that he saw me just now, but why did he look away??” Im asking to myself as I look at him from a far.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


Since that day, Their relationship became more separate. Kikwang would always walk away if he met Jiyeon, and his action made Jiyeon really confused.

Jiyeon knocked Junhyung’s room.

“Come in!” Said Junhyung from inside his room.

Jiyeon came in and she walked closer to Junhyung, who was still busy packing his things.

Junhyung realized that there is something wrong happening to his little sister. He walked to Jiyeon who was sitting on his bed.

“Waeyo? Something’s bothering you?” Asked him softly to his sister.

Jiyeon sighed.. “Kikwang seems so weird these days. He always stay away from me and also walk away from me everytime we meet. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Said Jiyeon with a sad tone. Her eyes started to teary.

“Maybe you did something wrong, which made him became like that.”

“Ah.. the thing is.. I don’t think that I did something bad to him.”

“Asih… eottohke oppa??” Asked Jiyeon as she laid on Junhyung’s bed.

“Just go and talk to him, ok!” Junhyung gave an advice to Jiyeon.


They became silent for a while. Jiyeon was busy with her own mind, while Junhyung was busy with his things.

“Can’t you just stay here, oppa?” Asked Jiyeon while she looked at Junhyung with a sad face.

Junhyung stopped his activity and he turned his body to face his sister.


“I… I… I just don’t want you to go.. I mean.. Im gonna be lonely if you leave me. Beside, you still can continue your study here, in Korea. You don’t have to study aboard.” Said Jiyeon as she bowed her head. She knew that she couldn’t be so selfish like this, but she really needed her brother. She didn’t want to be lonely…

“Aigoo… my sister is so spoiled.” Teased Junhyung.

“Oppa!!” Jiyeon pouted, making Junhyung laughed seeing his sister behaviour.


(Kikwang’s POV)

“Aigoo… neo jeongmal baboya!! That means you like her, Kikwang!” Said Yoseob to me.

“What?? I like her?? Really?” I asked to myself.

“Aish.. neo jinjja! How could you don’t realize about your own feeling??” Asked Yoseob again.

“Aniya.. I don’t think so..”

Yoseob sighs and then he sits next to me.

“Just think about about it! If you don’t like her, why did you feel so upset and angry when you saw her with that guy? Wae??” Asked him as he looks at me, waiting for my answer.

“That’s because… because…”

“Because you like her, right?”



Im laying on my bed, still thinking about my conversation with Yoseob just now. Is he right that I like Jiyeon more than a friend?

But, I don’t think so…

Ok, maybe I felt a little bit angry and also upset when I saw them together. But that was all because I don’t want to be forget by Jiyeon. Im afraid if she will leave me because she already had a boyfriend now.

Make sense??

Aishh… jinjja!!!

I walk to my study table, i look at our photo.

A smile appear from my face as im looking at those photos.

“Jieun-ah, eottohke? What should I do now? Is it true that I like Jiyeon?? Huh.. I wish you are here now.” I said weakly as im still looking at those photos.

(Kikwang’s POV End)


It almost a week since the last time Kikwang met Jiyeon. To be honest, Kikwang really missed her. He really wanted to meet her. But on the other side, he was afraid…

…He was afraid to knew the truth

“What if Jiyeon and Kyuhyun really have a special relationship?” Thought Kikwang.

“Ok, That’s it! I have to meet her now. I want to know the truth from her.” Said Kikwang in his heart as he walked to Jiyeon’s class.


“Jiyeon isn’t coming today?”

“Ne… it has been 2 days.” Said one of Jiyeon’s classmate.

“Do you know why she doesn’t come to school?” Kikwang asked her.

“I don’t know. She didn’t say anything to us.” Answered Jiyeon’s friend.

Kikwang walked out from her class…

“Should I call her??”

“Aish jinjja!!”  Kikwang ruffled his hair harshly.

Kikwang immediately turned his head when he heard someone called him loudly. It was Yoseob. He ran to Kikwang with a panic face.

“Waeyo?” Asked Kikwang curiously.

“It’s about… jiyeon… she’s…”


Kikwang immediately ran after that, leaving Yoseob who was calling his name behind.

“YAA KIKWANG! WHERE ARE YOU GOING??” Called Yoseob loudly to him. But Kikwang ignored it and kept running. Because right now, there’s something more important than anything for him.


-To Be Continued-



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