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Engaged ?? Oh No…!!! (Part 11)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA
– Lee Donghae




“So, the engaged is officially cancel?” asked Jiyoung to Jiyeon.

“Ne..” said Jiyeon weakly as she’s looking at the window.

“But, how about your parents and Kyuhyun’s umma?” asked Jiyoung again.

“I told them everything. And luckily they understood.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Jiyoung as she’s walking closer to Jiyeon, then standing next to her.

“Yeah. I have no choice anyway. Kyuhyun doesn’t love me back, so i think it’s just useless to keep this relationship.” answered Jiyeon with a sad face.

Jiyeon’s eyes become teary, but she’s trying to hold her tears. She doesn’t want to make her friend worry. But Jiyoung knows that Jiyeon really wants to cry. And then she pulls Jiyeon into a warm hug.

“Just let it out Jiyeon.. It will makes you better.” said Jiyoung while she’s hugging Jiyeon tightly.

Jiyeon is crying harder, her heart is really hurt. She never feels like this before.

Why love is really cruel and painful? asked Jiyeon to herself while she’s crying.



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

The engagement has been canceled. I should be happy about this, because it means YoonA and i can be together.

But honestly, im not feel happy at all! It’s really confusing.

Sometimes, i kinda miss Jiyeon..

“Aiissh.. what the hell am i thinking?! Why i feel like i kinda miss her??” i asked frustrated to myself.

“Yaa babo namja!” said Donghae as he’s hitting my head with his book.

“Yaa!! Dont hit me! It’s hurt you know.” i said loudly to Donghae while he just laughing.

“You deserve it anyway.” Said Donghae again.

When i was about to hit him back, YoonA comes then smiling to me.

“Annyeong oppadeul” said her to me and Donghae.

“Ne, Annyeong YoonA-ssi” replied Donghae as he’s smiling to YoonA.

“What are you doing here?” i asked to her.

“Just want to have a lunch with you.” YoonA said as she smiles to me then she sits beside me.

“Ok, let’s go! Donghae, you wanna come too?”

“Ah anii, i have something to do.” said Donghae.

“Oh well then, catch you later.” i said to him then i go to have lunch with YoonA.




YoonA asked me to have a lunch in this Restaurant. This restaurant is remind me to Jiyeon, because we often went here together. When i was still together with Jiyeon, we always came to this restaurant for lunch or dinner because this is Jiyeon’s favorite restaurant.

“Oppa..” YoonA called me.

“Ne, Jiyeon-a.” I answered her.

Gosh! What the hell was? Did i just call her Jiyeon??! i asked to myself. YoonA’s expression changed all of sudden after i called her Jiyeon.

“Jiyeon?? Im not Jiyeon oppa. Im YOONA, dont tell me that you forgot my name.” she said while looking at me sharply.

Now, i hate myself. How can i called my girlfriend with another girl’s name? i said in my heart.

“Jeongmal mianhe YoonA. I didn’t mean to..”

YoonA cut my word “Do you love her? Were you just thinking about her?” asked YoonA with a cold tone. I know that she must be really mad, sad, and also disappointing to me.

“Of course not! Don’t talk nonsense YoonA! I dont love her. The one that i love is you.. and there’s only you in my heart.” i said to her as i hold her hands, trying to make her forgive me.

“Really?” asked her again.

“Yeah, of course.” i answered her. Then, she suddenly smiles to and say “Nan Jeongmal saranghae oppa.”

“Nado YoonA.” i replied her while give her my best smile.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



(Jiyeon’s POV)

It’s been a month since we canceled the engagement. Since that, i never meet him again. Well, i guess now he must be happy being together with YoonA.

I really miss him..

I miss everything about him…




I can’t believe that im here now..

Yeah, im in Kyuhyun campus now! I miss him alot that’s why im here.

I start to searching for Kyuhyun now, and accidentally i bumped someone.

“Mianhe, jeongmal mianhe.” i said to that person as im bowing.

“Ne, gwenchana.” said that person.

“Oh, Jiyeon-a! Still remember me?” asked that person again.

I was thinking for awhile, trying to remember his name.

“Oh yeah, you must be Donghae oppa right?!” i asked him while smiling to him.

“Hehehe.. yup! That’s me.” said him again as he’s smiling back to me.

“Btw, what are you doing here? Are you looking for Kyuhyun?” asked him to me.

“Ne.. ah.. aniiyo. Im not looking for him.” I lied to him.

“Hhaha.. you dont have to lie! I know that you’re looking for him.” he said while looking at me.

Gosh! Im really embarrassed now.

“Let’s go! I know where he is.”

“An-Aniiyo..” i refused politely.

“I don’t want to meet him. Beside, i have nothing to do with him anymore.” i said while im looking on the ground.

He silent for awhile, then he say “Oh well.. btw, are you busy?”

I look up to face him “Hmm.. not really. Why?!” i asked to him curiously.

“Wanna hang out together?” he asked me again.

“Hmm, sure.” i replied him then he smiles to me.

After that, both of us go to the cafe. We spent our times together. Donghae oppa such a nice and sweet guy, he’s also a fun person to talk to.

It will be nice if Kyuhyun oppa can be as nice and sweet as Donghae oppa. i said it in my heart.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)



Without them knowing, there’s a pair of eyes are watching them with a jealous face from outside the cafe.

What are they doing together? said that person to himself while he’s looking at them with a jealous face.





-To be Continued-


Sorry if this story is not good and there are a lot of typo here. Cause this is actually my first fanfic that i’ve ever made :D
I posted this on Asianfanfics…

So once again, forgive me if you find a lot of mistake in this story ^^



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