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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 5)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA


Kyuhyun was laying on his bed. He was still thinking about what was Jiyeon’s saying awhile ago.

Oppa.. Can you give a chance to fill your heart?”

Ottohke?! Should i give her a chance? said Kyuhyun to himself.

‘Honestly, Jiyeon is kinda interesting. She’s cute, pretty, cheerful, and really caring. But deep inside in my heart, i still love YoonA.’

Kyuhyun was really confused right now. He didn’t know what to do..

‘Aigoo.. i can’t be like this anymore! i should make a choice. Ne.. I think im gonna give her a chance.. She deserves it anyway.’


(Jiyoung’s POV)

“Aiiiissh.. Ottohke?”  I say with a panic tone to myself. I was from library and when i wanna go home it starts raining. And the bad news is i didn’t bring an umbrella. I guess im stuck in this situation for awhile.

~ 1 Hour Later ~

Aigoo.. it’s still raining, and now the sky is getting dark. When i look at my watch, im surprised cause it’s already night.

Huh! i should go now. I dont care about the rain anymore. As i start to walk, someone grabs my hand.

I turn around to see who that person, Im so surprised.. That’s.. MinHo oppa..

“Oppa..” i say with a  surprise tone while i looking at him.

“Let’s go! I’ll drive you home.” Minho oppa says while he’s pulling my hand with his right hand to his car, while another holding an umbrella.

“Mianhe oppa for bothering you” i say with a sorry face.

“Gwenchana, beside it’s not good if you walk in the rain. You will get sick” Minho oppa smiles to me.

I’m so nervous and i can feel that my face is start to blushing. Im always nervous if i near him, just like now.

Finally, we arrive at my home. Actually, i still want to be together with him. I hope time could stop. But of course it couldn’t and it’ll never happen.

“Gomawo oppa..” i thank him as i’m trying to smile because im still nervous now.

“Ne.. no problem!” He answers while looking at me with a smile on his face. I think im gonna melt right now >.<

When i want to get out from his car, he calls me suddenly.


“Ah ne oppa? Waeyo?”

“Emm.. Do you have a plan for tomorrow?” he asks with a low tone.

“Anii, waeyo?”

“I’d like to ask you to come to the party with me.” Minho oppa says while looking at me.

Im so happy to hear that, but im trying to cover it.

“Sure, i’d love to oppa!” i answer shyly.

Aigoo.. i can’t wait for tomorrow!! Im totally excited!! Im screaming happily in my heart when i enter my room.

(Jiyoung’s POV End)



(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Ah, im glad to hear that. I hope everything’s gonna be okay!” i say while smiling to Jiyoung.

“Ne.. Gomawo, I just didn’t expect that Minho oppa would ask me to go to the party with him. It’s like dream comes true.” Jiyoung said with a very happy tone.

“So, How about you and Kyu oppa?” She asks again.

“Molla.. Im losing my hope.” i answer weakly as i remember since that day, when i asked him to give me a chance we never talk each other again. When i asked him that, he didn’t answer it. That’s why im losing my hope now.

“Yaaah! It’s not like you Jiyeon! Jiyeon that i know is a cheerful girl who is not easily discouraged. Hwaiting Jiyeon! Dont give up!” Jiyoung is trying to support me.

“Ne.. you’re right! I shouldn’t give up like this. Ok, After school i will go to his house then i’ll try to make him loves me and forget about YoonA.” i say with a cheerful tone to Jiyoung.

“Ahh.. My friend, Jiyeon is back!” Jiyoung says with a smile on her face and then she pinch my cheeks.



‘Aigoo.. why am i so nervous like this?’ i say in my heart.

Should i enter? Or maybe i just go home now. But, i really miss him. I really want to meet him.

Aiiisssh.. ottohke?

“What are you doing here?”

Omo.. Ottohke? I hear Kyuhyun’s oppa voice. And for the first time in my life, i really wanna runaway from him. I just feel embarrass to face him since that day. Im just afraid if  he hates me now.

I turn my head slowly and then look at him shyly.

“Ah mian.. I just want to meet you. But if you’re busy, I understand.” I say as i start to walk away.

But suddenly, he grabs my hand then says “Actually im not busy today.”

We silent for awhile, then he asks me “Have you eaten lunch?”

Im surprised when he asked me that. Cause he never cares about me before. So this is kinda wierd for me.

“Hmm.. No, i haven’t” i answer him.

“Then, let’s go! Let’s eat lunch together! He says and then he smiles to me.

WAIT!!! did he just smile to me?! Oh God! What’s wrong with him? He’s acting wierd today. First, he asked me to lunch together with him. And just now he smiled to me. God! Is this the sign that he’s ready to accept me? I hope so. I said that in my heart.

After lunch, Kyuhyun oppa and i sitting on the bench at the park.

I really want to ask him that question, But i dont dare to.

But, this question keep staying in my mind. And finally i decide to ask him.

“Oppa, may i ask you something?” i ask him with a slow tone.


“About the question that i asked you when that night. What’s your answer?” I ask him but i dont dare to look at him.

He takes a deep breath than answer “I think.. I can give you a chance.”

“Really oppa?!” I ask surprised while looking at him.

“Ne.. Please help me to forget her and please… teach me how to love you Jiyeon!” he says while looking at me with his serious face.

Im so happy to hear that. Finally my dream comes true! Thanks God! Thanks for everything.

“Gomawo oppa.” i say then hug him tightly. He seems so surprised but he doesn’t mind that.

“Ne.. I’ll help you to forget her and i’ll be the best fiancee ever!” i say happily while still hugging him.

Then slowly, he reply my hug..

(Jiyeon’s POV End)



(Minho’s POV)

God! Am i dreaming now? Cause right now, i see a beautiful angel right in front of me. I cant stop staring at her.

“Oppa! Waeyo? There’s something wrong with me?” That Angel, oh i mean Jiyoung asks.

“Aaani.. Jiyoung. You look really great tonight. i say while smiling to her.

Her face starts to blushing. Aigoo.. Jiyoung neomu yeppo.


The party goes well and i really enjoy it with Jiyoung by my side. She’s really pretty tonight and she looks a little bit mature. Everyone especially guys looking at her.

But then, i hear that annoying voice again. Yeaah that’s Crystal voice. She’s success to change my mood from good mood into the bad mood.

“Oppa, Im happy to see you.” Crystal says with her spoiled voice.

But then her smiles disappear from her face when she sees Jiyoung right next to me.

“Who’s she?” she asks pointing to Jiyoung.

“Annyeong! Im Jiyoung.” Jiyoung introduces herself as she offers her hand to Crystal.

But Crystal ignores her, then look at me again waiting for my answer.

“She’s Jiyoung, my friend.” i answer her.

“Don’t tell me that you come here with her.” added her again.

“Why? That’s not even your business.” i look at her coldly. I pull Jiyoung’s hand to go with me.

“Wait oppa!” Crystal grabs my hand.

“What do you want? Im done with you!”

“I wanna talk to you. Jebal.. Just for awhile oppa.”  Her eyes starts to teary.

I look at Jiyoung to see her reaction, maybe she doesn’t like it. But she nod then said “Gwenchana oppa, i can wait here” she says while smiling to me.


“What do you want?” i ask her straight to the point.

“I dont like you to be with her. She doesnt deserves you.” Said Crystal.

“I told you it’s none of your business! If you dont have anything else to say, im out of here.” i said as i walk away from her.

But suddenly Crystal pulls me and then…

She KISS me on my lips…

I push her immediately “What the hell was that? Why did you kiss me?” i ask with angry tone and then i turn around.

Im shock when i see Jiyoung. She seems so sad.

God! Did she see that? Why does she seem so sad like that?

(Minho’s POV End)

Jiyoung was really surprised when she saw Crystal kissed Minho. Even though she knew that Crystal who was kissing Minho first, but still… her heart was in pain when she saw someone that she really loved was kissing with another girl. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore then she ran away from that place.

“I know that wasn’t Minho’s oppa fault, but still i cant take it”. Said Jiyoung in her heart while she was running away.

“Why love can be so hurt just like this?” Asked her again.

-to be continued-

Sorry if this story is not good and there are a lot of typo here. Cause this is actually my first fanfic that i’ve ever made :D
I posted this on Asianfanfics…

So once again, forgive me if you find a lot of mistake in this story ^^



Just a simple girl who loves music, food and blue sky

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  1. Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Appreciate it!

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for reading my story. I really appreciate that 😀
      Of course, you can go to Asianfanfics, Winglin, Fanfiction.net, and live journal.
      I’ll tell you when i find another forum or website 😀

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