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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 2)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun.


(Jiyeon’s POV)

I look at Junhyung who is sleeping peacefully on the hospital’s bed. Im glad when I heard the doctor said that Junhyung was totally fine, and he’ll wake up soon. I was so scared if something bad happen to him.

We were so lucky at that time. Because not long after Junhyung was being hit by that guy, the polices came. Maybe there’s someone called them. If they didn’t come…

…I don’t know what would happen to us.

“Ya prefect! You’d better go home now. Beside, the doctor said that Junhyung is fine now.” Said Kikwang to me.

I look at him, there are a lot of scars in his face. “Ne.” I answered him.

“Let me walk you home.” Offer Yoseob to me.

“Hmm, sure.”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)





(Yoseob’s POV)

Huh… we were almost dead back there. But good thing that the polices came and save us. But the weird thing is…

…Why was she there??

“Ya prefect, why were you there? What were you doing back there?” I asked her as im looking at her with a curious face.

“Ani… I just heard some noise, and just wanted to find out.” Answered her.

We’re sitting side by side on the bus. Actually, this is the first time for me to talk to her like this. And this is also my first time to sit so close to her just like now. Cause eventhough we’re classmates, but im so not close with this girl.

Yeah I think you can guess it why.

Yup! That because we’re too different. She’s the prefect and us…

…we’re just TROUBLEMAKERS… that’s what people calls us!



“Gomawo for walk me home.” Thanked Jiyeon to me.


“Wait!” I grab her hand.

She looks at me with a question look. “Waeyo?” Asked her as she looks at me.

“You’re not going to report us right?” I asked her as im looking her right into her eyes.

“Wae? Are you scared?”

“MWO?! Scared?? Aissh jinjja! Just so you know, im NOT SCARED ok! And if you want to report us, just do it! I don’t care! You heard me?!”

Aigoo this girl… she’s so annoying! How can she wants to report us after we saved her life? Ahh.. I think she’s different. But I guess I was wrong about her.

Hello Yoseob… wake up! She’s the prefect. Should I say it again? PREFECT! So, im pretty sure that she’s gonna report us to the teacher. Or maybe to the headmaster.

“Ya! Don’t get me wrong! Im not gonna do that! Beside, you guys already saved my life. So don’t worry, arasso?!” Said Jiyeon again as she smiles to me.

“Jinjja?! You’re not gonna report us?” I asked her with a disbelief tone.

“Ne.” She nod her head.

“Kekeke… gomawo prefect! You’re the BEST prefect EVER!!” I thanked her.

“Ya, I have a name. It’s Jiyeon. So, don’t call me prefect again, ara!”

“Ne, Gomawo Jiyeon-ssi.”

“Cheonmaneyo.” Answered her with a smiles on her face.

Aigoo… aigoo… uri Prefect is so pretty and nice 😀

(Yoseob’s POV End)






Jiyeon was reading a novel when Beast came into the class. She closed her novel and walked to Beast’s table.

“Annyeong Junhyung-ssi! How are you today?” Asked Jiyeon with a smile on her face.

But for her to surprised, Junhyung didn’t even look at her. He instead walked out from the class. It made Jiyeon felt confused because of his behaviour.

The rest of Beast’s members followed him. But before that, Yoseob said something to Jiyeon.

“Don’t worry! He’s totally fine now. He’s just in the bad mood now, that’s why he became like that.” Said Yoseob with a cheerful tone and then, he walked out from the class.

“Yah! What was  that?” Asked someone from behind her back, making Jiyeon jumped in surprised.

“Yah Boram-ah! You made me shock.” Said Jiyeon  while pouted her face.

“Did I really see that you were talking with beast? Should I say it again… it’s BEAST!!” Asked Boram. She couldn’t hide her surprised because of that.

“Ne. It was Beast. and don’t put that weird face again!.” Said Jiyeon and then she walked away from Boram.

“Ya wait the minute!”





Jiyeon entered the class, but for her to be surprised, her class was really crowded and noisy. Everyone seemed busy talking to each other. It made her felt curious.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Jiyeon to Krystal, one of her classmates.

“It’s about Beast, Jiyeon-ah. They were expelled from this school.” Answered Krystal.

“MWO??! Jeongmal?” Asked Jiyeon with a disbelief tone.

Right, she couldn’t believe that this actually happen. Ok, maybe if this happen like a couple days ago or maybe a few weeks ago. She wouldn’t be surprise, and she didn’t even care about it. Because like she thought before..


But now, the things are different. She knew that Beast weren’t that bad. They actually nice guys, they just need someone to make them change from bad boys into good boys.

“Why Jiyeon-ah? You seemed so surprised. Don’t you hate them?” Asked Krystal as she looked at Jiyeon, waiting for her answer.

Jiyeon took a seat beside Krystal. “Aniya, I don’t hate them. Ok, maybe I did. But that’s before I realized that they’re actually not that bad.” Explained Jiyeon.

“How can they be expelled?” Asked Jiyeon again.

“Like usual, they were fighting again. And this time looks more serious, because it’s involves some cops.”

“Aish jinjja.. ottohke? I think I should do something to help them.” Said Jiyeon in her heart.







(Junhyung’s POV)


Who cares about that? If the principal wants to expelled us, then go ahead! I don’t care at all! Instead im gonna be so much happy because of that.

No school means No STRESS!

None of us are sad because of the principal expelled us. Like I said before, WE DON’T CARE about it!

“Huh, finally no school!” Said Yoseob with a cheer tone. It makes him look like a little kid.

“Yah, I actually happy with this. But the problem is our parents. What are we gonna say to them? Im sure that my parents will kill me if they find out about this. Because I already made a promise to be a good boy to them.” Explained Dongwoon to us.

“Aigoo… you’re such a cry baby.” Teased Kikwang.

“If you afraid then go to the principal and beg him to let you in this school again.” Said Doojoon while laughing.

“Yaah! Don’t tease me! Beside, don’t you guys afraid of your parents?” Asked him again.

“Ani..” Answered them, making Dongwoon pouts to hear their answers.






“JUNHYUNG!” Called my father with a loud tone.

I turn my body to face him, but I didn’t answer him. Instead, I just stand there while looking at him with no expression.




My cheek feels like being burn..

Yeah, just like you guess. My dad slapped me right on my cheek.

“I told you to not ever make a problem again, right?! But what now??!  I heard from the principal that you were expelled. Can you explain me about that?!” Said my dad. I can see that he’s really angry now. But who cares???

“There’s nothing need to be explained now.” I said back to him with a cold tone. And after that, I walk away from him.

But before I can reach the stairs, my dad pulls me and he slaps me again.

“Appa! Please stop that!” Begged my sister, while she runs to us.

“He deserves it! He always make me embarrassed because of his attitude.”

“But you can’t do this to him. Jebaal appa…” Cried my sister.

My dad just looks at me with his angry eyes, and with that… he left…

“Oppa gwenchana?” Asked my sister with a worry tone as she’s touching my cheek softly.


“I think you should take a rest.” Said my sister.

I just nod as the response, and then I walk to my room.

I close the door behind my back and lean my body to the door. I sit on the floor, and without I can control tears starts to fall from my eyes.

This time, I don’t want to hold my tears. it’s too hurt to be detained..

I take out a photo from my pocket, I always bring that photo wherever I go..

..it was my mother’s photo..

“Omma… bogoshipo..” I whisper as im looking at that photo.

(Junhyung’s POV End)






Jiyeon walked around her room over and over again. It made Boram felt confused.

“Yah! Can’t you just sit and do the homework?? You make me feel annoying, don’t you know?”

But Jiyeon kept walking around and didn’t even pay attention to her.

Boram took a deep breath before she…

“YAA PARK JIYEON!” She yelled at Jiyeon.

“Yah! Im not deaf yet ! You don’t have to yelled at me like that.”

“Mianhe… what are you thinking about? You don’t even focus to our homework.” Asked Boram as she looked at Jiyeon.

“Im thinking about Beast.”

Boram’s eyes grew bigger after she heard that “MWO? You’re thinking about Beast? Jeongmal?”

“Ne, I think I should help them. Ne I should…” Said Jiyeon again as she looked at Boram.

“But how?” Asked Boram again.





-To Be Continued-



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