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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 7)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA



(Minho’s POV)

I keep thinking about Jiyoung.

Does she really like me? If she does, i think i already hurted her feelings so bad.

Well, I think Jiyeon was right. I should apologize to her.




“Oppa..” said Jiyoung suprised when i come to her house.

“Do you have time? I have something to tell you.” i asked her.

She seems thinking for awhile and then she just nod.

And now, we’re in her garden. She just keeps silent and she even doesn’t look at me. After awhile, i break the silent by saying my apologize to her. I really hope that she wants to forgive me.

“Jiyoung.. Mianhe.” i said while looking at her.

“For what oppa?” she asked me without looking at me.

“About that night. At the party. Im really sorry Jiyoung-a.” i said again to her.

“Don’t be oppa. Beside i’m the one who should apologize to you because i left you at that party.” Said Jiyoung. And finally she looking at me.

“That wasn’t your fault.” i said back to her.

After that, we both go back to silent.

“Jiyoung.. i wanna ask you something. And i hope you will answer my question with honest.” i said to Jiyoung while i looking at her seriously.

“Just ask oppa!” said her as she turns her head to face me.

“Is it true that you like me?”

Jiyoung’s expression turns to surprised. She doesn’t expect that im gonna ask that to her.

“Please answer my question Jiyoung! I really need to know.” i said again.

“How do you know oppa? Did Jiyeon tells you that?” asked Jiyoung as she bowing her head. I know that she must be really embarrassed now.

“Yeah, she did. But don’t blame her. Now, please answer it!”

She takes a deep breath then says “Ne.. That’s true. Joahae oppa.” said Jiyoung still bowing her head. Now, i can see her face blushing.

Im so shock when i heard that. But i also feel happy in the same time.

Is it a sign that i also like her too? i asked that to myself.

(Minho’s POV End)



(Jiyeon’s POV)



I turn around and i see Jiyoung is running to me.

“Yaa! I can hear you. You dont have to shouting like that.” i said to her when she sit beside me.

“Yaaa! How could you told to Minho oppa that i like him?” asked Jiyoung to me.

“Ah.. Mian. But i thought i should tell him about that.”

“You know what? Yesterday, Minho oppa came to my house and he asked me about my feeling toward him.” Jiyoung said in panic tone.

“So, was that great right?” i said teasing her.

“Yaa! That was so embarrassing.” Jiyoung said as she cover her face with her hands.

“Hahaha.. Mian. But, you dont have to worry. At least, now Minho oppa knew about your feelings toward him.” i said while im holding her hands.

“But, what if Minho oppa hates me now?” asked her again.

“Why he should hates you? Beside you didn’t do anything wrong to him. So, what did he say after you confess?” i asked her curiously.

“Anii. He didnt say anything.” said Jiyoung with a sad face.

Aigoo.. my brother such a babo namja. Is that really hard to say I LIKE YOU TOO?? i said angrily to myself.

“Aah.. let’s talk about something else.” said Jiyoung to me.

“Like a what?” i asked her back.

“You and Kyuhyun oppa.” Jiyoung said while smiling to me.

“When will you marry with him.” asked her again.

“Yaaa! what’s up with that question?”

“Hhaha.. Ani im just curious. That’s all.” said Jiyoung.

“Well, im gonna marry with him after our graduation.” i said while looking at her.

“Oh, it means 3 months longer.” said Jiyoung.

“Yeaah.. that’s right. But I hope im gonna marry with him soon. Because i dont want him to back together with YoonA again.”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)




“YoonA again?” asked Siwon to Kyuhyun.

“Hmm. Ne, it was her.” said Kyuhyun still looking at his laptop.

“Hey! Don’t you remember that you already had a fiancee?” asked Siwon again.

“Of couse i do.” answer Kyuhyun.

“But it doesnt mean that i cant be friend with her anymore right?” said Kyuhyun again as he close his laptop and looking at Siwon, who’s sitting infront of him.

“Of course you still can be friend with her. But i know that you still hope that she’ll likes you back.” said Siwon while looking at Kyuhyun.

“That’s not even your business!” said Kyuhyun as he walk away from Siwon.

“Aiissh that Kid!”



(Kyuhyun’s POV)


“Oppa, i broke up with Kibum.” said YoonA suddenly when we’re at the Cafe.

Im totally suprised to hear that.

“Waeyo?” i asked to her.

Yea, That’s the only thing that i can say to her right now. I dont know should i be happy or not when i heard that.

“That’s because…. of you Kyuhyun oppa.” said her again while looking at me with her serious face.

“MWOO?!” Im shocked when i heard that. Im the reason why she broke up with Kibum.

“Are you kidding me YonnA?” i asked her again.

“Ani.. im serious about that.” said her to me.

I cant say anything, cuz im really shocked. If she broke up with Kibum just because of me, it means that she likes me right? i asked that to myself.

“I did that, because i just realized that… I love you oppa.” said YoonA again and now she’s blushing.

God! Ottohke? I dont know what to do. I should be happy now, but why dont i feel happy? i said in myheart.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



(Jiyoung’s POV)


When im walking with Jiyeon from class to the school’s gate. I see someone familiar infront of the gate.

“Minho oppa..” said Jiyeon happily to me.

I start to panic. Because im still feel embarrassed with him.

“I told you right.” said Jiyeon again while smiling to me.

Minho oppa smiles to me but, i dont reply his smiles cause im too nervous.

“Annyeong oppa!” said Jiyeon cheerful to her brother.

“Ne, Annyeong dongsaeng.” said Minho oppa back.

“What are you doing here?” asked Jiyeon to her brother.

“Im here for Jiyoung.” said Minho oppa again while looking at me.

Im suprised to hear that. And soon, there are so many question appears in my mind.

“Do you have time?” asked Minho oppa interrupting my thoughts.

“Ah ne, I do.” i said shyly to him.

“Let’s go!” he said while taking my hands. My heart start to beating so fast.

Gosh! i think im gonna melt right now. i said it in myheart.

(Jiyoung’s POV End)



Meanwhile, at the cafe the atmosphere turns to awkward after YoonA confess her feelings to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun is really confused right now. He doesn’t know what to do. He likes YoonA and he’s happy that YoonA likes him back. But now he already had a fiancee. And he doesn’t want to make Jiyeon and his family disappointed.

“Do you still love me oppa?” asked YoonA as she breaks the silent.

“I know that you have Jiyeon now. But i also know that you dont love her. You engaged with her just because of your family forced you to did that right?” said YoonA again.

Kyuhyun just silent and doesn’t say anything.

“You can cancel the engaged and then we can be together.” said YoonA again.

“I cant YoonA.” said Kyuhyun.

“Why not? I know you dont love her. So dont force yourself oppa!”

“Ok, you dont have to answer it now. I’ll give you time to think about it.” said YoonA and then she walk away from the cafe.

Aiish.. Ottohke?? It’s really complicated. Should i cancel the engaged and then be together with YoonA just like i always dream about? said Kyuhyun frustrated to himself.





-To Be Continued-

Sorry if this story is not good and there are a lot of typo here. Cause this is actually my first fanfic that i’ve ever made :D
I posted this on Asianfanfics…

So once again, forgive me if you find a lot of mistake in this story ^^



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