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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (part 6)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA



(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Aigoo.. Oppa, you’re so babo!” I say angrily to my brother, Minho.

“How could you say that to me?” Minho oppa asks while he’s looking at me.

“Oppa.. Don’t you realize that you really hurted Jiyoung’s feelings?” i ask to Minho oppa.

“What do you mean Jiyeon? I dont get it” He looks at me with a question stare.

Aigoo my Oppa is totally a babo namja. How can he doesn’t realize about Jiyoung’s feelings to him? i say to myself.

“Oppa, Dont you know that Jiyoung loves you so much since a long time ago?”

“WHAT??!!” Minho oppa seems so suprised when he heard that from me.

“Yaaa! Are you serious?” He asks again, still suprised.

“Of course oppa! Im totally serious. Now, you should apologize to her!” i say to my brother as i get out from his room.



Aigoo.. im so happy today. Because right now, im eating dinner with my lovely fiancee, Cho Kyuhyun. I was so surprised when he called me and then asked me to dinner with him. I think all of my effort were not in vain.

“Oppa gomawo for asked me to dinner with you. Im so happy today. I say while give him my best smile.

“Ne, cheonmaneyo.” he answers as he smiles back to me.

But suddenly, Kyuhyun’s oppa phone ringging.

“Hello.” he answers his phone.

“Im eating dinner. Waeyo?”

I wonder who’s calling him.

“Oh ne, Just wait for me ok? I’ll be there soon.” Kyuhyun oppa says again and he hung up the phone.

“Who was that oppa?” i ask curiously.

“Hmm.. That was.. YoonA.” He answers with a low tone.

What?! What the hell she wants it? I asked to myself. Honestly i feel jealous now. I don’t want to let Kyuhyun oppa meet her again. Im just afraid, what if Kyuhyun oppa changes his mind again? Then he will choose YoonA not me. Omo.. I will never ever let Kyuhyun oppa go.

“Why did she call you oppa?” i ask to Kyuhyun oppa, while trying to calm myself.

“She said that she wants to meet me now.” Kyuhyun oppa says.

“So, will you meet her oppa?” i ask again to him. I knew that he said yes to her just now, but i just want him to change his mind.

“Ne.. I will meet her after our dinner.”

Hurt.. Yeah..  That’s what i feel right now.

“You can also come if you want to.” added Kyuhyun oppa again.

I look at him then smile “Jeongmal? Gomawo oppa.” i say to him happily. I guess he knows that im really jealous now.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

When i was having dinner with Jiyeon, suddenly my phone rang. And it was YoonA. Honestly i was really happy when she called me because i still have feelings for her. Even though i really want to forget her, but until now i still can’t. She always appears on my mind. When YoonA asked me to come to her apartment, without hesitated i said yes. But then, Jiyeon’s expression changed when i said i will meet YoonA. I feel bad for her that’s why i also asked her to come with me. And then suddenly she smiles to me.

And now, here we are infront of YoonA’s apartment. Actually i feel a little bit nervous now, how am i not nervous? Now im at YoonA’s apartment the girl who i really like. And the crazy thing is… im here with my fiancee..

Crazy right??

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



When the door open, Kyuhyun could see YoonA was smiling to him as usual.

“Finally you come.” YoonA said while smiling to Kyuhyun.

But after she saw Jiyeon who was standing beside Kyuhyun and she wass holding Kyuhyun’s hand, her expression changed.

“Oh.. You’re here too Jiyeon.” said YoonA while forcing a smiles to Jiyeon.

“Ne.. Mianhe if im bothering you. Actually Kyuhyun oppa asked me to come here too.” said Jiyeon, still holding Kyuhyun’s hand.

Kyuhyun realize that Jiyeon was still holding his hand, he tried to release his hand from Jiyeon. But he failed. Jiyeon even more to strengthen her grip.

“Ne.. Gwenchana. Let’s go inside!” YoonA said.




“Taadaaa!! Actually this is the reason why i asked you to come here.”  YoonA said cheerful while she was carrying a chocolate cake.

“I made this special for you Kyuhyun oppa. I know you love chocolate right?” added her again.

The cake seems so delicious. But Jiyeon didn’t want to admit that, because she was jealous with YoonA.

“Gomawo YoonA. I can’t believe that you’re still remember my favorite cake.” Kyuhyun said while smiling to her.

Jiyeon was looking at Kyuhyun sharply, But unfortunately Kyuhyun didn’t realize that.

Huh! everyone can makes something like that. That’s easy! Jiyeon said jealously in her heart.

She tried to calm and pretended like she wasn’t jealous or care about it.

“Open your mouth oppa!” YoonA tried to feed Kyuhyun.

But, before she could do that Jiyeon immediately ate that cake.

“Omo.. this is so delicious. You’re a good cooking eonnie.” Jiyeon said with her innocent face.

YoonA felt a little bit annoying with Jiyeon’s behavior.

“Oppa, you should eat this too!” Jiyeon looked at Kyuhyun, trying to feed him. Kyuhyun opened his mouth then ate the cake from Jiyeon’s hand.

“It taste good right oppa?” Jiyeon asked with her spoiled voice to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun just nodded his head. And felt a little bit suprise when Jiyeon was wiping his mouth.

YoonA felt more annoying with Jiyeon’s behavior, while Jiyeon just smiled satisfied.

Whahaha.. i told you that im never ever gonna let Kyuhyun oppa go. Jiyeon said happily in her heart.




-To Be Continued-



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8 tanggapan untuk “Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (part 6)

  1. Kekeke iyaa tuh! sebenernya rencana awal emg Junyeon, tp gk tw kenapa malah berubah haluan jd Kyuyeon deh 😀

    lgipula aku lgi seneng2-nya am Kyuyeon couple ^^
    Pdhl byk bgt tuh yg minta endingnya junyeon. Tp ya sdhlaah.. wong aku moodnya Kyuyeon 😀 lol

    Anyway, thanks ya udh bca + komen FF aku. abis disini dikit bgt yg komen 😦 pdhl yg bca lumayan byk loh! 😦

    1. iya aku juga baca kbanyakan reader milih baca fanfic Ljoexjiyeon, MyungYeon, rickyxjiyeon,yunhoxjiyeon dll lah pair2 baru sama semut menurut aku siders di asianfanfics (ngaku…) jiseung,junyeon,jijoon pair yg emang udh lama ada kurang d minati…tp sih itu menurut aku…ooke kutunggu ff Jiyeon selanjutnya Hwaiting!!

  2. annyeong author, aku reader baru^^ aku suka bgt kyuyeon pairing (like my comment on part 1) hehe sorry for my bad english._. semoga dimasa depan makin banyak yg suka kyuyeon<3

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