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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 3)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun.



“Jebal ahjussi…” JIyeon begged to his uncle.

It was actually a secret that Jiyeon was a principal’s niece. That’s why she called him ahjussi.

“But that was the final decision, Jiyeon-ah. Our school’s committee already made a decision to expelled them.” Explained her uncle.

Jiyeon sighed with a disappointed face.

“Ahjussi… I know that they’re actually good boys, they just a little bit naughty. If you give them a second chance to enter this school again, I promise that im gonna change them from bad boys into good boys. And you won’t regret it! Trust me!” Said Jiyeon again as she looked at her uncle. She really hoped that her uncle would gonna say yes to her.

The principal stared at her for quite long. He could see that Jiyeon was really serious about this. And then he sighed heavily before he nodded his head, making Jiyeon smiled widely when she saw that.

“Jeongmalyo?! Gomawo ahjussi! I promise that im not gonna let you down. I will prove it to you, that I can change them into good boys.” Said Jiyeon happily.





“You seem so happy. There’s something good happening?” Asked Kyuhyun while he was driving the car.

Jiyeon looked at him with a smile on her face. “Ne oppa… Im so happy today.” Said Jiyeon.


Jiyeon told Kyuhyun the whole stories, about how she begged the principal to let Beast enter that school again, until finally the principal agree with her. And also about how she already made a promise to herself that she’s gonna change Beast into good boys. Kyuhyun kept listen to her story, while his eyes still looking at the street.

“You seem so excited about that. You know what?! This is the first time I’ve ever seen you been so care to people around you.” Said Kyuhyun again.

“Jinjja?! Well… Maybe it’s because I know that they’re actually nice boys. And also they helped me when im in danger, like I said to you before.” Explained Jiyeon.

“But are you sure that your plan will run smoothly? I mean… To change people are not as easy as changing clothes. That might be hard.” Added Kyuhyun again as he looked at Jiyeon.

Jiyeon became silent after she heard about what Kyuhyun said to her. She thought that Kyuhyun was right. To change ordinary people might be hard, especially if the person who has to be changed is people like Beast, the TROUBLEMAKERS OF THE SCHOOL.

“Aigoo jinjja… I think that’s gonna be really hard for me. But I can’t give up before I try! Beside I already made a promise to uncle..

…JIYEON-AH HWAITING!!!” Jiyeon cheered for herself.





(DooJoon’s POV)

OMG!!! Is it really real?? Am I not dreaming right?

“Yah Doojoon, Is not a dream, right?” Whispered Yoseob to me.

“Ani.. this is real..” I whispered back to him.

Right now we’re in the Principal’s office. And what makes us surprise is the principal let us to enter this school again. Should I repeat that again? Ok, he said that HE LET US ENTER THIS SCHOOL AGAIN!

Can you believe that???

I can see that all of us, including the cold hearted Junhyung are looking at the principal with surprise. Even Yoseob can’t close his mouth because of surprise.

“Jeongmalyo, sir?” Asked Dongwoon with a wide eyes.

“Ne.. But first, you have to make a promise to never ever make troubles again. Got it?!”


“What makes you change your mind? I know that you aren’t the kind of person who likes to change your own decision easily. Must be there’s something behind this.” Said Junhyung as he looks at the principal without expression.

“Yah!” Yoseob immediately hit Junhyung’s arm softly to warn him.

After that, we thanked the principal and then we go out from his office with a lot of question in our minds.

(DooJoon’s POV End)






(Kikwang’s POV)

Aigoo jinjja! I don’t know I should be happy or not about this. Some part of my soul wants to be happy, but some of them don’t want to.

To be honest, I don’t like school! For me, school is nothing important. So, I wasn’t care at all when the principal expelled us. Not like Dongwoon, he was almost crying when the principal expelled us. Can you believe that!

But I think this is great, and I should be happy cause I can go back to school again. So, I don’t have to face the anger of my parents.

Lucky huh?! 😀

What im thinking right now is…

What is the reason behind this? Must be there’s a reason why he let us go back to this school again. Like what Junhyung said. But the principal didn’t say anything to us, he didn’t answer our question about that.

Well, let it be the secret which only the Principal knows!

What the most important thing now is we can go back to this school again.

Get ready people! Cause BEAST is BACK…

(Kikwang’s POV End)






“Woah… so it’s all because of you?” Asked Boram with a disbelief tone.

Jiyeon smiled widely as she nodded her head. “Ne, cool huh?”

“Neomu daebak! You can changed principal’s mind, and make him let Beast to come to this school again. Aigoo.. it’s still hard to believe..” Said Boram again.

Jiyeon just laughed to see Boram’s reaction. But her smile immediately disappeared when she heard Junhyung’s voice from behind her back.

“So it’s all because of you?” Asked him with a cold tone.

Jiyeon turned her body to face him. “Ne. Wae?”

Junhyung walked closer to her, making Jiyeon felt a little bit nervous.

“Don’t you ever do that again, arasso!” Said him as he looked at Jiyeon with a cold expression.


“We don’t need your help! So you don’t have to worry about us. We can take care of ourselves.” Said Junhyung and then he walked away from Jiyeon. While Jiyeon was still standing there with a confused face.

“Yah, you see that? What a bad person! He should be the one who thanked you, cause you already help him. But what did he say just now?? Aish jinjja…” Said Boram as she looked at Junhyung who has been walking farther.

“Ah molla…”






(Jiyeon’s POV)

Seriously, now I kinda regret it for ever helped Beast! They’re so annoying!

“Aish jinjja! How many times I have to tell you that smoking isn’t allowed in the school.” I said to them.

Aigoo jinjja.. im so stress now!

How can’t i?!

Right now, I see them smoking at the top of school building. I was so suspicious when I saw Beast isn’t in the class. So, I decided to go find them cause I feel that they’re doing something bad now. And my guess was right!

But what makes me more angry is none of them pay attention at me. I feel like a dumb person now! Totally! Good thing is I still have my patience.

“Ya prefect! If you come here just because you want to bother us, you may go now!” Said Kikwang to me while he was still smoking.

“YAH! ARE YOU DEAF?! I SAID YOU CAN’T SMOKING IN THE SCHOOL.” I scream to him. Seems like I just lost my patience.

Suddenly Junhyung stands up and throw his soft drink bottle. He looked at me with his cold eyes, and without saying anything he walk out from here. Soon, Beast’s members follow him.

“Neo! Just because you already helped us, don’t you ever think you can keep telling us what to do! You got it!” Said Doojoon before he left.

Great! Now everything seems useless. I should have known that changing their behaviours isn’t easy.

“Ottohke?? What should I do now?”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-



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  1. my teacher my love daebak!!!!! aku comment d sini aja yh keren!!! pengen dong pnya guru sekaligus tunangan kayak kyuppa# plakkkk berebut ma adek…hehe..di pukul taehee umma!! hahahaha….love that fanfic

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