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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 10)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA



(Minho’s POV)

Now, im in Kyuhyun’s Living room waiting for him. I really need to talk to him about all this stuff. I can’t stand watching my little sister suffer just like this.

“Minho-a.” said Kyuhyun.

I turn around then face him. “Hyung, we need to talk.”

He ask me to sit, then as we sit he begins to start the conversation.

“I know that you’ll come here.” he said while looking at me.

“Yeah, It’s about you and Jiyeon. I know, that actually it’s not my business. But i just can’t stand seeing my sister suffer like this.” i said to him.

“Why did you cancel the engaged?” i asked to him.

“I dont love her. I like her as a friend, not more than that.”

“But, you already gave her a chance.” i said back to him.

“I know, but as time passed by i realize that i can’t love her more than a friend.”

“Mianhe Minho..” he said in the low tone.

Honestly, im totally mad at him and i really want to hit him on the face because he makes Jiyeon suffering. But i also realize that is gonna be useless.

“You dont have to say sorry to me. But Jiyeon is the one who you should say sorry.” i said to him.

Aishh, ottohke?! What should i do now? I cant let Jiyeon being sad just like now, but i also can’t force Kyuhyun hyung to chance his mind.

(Minho’s POV End)




“Should i just give up?” said Jiyeon to herself as she’s lying on her bed.

Then, suddenly someone knocking her door.

“Just come in!” said Jiyeon as she get up from her bed.

“Jiyeon-a, Mrs.Cho is here and she wants to meet you.” said Soo man ajusshi, he’s the head servant in Jiyeon’s house.

“Oh ne.. Gomawo Soo man ajusshi.” said Jiyeon.

I wonder why is Kyuhyun’s umma is here. And Soo man ajusshi said that she wanted to meet me? asked Jiyeon to herself while she’s walking to the Living room.



“Ajumma.” said Jiyeon while smiling to Kyuhyun’s mother.

As Jiyeon sitting next to Kyuhyun’s umma. Kyuhyun’s umma starts the conversation.

“First, i want to apologize for you.” said Kyuhyun’s mother while she’s holding Jiyeon’s hands.

“Waeyo?” asked Jiyeon curiously.

“I know what happened on that day when you came to my house. I was there.” answered Kyuhyun’s mother.

Jiyeon seems surprised and she doesn’t say anything.

“My son such a babo namja.” said Kyuhyun’s mother to Jiyeon. She really feels sorry for Jiyeon.

“Gwenchana ajumma.” Jiyeon said weakly as she’s trying to smile.

“It’s not fine Jiyeon! Don’t worry, i promise to you that im gonna make Kyuhyun chance his mind. And beside, i really like you and i want you to be my daughter in law.” said Kyuhyun’s umma.

Jiyeon just smile weakly then say “I want to be with Kyuhyun too ajumma. But how? Kyuhyun already like someone else.” said Jiyeon as she looking down.

“Don’t worry honey! Just like i said before, i will make Kyuhyun chance his mind.” said Kyuhyun’s mother.

Jiyeon hugs Kyuhyun’s umma then say “Gomawo ajumma.”

“Ne.. Cheonmaneyo.” reply Kyuhyun’s mother as she hugs Jiyeon back.



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Being together with YoonA just like a dream for me. A really sweet dream.

“Oppa, sorry for make you waiting.” said YoonA.

“Ne, gwenchana. Kajja!” i said to her as im holding her hands.

We had a great time together. We just went from the concert and we decided to go to my home. But when we arrive at my home, i see someone who’s really familiar for me. She just siting on the sofa.

“Jiyeon-a..” i said nervously.

“Annyeong oppa!” she said to me cheerfuly but, i know that she just pretending to be cheerful.

“Annyeong Jiyeon!” said YoonA as she is holding my arm tightly.

Jiyeon is seems frown for awhile but then she holds my other arm then say “Oppa, let’s eat together now! Im really starving.” she said to me like nothing happens between me and her before.

Im seriously confused now.

As Jiyeon pulls my hand, on the other side YoonA pulls my hand too.

“Oppa, dont go!” said YoonA with a sad face.

“Oppa let’s go! im starving.” said Jiyeon as she’s pulling my hand harder.

Gosh! Im stucking between these girls.

“Yaaah! Can’t you see that im with him first?!” YoonA shout to Jiyeon.

“Who cares! Beside im his fiancee and i want to be with him.” Said Jiyeon in the loud tone.

“You’re not his fiancee anymore!”

“Who said that?!” asked Jiyeon to YoonA.

“Babo yeoja! Didn’t you remember that oppa already cancel the stupid engaged?” said YoonA again to Jiyeon.

Jiyeon frowned for awhile then she’s looking at me now. I don’t know what to do. Ottohke??

“Oppa now you choose! Do you want to be with me or her?!” asked YoonA to me.

I just keep silent and can’t say anything. Im really confused now.

“Oppa!! Just choose!” said YoonA again.

I stare at both of them. Who should i choose?! i asked with frustrated to myself.

Jiyeon just looking at me with a sad face. I don’t know why, but i also feel hurt when i see her like this.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



(Jiyeon’s POV)

Kyuhyun oppa seems so confused. I just hope that he will choose me. I know that sounds silly, Why will he choose me anyway? YoonA is the one that he loves NOT ME!

I think it’s time for me to give up now..

I made a promise to myself. If i fail again this time then, i will give up and also cancel the engaged.

Kyuhyun oppa still silent as we both waiting for his answer.

“I…I…” Kyuhyun oppa said nervously while he’s looking at YoonA.

Huh.. I think i know he’s answer, it’s too obvious.

“I got it oppa.” i said to him.

“You dont have to answer it anyway, cause i know the answer.”

“I know you can’t love me even if i try to make you love me. But i know it won’t work.” i said as i walk away from them.

Kyuhyun oppa just looking at me without saying anything.

As i reach the front door, i look back at Kyuhyun oppa and say “Mianhe, for bothering you and im sorry for liking you.. I hope you guys gonna be happy together.” i said while im trying to smile to them and holding my tears.

After that, i run away from Kyuhyun’s oppa house. I dont care when he’s calling my name. All i wanna do now is… crying harder. I want to let out my emotion.

Did i take a right decision? i asked that to myself as i keep running.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-

Sorry if this story is not good and there are a lot of typo here. Cause this is actually my first fanfic that i’ve ever made :D
I posted this on Asianfanfics…

So once again, forgive me if you find a lot of mistake in this story ^^



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