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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 5)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun



(Jiyeon’s POV)

Do you know what’s hurt?

…I think I know that…

I know how it feels, it’s very painful. Until I want to cry out loud and I can even find it hard to breath. I hate to feel like this. Really… I HATE IT!

I can only watch him sleeping soundly, without being able to heal his wound or ease his burden. You know what?? I feel useless now..

I touch his face full of wounds slowly, not wanting to wake him up. His face looks so pale and his lips looks dry. I miss him…

I miss his smile, I miss his pink and soft lips…

“Kyuhyun oppa… mianhe.. I can’t do anything for you. Im too useless.” I said to him as Im watching him.

“Sleep well ok..” I kiss his forehead softly.


The door is open, and I can see Kim ahjumma comes into the room, she’s one of Kyuhyun’s servant. She gives me a warm smile as she’s walking closer to Kyuhyun’s oppa bed.

“How are you Jiyeon-ah?  Im happy to see you here.” Said Ahjumma to me.

“Im fine ahjumma, gomawo for told me about Kyuhyun’s oppa condition. If you didn’t, maybe until now I still don’t know anything about his condition.” I thanked her.

Ahjumma strokes my hair softly “Ne, gwenchana. Don’t worry about Kyuhyun. He’s wake up soon. He’s just too tired about all this thing.”


Kyuhyun oppa…
I hope you’ll wake up soon. I promise to you that from now on, I will always be by your side and I will never leave you. NEVER!

Saranghae oppa…

(Jiyeon’s POV END)






(Junhyung’s POV)

I can’t believe about what I see now! How can she be close to my friends like that?!
Yeah.. im talking about Jiyeon, that annoying girl. I see her laughing with my friends. They seem so close to each other, even Hyunseung and DooJoon are laughing with her too!

I walk to my desk and after that I put my bag on the desk. When im about to walk out from the class, they call me to join with them.

“Junhyung-ah, where are you going? Let’s join with us! Jiyeon just told us about her holiday, which is so funny.” Said Kikwang to me while he’s still laughing.

But without saying anything, I just walk out from the class leaving them behind.

(Junhyung’s POV End)






Junhyung’s reaction made Jiyeon felt a little bit upset.

“Was that because of me?” Jiyeon mumbled.

“Ne?” Asked Yoseob.

“Aniya, Jiyeon. Just don’t think too much about it, ok!” Said Kikwang as he gave Jiyeon his eyes smile.

They continued their conversation. Jiyeon tried to follow Kikwang advice, to not thinking about Junhyung reaction. She couldn’t help but kept thinking about that.

“Am I that annyoying?” Asked Jiyeon to herself.







Junhyung just kept silent and seemed busy with his own mind. It made the others felt confused about his attitude.

“Neo gwenchana?” Asked DooJoon to Junhyung.

Junhyung just mumbled as the response. And without saying anything, he left the room. Leaving all Beast members confused.

“Ya, is he alright? He seems weird.” Said Yoseob to the others while his eyes still looking at the door.

“Aish molla…”

“Hmm hyung! I wanna ask you something. Can i?” Asked Dongwoon, the maknae of the group. He looked at Hyungseung, waiting for his answer.

“Hmm. What is it about?”


All of Beast’s members turned their gaze to Dongwoon and Hyunseung. They seemed interest about Dongwoon’s question.

“Do you like her?” Asked Dongwoon to the point.

Yeah.. he really wanted to know the answer because he felt that Hyunseung have changed his behaviour to Jiyeon. He became nicer to her.

“Wae? You like her?” Asked Hyunseung back.

“Ani. Just want to know your answer. Because you became so much nicer to her than before. Im just wondering why.” Answered him.

“Ok, let me clear it up for all of you. I DON’T LIKE HER, ara!”

“Ne…ne.. we get it bro!” Replied Kikwang.


All of them turned their gaze to see Yoseob, who was laughed like a crazy boy. Yoseob kept laughing crazily without even notice that the room became quiet.

“Ya! Why are laughing like a crazy person. You know what? You make us scared.” Said Kikwang and the others nodded their head.

Yoseob still smiling “Kekeke… because that’s mean I still have a chance to get Jiyeon.” Answered him. And it success to make all of them scream in surprise.


Yoseob realized about his answer. And he immediately run away from his friends.”







(Jiyeon’s POV)


“Feeling better? Or you want something?” I asked to Kyuhyun oppa.

Im so happy that Kyuhyun oppa condition is getting better now. His face isn’t pale anymore, and he can even walk now.

“Ani.. I don’t want anything now.” Said Kyuhyun oppa as he’s smiling to me.

I put my hand on his face, touching his face slowly. I feel so much happy to see him like this. Finally, I can see his charming smile and hear his laugh again. I was so afraid back there…

…I was afraid if I had to lose him…

“It’s already night. You still have school for tomorrow, don’t you? You better go home and rest now. Don’t worry about me.” Said Kyuhyun as he’s looking at me.

“Andwee oppa.. I still wanna be here, with you.”

“Jiyeon-ah jebal… im ok now! Beside Kim ahjumma will come and accompany me for tonight.” Added him again.


Before I can answer him back, Kim ahjumma comes into the room. As usual, she greets me and she walks to Kyuhyun’s  bed to check his condition. Yeah… eventhough she’s only a servant in Kyuhyun’s house. But she treats Kyuhyun like her own son, and so does Kyuhyun. He treats Kim Ahjumma like his own mother.

“See? Ahjumma already here.”

“Huh… arasso oppa… im going home now, and I’ll be back tomorrow, ok!” I said while im pouting my face. Honestly, I still want to be here. I want to accompany him.

“Ya, don’t put that face! You look scary.” Said Kyuhyun with a soft tone.

“Oppa…” He just laughs at me.

“Hah.. you don’t know how happy I am to see your smile like this oppa.”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)






(Junhyung’s POV)


“Haneul-ah.. jebal ireona.. jebal… “ I cant hold my tears anymore. Im too scared… Im too scared if something bad happens to Haneul. I don’t want to lose her. Naega shiroe!

Some nurses take Haneul’s body into emergency room. I can only watch them take her body into that room without can enter it. I feel weak, until I almost fall on the floor.

But when im about to fall on the floor…

…someone hold my body. I immediately turn my head to see that person.

“Jiyeon?” I said in surprise. I didn’t expect that im gonna meet her in this kind of situation.

She brings me to the nearest chair and we sit there. I just keep bowing my head, I don’t want her to see me crying like this.

We kept silent until someone… someone that I really hate come to the waiting room.

“Where’s Haneul? Is she alright?” Asked that person again, it was none other than my father. My STEPFATHER!

I look at him sharply. “You think?! It’s all because of you!” I blame him.

I walk closer to him and grab his shirt. “If something bad happen to her, I’ll make you pay for that! GOT IT!.”

“YAH JUNHYUNG! How can you talk to me like that, to your own father.”

“STEPFATHER!” Added me as im looking at him sharply.

Jiyeon just sit there with a confused face without knowing what she has to do.

“I should be the one who blame you! She became like this because of you! You know what? You’re just a burden for people around you. First your mother, and now your sister? Ciih!” Said that guy as he’s looking at me with his annoying face.

“Excuse me, Are you Haneul’s family?”

I immediately turn my face to see that person. She’s the doctor who’s taking care of Haneul. I walk closer to her with a worry face.

“Is she alright?!”

“Hmm… Im sorry but I have to say this. She lost a lot of bloods and she also experienced a fairly severe concussion because of a hard collision. She’s in critical condition now.” Said that doctor, success to make me feel more even weak.

“She needs blood tranfusion immediately. Any one of you with blood type AB? Our blood suply isn’t enough.” Added her again.

“Gosh! What I have to do now? My blood type is A. Please… please save her. Please save my sister! She’s my only family that I have. Please don’t take her away from me. I beg you…”

When I almost desperate because I cant find blood donor for Haneul. She comes and save me…

“My blood type is also AB. Maybe I can help her.” Said that voice. It was Jiyeon!

She gives me a smile before she left to the tranfusion’s room.


(Junhyung’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-



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  1. i think the relation between them will be compilcated 😀
    Junhyung, you owe Jiyeon much, ehehe

    *sorry for my bad english, hahah

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