Diposkan pada KyuYeon (Kyuhyun Jiyeon), Oneshot

My Teacher, My Love

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title      : My Teacher, My Love
Type     : Oneshot
Genre   : Romance, Drama, School life

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Seo JooHyun
– Choi Minho
– Park BoYoung



“Seonsaengnim, please teach me again about this part! I still don’t understand.” Seohyun said shyly. Jiyeon threw a death glare at her,
but unfortunately Seohyun didn’t see it.

“Ne, of course.”

“Ah, Ghamsahamnida Kyuhyun seonsaengnim.” Seohyun thanked Kyuhyun with a smiled on her face. Kyuhyun nodded his head as the answer.

‘Ciih… what a jerk!’




Boyoung almost jumped from her chair when Jiyeon came to the class and threw her book on the table.
Jiyeon threw herself on the chair beside Boyoung. She sighed heavily, making Boyoung felt more curious about her bestfriend acted.

“What happen to you, Yeonnie-ah?” She asked as she looked at Jiyeon.

Jiyeon sighed. “I don’t like Seohyun!”

“Hhahaha… I know that! You always say that to me almost everyday.” Boyoung laughed when she saw Jiyeon pouted because of her answer.

“Ok, so what did she do today?” She asked again.

“She tried to get Kyuhyun seonsaengnim attention. I hate it! She pretend to ask him to teach her about the lesson just now.”

Boyoung patted Jiyeon’s shoulder. “Ya, maybe she really meant it! I don’t think that she would do such a thing like that only to get seonsaengnim attention.”

Jiyeon looked at Boyoung sharply. “Who’s your friend? Me or her?” Jiyeon asked with a cold tone.

“Ya! Don’t be mad at me like this! I just said what I was thinking. Just believe him, ok! I’m sure that Kyuhyun seonsaengnin isn’t cheating with Seohyun.” Boyoung said with a soft tone as she was patting Jiyeon’s shoulder.

“Ahh… I hope so.”







(Jiyeon’s POV)

Aish jinjja!! This thing makes me crazy!!! That girl, SEOHYUN, she’s really ANNOYING! If I can, I will tell her,
ok not only her, but the entire school especially the girls that I’m… PARK JIYEON IS CHO KYUHYUN’s FIANCEE!
Do you get it?! Yup! I’m his fiancée…

Ok, you must be feel confused. Let me explain it to you!

Cho kyuhyun is my fiancée and also my teacher. He’s my math teacher. Our parents are friends and without us knowing,
they already paired us together. At first, I refused it because he’s my teacher anyway. There’s no way I’m dating my teacher, right?
Because that’s gonna be so much awkward. But then as time went, we began to like each other and decided to accept the engaged.

But, what makes me always get upset is because Kyuhyun oppa is so famous and popular in this school.
That’s because he’s still young. He’s only 23 now, and he’s super handsome + hot!

A lot of girl students like him. Even the women teachers also like him. They keep trying to get his attention. And I hate it!
I hate it when they’re trying to get my namja attention!

Ahh… I wish I can tell them that I’m Kyuhyun oppa fiancée…

(Jiyeon’s POV End)







“Oppa!” Jiyeon took a seat beside Kyuhyun who was busy with his laptop. Jiyeon pouted because Kyuhyun seemed not care about her present there.
She sighed heavily, hoping Kyuhyun would notice her.

“Oppa… what are you doing?” She asked.

“Preparing question for the test.” He replied shortly.

“Oppa, I don’t like to see you and Seohyun together. Don’t come near her again, ara!” Jiyeon said with a spoiled tone as she was looking at Kyuhyun.

“I just teach her. Don’t think something weird about me and her! She’s my student, that’s all!” Kyuhyun said while his eyes still looking at his laptop.


“I’m busy Yeonnie-ah! I don’t have time to talk to you about this stupid conversation.”

Jiyeon became angry because of Kyuhyun’s statement. “Stupid? You think this conversation is stupid?
So, talking to me is wasting your time?!” Jiyeon stood up from her seat. Her eyes became teary.
She felt upset because Kyuhyun didn’t care about her feeling.

“Nappeun namja!” Jiyeon walked away from Kyuhyun, leaving him behind. He didn’t even bother to catch her.

‘She’ll be fine soon.’ Kyuhyun thought.





(Jiyeon’s POV)


Kyuhyun oppa, jeongmal nappeun namja! How could he doesn’t care about me? He didn’t even call me or text me since yesterday.
What kind of fiancée is him?

“Annyeong Jiyeon-ah!” Someone greets me. I turn my head to see that person. His voice seems really familiar for me.


That’s Minho, Choi Minho. He’s the popular guy in this school. Actually, he ever said that he loved me.
And he also asked me to became his girlfriend, but I refused him cause I already engaged with Kyuhyun oppa.
Beside, I don’t really like him. Cause from what I heard from people, Minho is a playboy.

“Something’s wrong?” He asks as he’s looking at me, seems a little bit concern.

“Ani, nan gwenchana.” I answer him.

“Well, I’m going to ask you to go out with me tonight. So, what’s your answer?” He asks with a smile on his face.

I’m about to refuse him, because there’s no way I want to go out with someone like him.
But then, I see Kyuhyun oppa is walking side by side with Seohyun. Seohyun smile shyly as she’s talking with Kyuhyun oppa.
I start to emotion again when I see them like that. And…

“Of course I want to! I mean, I don’t have boyfriend anyway. So, there’s no one will jealous if go with you.” I say to Minho with a loud tone.
I can see from the corner of my eyes that Kyuhyun oppa is looking at us now, me and Minho. But I pretend like I don’t notice it.

‘Ciih,do you think that only you who can do this kind of thing? Now I’ll proof that I can do it either!’

(Jiyeon’s POV End)




Kyuhyun looked at them, Jiyeon and Minho with his sharp eyes. He could hear that Jiyeon was accepted Minho’s offer to go out with him.
To be honest, he felt surprise cause he didn’t expect that Jiyeon would accept his offer.

“Kyuhyun seonsaengnim, what’s wrong?” Seohyun asked.

“Ani… let’s go!”





Minho brought Jiyeon to the discotheque. Jiyeon had no idea why did he bring her to that place.
To tell the truth, Jiyeon was never been to that kind of place before, it was her first time. And she didn’t like it!

“YA, MINHO-YA!” Jiyeon called him with a loud tone, trying to beat the music sound in the discotheque.

“WAE?” He answered, also with a loud tone.




“Let’s go home Minho-ah!” Jiyeon said to Minho as she stood up from her seat, getting ready to leave that horrible place.
But Minho pulled her hand back until Jiyeon sat on the sofa again.

“Kajima! Tonight is gonna be the best night ever!” Minho said with an evil smile on his face.
Jiyeon felt a little bit scared when she saw Minho smiling like that. She could feel that Minho was different from usual today.
It’s like the hide side from Minho…

“Sirheo! Can’t you see that this place is horrible?” Said Jiyeon as she looked around her.
She could see some people were making love on the sofa not far from her. She felt disgusted to see it.

Still seeing no sign from Minho. Jiyeon stood up from her seat. “Ok, I can go home by myself!”

Before Jiyeon could go any far, Minho pulled her hand and dragged her to the corner of the discotheque.
“YAA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!” Jiyeon screamed.

Minho kept dragging her until the enter into the toilet. He threw her body to the wall. Jiyeon moaned in pain when her body hit the wall.


Jiyeon couldn’t continue her sentence, because Minho’s lips already pressed her lips. Minho grabbed both of her hands,
so she couldn’t hit him. Minho kissed Jiyeon with a rough, until Jiyeon’s lips was bleeding.
Tears started to fall from her eyes as Minho’s hand started to get into her dress. He rub his hand to Jiyeon’s back.
His kissed go down from Jiyeon’s lips to her neck. He bit her neck a little bit until he left a red mark on her neck.

‘Kyuhyun oppa… Kyuhyun oppa… I’m scared. Please help me! I need you oppa!’ Jiyeon begged in her heart. She kept calling for
Kyuhyun’s name over and over again. Like if she kept calling him, he would appeared soon.

“Kyuhyun oppa…” Jiyeon mumbled with a low tone as tears fell down to her cheek.


Minho fell on the floor. He touched his face that was being hit by someone. While Jiyeon, she fell on the floor as she hugged herself. She felt scare.

“YA WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” Minho turned his body to that person. But he froze after he saw the person who was hit him just now.

“Seonsaengnim?” Asked Minho as his eyes opened widely when he saw Kyuhyun right infront of him.
Kyuhyun’s pale face turned into red because of the anger. He walked closer to Minho and he grabbed Minho’s shirt.

“Don’t you dare to touch her again, ARASSO!!!” He shouted infront of Minho’s face.


BUGH! Kyuhyun punched his face again. Minho touched his nose, it’s bleeding now. Kyuhyun wanted to punch Minho’s face again,
but then he remembered about Jiyeon. He turned around and found Jiyeon who was sitting on the floor weakly. She was still crying.

“Jiyeon-ah…” He touched Jiyeon’s body but it made Jiyeon cried even more harder.


“Jiyeon-ah, it’s me Kyuhyun oppa.”

“Kyu…Kyuhyun oppa?” Jiyeon asked with a weak tone as she looked at Kyuhyun’s face. As soon as she saw his face,
she threw herself to him. She hugged Kyuhyun tightly.

“Op… oppa… I’m scared…” Jiyeon sobbed.

“Sssst… it’s ok now. You’re save. I’m here to protect you.” Kyuhyun said. He was still hugging Jiyeon tightly.
Kyuhyun carried her like a bridal style and he brought her to his car.

“Mianhe oppa…” Jiyeon mumbled, but loud enough to be heard by Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun turned his head and looked at her softly.

“Ani… it wasn’t your fault.”

Kyuhyun stroked her hair, making Jiyeon felt so much calm and save. “Now sleep! You must be tired, don’t you?” He said softly.





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Aish, that bastartd! I swear to myself that I’m gonna teach him a lesson if he dare to come near my girl again.
It’s a good thing that I was there. I feel worried when I know they would go out together. Any bad thought appear on my mind,
that’s why I decided to follow them.

I felt like want to kill him when I saw what he did to my Jiyeon.

I sit on the edge of the bed, right beside Jiyeon. I touch her face softly and kiss her forehead. She looks kinda pale.

“Erg.. ah… oppa?” Jiyeon asks with a weak tone. I help her to sit on the bed because her body is still weak.

Jiyeon hugs me and I can feel that my shirt is getting wet because she’s crying.
I hug her back as I kiss the top of her head. “Don’t cry Jiyeon-ah! I’m here now.” I say as I rub her back.

“Op…oppa… gomawo.”

“Hmm… cheonmaneyo.”


“Ne oppa?”

I turn her head to face me and then I lift her chin. “I want you to know that I’ll always love you. There’s no one can replace you from my heart.
So, please don’t be jealous again! Seohyun, she’s just my student same like you. But the different is… because you’re my fiancée,
the girl whom I love the most.”

“Oppa…” Jiyeon hugs me again.

“Saranghae Yeonnie-ah…” I kiss her lips

“Nado saranghae oppa…” Jiyeon says between our kiss.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




-The End-


Thanks for reading this story 😀
So, what do you think about this? let me know, ok!

Love ya nae chingudeul ^^



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  1. wuah cepet bgt udh d post d sini lg btw aku suka bgt kyu di sini gentle bgt..walaupun aku masih suka evil maknaenya, minho….dasar yadong kamu ketularan yadong dari eunhyuk oppa yh..makanya cari hyung yg normal # plak dipukul hae oppa udh ngehina suaminya…hahahaha….

  2. kekeke iyaa nich, Kyu oppa emg gentle bgt. Jd pengen punya tunangan kyk gtu 😀
    Gk tw kenapa pas bayangin karakter yadong lgsung kebayang mukanya minho #plaak *digebuk Taemin*

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