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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun.



“Ne, they were so awesome. They could even win against “The Darkness”. Neomu Daebak!”

“Omo… uri Beast is The Best!”

Jiyeon looked at her friends with a weird stare. She couldn’t understand, why did her friends love Beast so much. Ok, maybe if Beast are a bunch of good guys with a lot of accomplishments she could accept it. But the fact is…

Beast are nothing but TROUBLES!

“Daebak?? Jinjja?” Said Jiyeon as she looked at Boram with a disparaging glance.

“Ya, don’t use that look when you’re talking about Beast if you want to still alive.” Whispered Boram.



Everyone in the class turned their gaze to the door. 6 guys with a messy look came into the class. Every girl in the class was whispering to each other and looking at those boys with adore stares.


They’re BEAST… the TROUBLEMAKERS of Kirin School.


(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Ya Boram-ya! Neo napeun chingu! How could you make me waiting for you like for 2 hours???” I yell at her.

“Kekeke… Mianhe chinguya. I forgot to tell you that. But, I promise that im gonna pay you for this. Arasso?? So pleaseee forgive me ok..” Beg Boram to me.

“Aish… ne arasso. But where are you now?”

“Im with Donghae oppa.”

“Great! You forgot that your bestfriend is waiting for you, just because of your boyfriend?? What a great friend are you?!” I say to her as im pouting.

“Kekeke… Mianhe. Ok, I gotta go now. Annyeong!”

I hang up the phone and sigh. “What a great day to start…”

Boram really ruined my day. We were supposed to go to the cinema today. I already bought the tickets. But Boram forgot the plan and now… she’s dating with Donghae, her namjachingu.

And me??

Aish jinjja…

Im too lazy to go to the cinema now. Im not in the good mood, and thanks to BORAM!

Beside, the movie is already started.


I hear some voices..

It’s like there’s a fighting over there. Im really curious, that’s why I decided to walk closer to find out. And I guess I was right…

There’s really a fighting in a narrow alley.

I immediately hide myself in the corner and I watch them carefully.

Wait the minute! I guess I know some of the fighters over there…

…Omo! They’re BEAST! The troublemakers of the school and also my CLASSMATES!

“Ottohke?? What should I do now? Should I call the police??”

“Aah ani.. I’d better go. This isn’t my business”. I say to myself as im watching them.

“Aigoo… but they’re really need help. I shouldn’t leave them just like this.”

Yeah, they really need help. Their opponents too much, while they’re only six, SIX! Can you believe that? And some of their opponents bring weapons. Beside some of Beast’s members are injured. How can they win in this kind of situation??

My eyes grow bigger when I see a guy, who is Beast’s enemy is walking behind Junhyung. And he wants to hit Junhyung’s head with a big wood.

“WATCH OUT!” I scream at him.

Everyone stops fighting and turns their gaze to face me. While Beast’s members are looking at me with a surprise face.

“Ya, Prefect! What are you doing here?” Asked Yoseob to me.

“A… a… annyeong! Well, I was just passing by, Sorry if I disturb you guys. If you want to continue, just do it! Im gonna let you. Annyeong!” I wave to them and get ready to leave.

But before I can go, one of those bad guy grab my hand and pull me closer to him.

“YAAA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? LET ME GO!!!” I scream, hoping that he will let me go. But that’s useless..

“If you move closer, im gonna hurt this girl!” Said that guy to Kikwang, when he was about to help me.

“Just let her go. She has nothing to do with us.” Said Hyunseung again with a calm tone.

“Jebal let me go…” I beg to him as tears starts to fall from my eyes. Im scared now. Is this the end of my life??? How tragic?? I don’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Kyuhyun oppa.

“Oppa… im scared. I wish you are here..”

“Guys, let’s get them!” Said that guy with a loud tone to his friends.

And then, they begin to fight again…

Omma ottohke???



I closed my eyes tightly while im falling to the ground. I feel like there’s something heavy on top my body. I want to see it, but im too afraid to open my eyes.

“Gwenchana?” Asked someone to me.

I slowly open my eyes and I can clearly see that person.

…It’s Junhyung..

He helps me to stand. I look behind me and see that guy is laying on the ground with a bleeding head.

“Is… is he dead?” I ask Junhyung as im looking at him with a worry face.

“Ani.. he just unconscious.” Answered him.

Junhyung pulls my hand. “Kajja! We should go before…”



-To Be Continued-



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