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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 6)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun



Junhyung can be relieved now, the doctor said that Haneul’s condition was getting better. And thanks to Jiyeon who was giving her blood to her.

“I gotta go now, it’s getting late. Just call me if you need something, ok!” Said Jiyeon to Junhyung.


When Jiyeon was about to go, Junhyung called her.

“Jiyeon-ah!” Called him.

Jiyeon immediately turned her head to face him.

“Gomawo.” Junhyung thanked Jiyeon, making her smile in happiness.

“Ne, cheonmaneyo.” Said Jiyeon before she left.

Junhyung couldn’t help but smile when he saw Jiyeon who was walking out from the Hospital.

“Jeongmal gomawo, Jiyeon-ah…”





(Jiyeon’s POV)

Aigoo… these books are very heavy. How could them to make me bring all this to the library by myself. Yea yea.. I know that im a prefect, but it doesn’t mean that they can use me. Huh.. napeun chingudeul!


“Aish jinjja!!” I sigh heavily as im watching those books scattered on the floor. I bend down and pick those books.

“Let me help you, sunbae.” Said someone from behind my back.

I look up to see that person.

“Jemi-ah…” That’s Jemi, Song Jemi. She’s my hoobae and also my old neighbor before I moved out.

She helps me to pick those books and she even helps me to bring some of the books to the library. We walk side by side as we’re talking to each other.

“Umm.. sunbae..” She calls me with a low tone, almost like a whisper.


“Hmm… I see that.. hmm you’re really close with BEAST now, especially with Hyunseung sunbae. So, I was thinking that maybe you have a special relationship with him?” Said Jemi to me while she bows her head.

“Me and Hyunseung?? Yeah.. how can you think like that? We’re just friends ok. Nothing more… Beside, I already had a boyfriend now.” I answer her.

Suddenly, her face looks really happy after she heard my answer.

Hmm.. Kinda weird, huh?

“Jeongmalyo sunbae?” She asks with a cheerful tone.

“Ne.” I smile to her.

“Kekeke… I was thinking that you’re dating with him. Aigoo.. im such a babo.” Said her again while she’s still smiling happily. It makes me getting more curious.

“Hmm… I smell something fishy here.. I think she likes Hyunseung.”

(Jiyeon’s POV End)






(Kikwang’s POV)

“Ya! Ireona!!! Palli ireona!!”

Aish jinjja!! Who dares to disturb my sleep!

I immediately open my eyes and want to teach that person a lesson to DO NOT DISTURB MY SLEEP EVER AGAIN! But…



Jiyeon hit my forehead with her dictionary. Do you hear me? Her DICTIONARY! Aish.. I guess it would leave bruises on it.

“Aish Jiyeon-ah.. what’s your problem? Didn’t you see that I was sleeping?”

“Ne, of course I saw it. Im not blind, you know.” Said her again.

“Neo jinjja! If you knew, what did you still wake me up, huh? Im still sleepy.”

“Where’s the others?” Asked her again, ignoring my question to her.

“Junhyung is still in hospital, to accompany his sister. But I don’t know about the others.” I answer lazily.

“Wae?” I ask her again.

Just like before. She’s ignoring my question to her, instead she pulls my hand. Doesn’t she know that hurts my hand??
Huh… what a strong girl!

She keeps pulling my hand. “Ya Park Jiyeon! Where are we going now?”

“Just shut up ok! You will find it later.” She answers me without looking at me.








“Ya! Don’t scream near my ear, I still need them, babo!” Said Jiyeon.

You must be wondering why did I scream like a crazy person just now. That’s because of this library. Ok, let me make it up clear for ya…

I screamed because of this MESSY LIBRARY!!

“What the hell was happening in this place?” I ask to Jiyeon while im looking around. This place is totally messy. Books are scattered around the floor.. and not to forget about the dust!

“Well… as you can see. This place is totally messy. There was a little bit accident in this place.” Said Jiyeon to me.


Im still standing there, don’t know what I have to do. Jiyeon begins to pick those books and put them on the bookshelf. She turns her head, when she realizes that im still standing there, watching her.

“Ya, what are you waiting for? An invitation?” Asked her.

“Mwo? I don’t get it. What are we actually doing here?”

“Cant you see it by yourself what im doing now?”

Ok, don’t tell me that I need to…

“Yup! Let’s clean this room!” Jiyeon smile widely to me as she’s picking up the books.


(Kikwang’s POV End)







“Let’s break up!”

Boram’s smile immediately vanished from her beautiful face. She looked at her boyfriend, or should we call now, her EX-boyfriend with a disbelief face.

“Oppa… waeyo? Did I do something wrong to you?” Asked her as she tried to holding back her tears.

“Mianhe… but I think it’s over now.”

Her tears began to fall from her eyes, she immediately wiped it while she was bowing her head. She’s too afraid to looked at her boyfriend. It was just too much for her…

“Mianhe…” That was all he could say to her.

“Oppa, please answer this question. There’s anyone else?”

“Ne?” He seemed surprise to heard Boram’s question.

“Is it because of that girl? The one that I met in Siwon’s oppa party?”


“Mianhe…” He finally said.

“I take it as a yes oppa..” sobbed Boram. It really hurted her, when she knew that her boyfriend already had another girl. It really hurted her until she found it hard to breath.






Boram walked weakly with no direction. She just walked and walked… hoping to find a better place to hide.

She felt crushed…

She felt sad…

She still couldn’t believe about what just happened between her and her boyfriend. She kept praying to god that all this was just a dream…

…a very bad dream.

And she hoped that everything will be back to normal again when she opens her eyes in the next morning.

“Donghae oppa… saranghae…” Boram mumbled while walking.

She wanted to across the street. But she didn’t know that there was a truck that moving really fast near her. Her mind was still busy thinking about Donghae, about how they were felt really happy around each other.


She crossed the street….

“WATCH OUT!!!” People screamed at her, they tried to warned her.






-To Be Continued-



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