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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 4)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA



(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Oppaaa!! Ottohke??!! What if Kyuhyun oppa loves her?? And what if their relationship are more than friends??” i ask panickly to Minho oppa.

“Yaa.. dont worry about that! You heard that by yourself that they’re just friends right?” Minho oppa tries to calm me.

“But, Kyuhyun oppa seemed so happy when he saw her and he hugged her in front of me last night. He never hug me before, perhaps im his fiancee.” i say with teary eyes.

“Don’t think too much! Beside, i think that’s a normal thing to do. So, you don’t have to be jealous Jiyeon!” Minho oppa say then he mess my hair with his fingers.

“Yaa oppa!! dont mess with my hair” i say then run away from him before he can mess with my hair again.

“Oppa, i wanna ask you something” i ask him while im sitting on the sofa next to him.

He’s looking at me and then says “Just ask!”

“Do you still love Crystal? Are you back together with her again?” I ask him straight to the point.

He keeps silent for awhile then answer “Should i answer that? Cause without i answer it, i know that you already knew the answer.” Minho oppa answers while looking at me.

“I just want to make sure. So, just answer my question!” i say while looking back at him.

“Of course not! I dont love her anymore.”

“If u dont, why did you let her to hug you?” i ask while still looking at him.

He seems so shock when i ask him that question.

“How do you know that?” he ask me curiously.

“You dont have to know it oppa, so please just answer my question!”

“Ok, I didn’t expect that she would hug me. I tried to release her hug but i failed. She was crying and she asked me to let her hug me for the last time. Beside, i thought that wasn’t a bad thing. That’s why i let her.

I sigh in relief. “Huh.. im glad to hear that! I thought you’re back together with her again.” I say then hug him.

He smiles to me and then starts to mess with my hair again.

“Oppaaaa!!! I told you to dont mess with my hair again” i scream very loud then chase him.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)




Kyuhyun and YoonA sat facing each other. But they just kept silent and busy with their own minds, until YoonA broke the silent by asking him a question.

“Oppa, Why didn’t you tell me about your engaged?” YoonA asked while looking at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun silent for awhile then answered it “I think that’s not an important thing, beside the engaged was so sudden.”

“Do you love her?” Asked YoonA again.

Kyuhyun seems really surprised when he heard that but he try to cover it.

“Molla.. Just like i told you before, the engaged was all of sudden. I just met and knew her for a week.” answered Kyuhyun and then he turned his head to the window.

“But, Why didn’t you refuse that? If you dont love her, you should refused the engaged oppa!” said YoonA again.

Kyuhyun turned his head to see YoonA.

“Why do you ask me those questions? That’s not even your business” said Kyuhyun while looking at YoonA.

YoonA seemed really shock when Kyuhyun said that to her.

“Mianhe oppa.. I know that’s not my business. I just… ah.. forget it.” said YoonA as she was bowing her head.

“Gwenchana.. I also want to apologize because i talked to you like that.” answered Kyuhyun.

The atmosphere between them turned really awkward all of sudden.




(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I was doing my homework when she came to my house. This spoiled girl asked me to go to the cinema with her. Of course i refused her. But then, my mom came and as i expected, my mom defended her. So, i had no choice other than to go out with this spoiled girl.

“Oppa, that movie was totally awesome! I really love it!” Jiyeon say while she’s holding my hand.

“Im really hungry now, Let’s eat dinner! I know a good restaurant with a delicious foods and a great view.” add her again.

I just nod without looking at her.




She was right. This restaurant is awesome.

“Oppa.. You should eat more!” Jiyeon says while she’s putting more meat on my plate.

“Im not too hungry” i answer her.

“But you should eat more oppa! You look so thin now.” said Jiyeon again.

I have to admit that she’s cute, pretty, and caring person. But i dont like her spoiled character. Beside, i still love YoonA. I cant forget about her even though she rejected me, and she already had a boyfriend now.

Suddenly, my eyes catch a figure that really familiar for me.

That’s YoonA!

I smile when i see her face. As i about to call her, i see a guy right next to her. That guy is her boyfriend, Kibum. She looks so happy with Kibum, and i realize i shouldn’t love her anymore because she belongs to someone now. I try to holding my emotion when i see Kibum is holding YoonA’s hand.

What??!! What the hell they’re doing??? I scream loudly in my heart when i see them Kissing.

Yeah.. They’re Kising now, right infront of my eyes..

I can’t take it anymore! My heart is in pain right now, It’s really hurting me. My eyes start teary but i’m trying to hold my tears cause i dont want to cry infront of Jiyeon. But suddenly, there’s a warm hand holding my hand tight but softly.

That’s Jiyeon’s hand.

“Oppa gwenchana?” she asks me with a concern face.


“Let’s go oppa!”  Jiyeon pulls my hand.

As we’re walking to the parking area, Jiyeon still holding my hand. But i dont mind at all. I don’t know why but i feel comfortable when she’s holding my hand. When we get in the car Jiyeon says something to me.

“Mianhe oppa..” she says while looking at me.

“Waeyo? You didn’t do something wrong to me.” i say to her while looking at her.

“Of course i did! If i didn’t ask you to eat in this restaurant, you wouldn’t be sad like this.” Jiyeon says as she’s bowing her head.

“Who says that im sad? Im not sad Jiyeon.”

Jiyeon takes a deep breath. “I know that you love her.. i mean YoonA.” she says that while looking at me sadly.

Im so shock when i heard that from her. And suddenly i feel a little bit guilty when i see her face become sad.

“But don’t worry oppa! I promise that i won’t tell that to anyone.” add her again.

“How do you know Jiyeon?” I ask her curiously.

She smiles and says “I knew that for the first time i saw you met her in that party. You seemed so happy to met her. And the way you talking to her and looking at her is totally different with the way you talking and looking at me.” explains Jiyeon.

We stay quite for awhile..

“Oppa.. Can you give me a chance to fill your heart?” ask Jiyeon all of sudden.

I just looking at her without saying anything. Im really confused now.

Should i give her a chance? i keep asking that to myself.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




-to be continued-



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