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The Pain (Part 1)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Friendship, Romance, Sad Romance, Drama
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon (Choi Seyeon)
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun



“Saengil chukka hamnida… saengil chukka hamnida… saranghaneun uri Seyeon… Saengil chukka hamnida…”

Seyeon woke up from her sleep when she heard some noises in her room. She looked up to see all of her family there.Her dad, mom, sister, and even her brother, Choi Siwon, who was always busy was there too.  She sat on the bed and smiled at them.

“Saengil chukkae, jagii..” Said her father, Mr.Choi. Seyeon thanked his father and immediately hugged him. She felt happy cause all of her family was there to celebrate her birthday.

“Saengil chukkae Yeonnie-ya, my lovely dongsaeng.”’ YoonA said as she hugged her sister and gave the present to her.

“Saengil chukkae nae yeodongsaeng.” It was Choi Siwon, the member of Super Junior. He hugged his sister and kissed her forehead. He really care about his 2 sisters, Choi Seyeon and Choi YoonA. He would do anything to protect them and make them happy.

Seyeon couldn’t hide her happiness. She kept smiling as she looked at her family. But then her smile disappeared when she saw the woman who was standing infront of her room door. She didn’t bother to join them.

It was Seyeon’s mother… Mr. Choi’s wife…

Seyeon looked at her mother with a sad stare. Eventhough her mother didn’t say and didn’t do anything, but Seyeon knew… She knew that her mother hated her. But the thing was… she didn’t know what was her fault until her mom, her own mother could hated her.

“Omma, what are you doing there? Come here and join us!” Said YoonA, the second child of Choi’s family, with a smile on her face.

Slowly, Mrs.Choi walked closer to them and she stopped right beside Seyeon. “Saengil chukkae Seyeon-ah.” Said her mother with a forced smile and no hugged.

Everyone in that room couldn’t feel it. Only Seyeon could! She could feel that her mother didn’t like her. And she was forced a smile to her.

‘Omma… why are you being like this?’ Seyeon thought.





(Seyeon’s POV)

I never tell this to anyone, not even to YoonA eonnie and Siwon oppa. I only keep it for myself, cause im hoping that it isn’t true, and it just my feeling. But I think my biggest fear has become real…

My mother hates me!

Eventhough she never yells or mad at me. But I know that deep inside her heart she doesn’t like me. I can see that she always feels uncomfortable whenever im around her. And beside, she always treats me differently from my other siblings, Siwon oppa and YoonA eonnie.

Since I was a kid, I could feel how different she treated me from my other siblings. She always acts soft and full of love to them, but not me!

I still can remember the time when I get lost. I was still in middle school at that time. I was from my friend’s house when suddenly the rain fell down from the sky. I was so panic and when I saw the bus, I immediately entered it without looking the direction. I fell asleep on that bus because I was tired. I woke up when I heard the thunder sound and for me to be surprised…

..i didn’t know where I was. I think I was so far from my house. I get out from the bus and walked to the public phone which is not far from the bus stop. I called my mom to pick me up. But she didn’t pick up her phone. Finally I decided to ask people around there how to get home. And luckily, I could go home by myself. It was already night when I finally got home. I think maybe omma would worry about me.

But what I found was differently from what I thought…

My mother was watching the TV while she laughed. She didn’t care about me who was standing next to her with a wet clothes. Yeah, my clothes were wet because of the rain. When she finally noticed my present next to her, she just looked at me with no expression and told me to go change my clothes. She even didn’t bother to ask about my condition.

She didn’t worry at all!

The phone’s ring interrupting my thought. I take it from my bag and see who’s the caller. And it’s Siwon oppa. A small smile appears from my face as im answering the phone.

“Yoboseyo oppa..”

“Jagiya, neo oddiseo? Oppa is already waiting infront of your school.” Siwon oppa says to me.

God! I forgot that I have a plan with oppa. “Oh ne oppa… im on my way to the school’s gate now.” I pack my stuff with hurry and I immediately ran out from the class. I don’t want to make oppa wait for me longer.





Right now Siwon oppa, YoonA eonnie, and I are in our favorite restaurant. Siwon oppa brought us here cause he wants to treat us and also as a present for my birthday, although he already gave me a beautiful necklace as the present. Such a nice oppa! 😀

“Oppa, don’t you busy?” I ask to Siwon oppa who is sitting infront of me while YoonA eonnie is sitting next to me.

“Ani, I already told the manager to vacate my schedule for today.” Siwon oppa answers with a smile on his face, showing me his cute dimple. Omo… I think im so lucky for having him as my oppa. A lot of girls out there who will do anything to be in my position.

“Gomawo for everything oppa.” I thank him.

“Only Siwon oppa? What about me?” Suddenly YoonA eonnie asks. I think she’s still busy with her favorite hobby, yeah she likes to eat. And she will not care about anything if she’s eating.

“Ne ne eonnie. Gomawo for the bracelet.” I thank her with a smile on my face while im showing her my left hand, which is wearing the bracelet from her.

“That’s my baby girl.” She ruffled my hair with her finger. And it success to makes my hair mess. Ok, thanks to my beautiful eonnie, Choi YoonA!





“Saengil chukkae uri dongsaeng!!” Super junior oppadeul say to me as they’re hugging me.

“Ne oppadeul gomawo.” I thank them with a smile on my face. But then my smile disappear when I realize that he isn’t here. The one who I love. Yeah, that’s the fact! I actually like one of Super Junior’s member. But unfortunately, he just sees me as his dongsaeng, nothing more… Well, it’s ok for me at least I can be close to him.

I was about to ask about him to oppadeul when someone closes my eyes and whispers to my ear.

“Happy birthday, Lime Queen.”

It’s him… I know it by hearing his deep and beautiful voice. Beside, only him who calls me Lime Queen in this world. He knows that I really like Lime.

“Kyuhyun oppa…” I say as im turning my body to face him. Kyuhyun oppa smiles to me and he gives me something from his pocket.

“Open it!”  Kyuhyun oppa tells me to open his present. I open it and it’s a necklace. It’s a really beautiful! It made by white gold, there’s a blue diamond in the middle. I really love it, especially because it’s from him, the guy that I love, Cho Kyuhyun.

“Gomawo oppa..” I thank him.

“Ne. But.. it looks like you already had a new one.” Kyuhyun oppa says as he looks at my necklace from Siwon oppa.

“It doesn’t matter. Cause I really love your present.” Kyuhyun oppa smiles when he hears my answer.

I spend my time with all of Super Junior’s member. I have so much fun with them! They’re amazing people. Eventhough they’re famous, but they still down to earth and always be a good oppa for me. I love them, Really!! I love them with all of my heart 😀

(Seyeon’s POV End)





A middle age man and woman were sitting on the sofa. They sat facing each other. They looked at each other with a serious faces. The middle age woman, Mrs. Choi who was still looked beautiful and elegant in her age, took a deep breath and sighed heavily before she asked something to her husband. Something that she really wanted to know since a long time ago.

“Tell me the truth… tell me the truth about Seyeon!”

“…………………………………………………..” Mr. Choi just stay silent and not even looked at his wife’s face.

“You promised me that you’re gonna tell me about Seyeon after her 18th birthday. Now please… please tell me about her. I cant take this anymore. Don’t you think that you already keep this secret too long? You should tell me.” Said Mrs.Choi.

Mr.Choi sighed heavily. “What do you want to know?” He asked. And this time he looked at his wife’s face.

“Everything! Who is Seyeon? Where did you get her? Where are her real parents?”

Mr.Choi took a deep breath before he answer his wife’s questions. He knew that it would come soon, the day when he should tell his wife about everything. About his deep secret…

He knew that he couldn’t keep this secret for any longer. And he also knew that…
…This secret would change everything….

“Seyeon is…. My daughter.”


“ She’s my daughter from Hyerim, my ex-secretary.”

Just a simple words from his husband, but could make Mrs.Choi’s life destroyed. Tears started to fall from her eyes when his beloved husband told her that he was cheating from her, even had a child with that girl. And Seyeon, the girl that she took care about since she was a baby until now is actually her husband child from another girl.

What else could go worse???

“Mianhe… I should have told you sooner..”


Mrs.Choi slapped his husband’s cheek. “NEO!! NAPPEUN NAMJA!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, HUH?? WAE??!!!” Mrs.Choi couldn’t hold her emotion anymore. She started to cry, shouting, and hitting her husband’s body until she fell on the floor. She didn’t have any power, not even to wiped her own tears.

Her heart crushed…

Her life has been destroyed…

If she could choose, she really wanted to die now…

“Omma… Appa….”



-To Be Continued-



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