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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (PART 2)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA


Dinner went well.

KyuHyun’s family and Jiyeon’s family decided to hold the engagement event soon. Jiyeon is totally happy and excited about this plan while Kyuhyun still disagree with that decision. But he just keeps silent and pretend to agree about that because he dont want to make his mom upset.

(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Omma… Gomawo, Jeongmal gomawo!!” said Jiyeon cheerfully to her mom.

“Ne.. Cheonmaneyo honey. I told you right, that he’s a handsome and nice guy and you’re gonna like him” reply Jiyeon’s mother while sit next to her on the bed.

“Ne omma, he’s so handsome. I think i already fall in love with him mom” said Jiyeon in the shy tone.

“Hhaha.. i knew that, i can see it clearly. You always kept looking at him during the dinner” said Jiyeon’s omma.

“But, do you think that he likes me too? i doubt that mom” ask Jiyeon while looking at her mom.

“Well, i dont know about that.. but i think he likes you too. Why dont you do something special for him, so he can likes you.” said Jiyeon’s mother giving an advice for her lovely daughter.

“Aha.. that’s a great idea mom. But, what should i do then?” ask Jiyeon to her mom.

“Why dont you make a lunch for him?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Then i can take it to his campus and maybe we can eat lunch together too!” said Jiyeon happily.

“I can help you with that”

“Thanks so much mom! You’re the best mom ever! Saranghae” said Jiyeon while hugging her mom.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)


KyuHyun lose his concentration. Until now, he still cant believe that soon he will be engaged with a girl who is more suitable to be his sister than his future wife.

Jiyeon arrived at Kyuhyun’s campus.

She’s looking for kyuhyun by asking to people in there.

“Excuse me, Do you know Cho KyuHyun from musical arts majors?” ask Jiyeon.

“Oh, yeah i know him. He’s my friend and we’re in the same class.” answer that guy.

“Really?! Can you take me to him?”

“Sure! but, by the way who are you? Are you his little sister?” ask that guy curious.

“Anii.. im not his sister, but im his fiancee” answer Jiyeon while smile to that guy.

That guy seems so shocked when he heard that. Because he never expect that KyuHyun will have a fiancee who is really young just like her.

(KyuHyun’s POV)

“Kyuhyun..!!!” call my friend DongHae while im sitting on the bench in my campus’s park.

I turn my head to see Donghae. And im so surprised when i see the girl who’s walking right next to him.

That girl…

..Is Jiyeon my fiancee anii.. i mean my future fiancee.

“What is she doing here?” i said to myself.

Jiyeon’s running and grab my hand.

“Oppaaa… i was looking for you” said Jiyeon while smile to me and still holds my hand.

“Ne.. Luckily i met her just now.” said Donghae to me.

“What are you doing here?” i ask her in the cold tone.

She seems so surprised about that, but she still try to smile to me.

“Of course i want to meet you, and beside i brought you lunch so we can eat together. I cooked them by my self.” said Jiyeon while showing me the food.

“Aigoo.. how sweet is that! and why dont you tell me that you already had a fiancee?” ask Donghae.

His question is totally success to make surprised.

“Mwoo?!! My fiancee?!!” i ask with surprised.

“Ne.. she said that she was your fiancee.”

“Anii, she’s not my fiancee. I dont even know her.” I said to Donghae while looking at Jiyeon coldly.

“Opppaaa.. how could you say that? im your fiancee we’re gonna engaged soon.” said Jiyeon

Aiissh.. this girl makes me crazy. I pull her hand and talk to her with a very cold tone.

“Dont you dare to come here again!! Beside we’re still not engaged”.

“But, i came here for you. And i brought you lunch.” Said Jiyeon with sad voice.

I can clearly see that she’s holding her tears. But it doesnt make me melt.

“Now go, and dont ever come back! I dont want to see you here again. Just take back your foods, im not hungry.” i said back to her then i leave her alone standing while slowly she starts to crying.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)


“how could him did that to me?” said jiyeon in herself while walking home.

“Didn’t he know how hard to cooked all this foods?” she said again while still crying.

(Minho’s POV)

When i walking, i hear someone calling my name. But i dont want to turn around cause i know who’s calling my name. And i dont want to see or talk to her.


“MINHO..!!!” she shouting my name and then grab my hand.

“What do you want?” i ask her in the cold tone.

“I just want to apologize Minho-a. I want to be with you again.” said that girl.

Yeah.. that girl is Crystal. She’s my ex girlfriend, i dumped her because she was cheating with another guy.

“Have you forgotten, when i told you that we’re done?” i ask her as i looking at her sharply.

“Mianhe.. i knew i was wrong, please give me another chance. I still love you Minho.”

“Since i found out that you were cheating on me, i lost my feelings to you” i said to her then walk away.

Suddenly, Crystal hug me from behind. I try to release her hug but i failed. She hug me tightly then she whisper

“Jebal Minho-a.. Let me hug you for the last time” Crystal said while crying.

(Minho’s POV End)

Without they realize there’s someone watching them not far from they place.

“Minho oppa, do you still love her?” said that girl to herself while she watching them sadly.

“Dont you realize that i love you so much since the first time i saw you?” said that girl again and then she walk away with a sad face.

-To Be Continued-



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