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The Pain (Prolog + Introduction)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Friendship, Romance, Sad Romance, Drama
Type      : Chapters


“I feel pain….”

“All i can feel is The Pain…”

“Please look at me! Im right here guys…”
Choi Seyeon is Choi Siwon’s little sister. Siwon is one of the members from The Super BoyBand, Super Junior.
Seyeon is also the youngest child in Choi’s family..
Seyeon is a nice girl and also a type of shy girl. She lived happily with her 2 siblings and also her parents, before something happen…
..Something that changed everything…
Including her life…

“If i leave… Will everything back to normal again?”

“I just want my life back…”












Name : Choi Seyeon
Birth   : February 15 1993
Siblings : Siwon & YoonA

She’s a type of shy girl, really friendly and also feminine. She was living happily and peacefully with her family before she find out about her past,
about her true self..










Name : Choi Siwon
Birth   : February 10 1987

He’s a member of Super Junior. He also a model and actor. He really loves his little sister, YoonA and SeYeon.
He’s very caring and protective toward his sisters.












Name : Choi YoonA
Birth   : May 30 1990

(in this story, YoonA isn’t a part of SNSD. She’s just a normal person)
She’s the second child of Choi’s family..
She’s a beautiful and also a nice girl. She’s very popular because of her beauty and also her good attitude.
She’s really caring toward her little sister, SeYeon.











Name : Cho Kyuhyun
Birth   : February 3 1988

Siwon’s partner in Super Junior.
He’s a type of person, but when you get to know him, you will know that he’s a very fun person and easy to talk to.
He secretly likes one of Siwon’s sisters.




Annyeong yoreobun!
It so nice to meet you guys again 😀
Well, im back with a new story now. I just hope that you will like it ^^

I might be not continue to write this story, if i dont have much support about this story.

So, Please support this story by comment and like! 😀

Thanks, Kyula88 😀


Twitter @Kyula88



Just a simple girl who loves music, food and blue sky

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