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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 12)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship

Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA
– Lee Donghae




“Are serious that you dont wanna go with us?” asked Jiyoung to her bestfriend Jiyeon as they’re walking to the school’s gate.

“Ne.. I dont want to disturb you and Minho oppa, beside i have a plan.” answered Jiyeon to Jiyoung.

“Yaa, just say that you’re too lazy to join with us and prefer to go out with Donghae oppa.” said Jiyoung as she’s looking at her bestfriend.

Jiyeon seems surprised “How did you know that i’ll go out with Donghae oppa?” asked Jiyeon curiously.

“Hhaha.. that’s a secret.” answered Jiyoung while she’s laughing.

“Hey! That’s your charming prince.” said Jiyoung again as she’s pointing to Donghae.

Jiyeon look at the gate, and a beautiful smile appears from her lips as she’s looking at Donghae who’s standing infront of the gate.

“Donghae oppa.” She said cheeful to Donghae while she’s smiling to him.

“Im sorry for make you waiting.” added her again.

“Gwenchana.” said Donghae as he’s smiling to Jiyeon.

“Annyeong oppa!” greeted Jiyoung to Donghae.

“Ah ne, Annyeong!”

“Shall we go now oppa?!” asked Jiyeon.

“Sure, How about you Jiyoung? Do you wanna join with us?” asked Donghae kindly.

“Sounds great. But I already had another plan. Maybe next time.”

“Ok then, See you again Jiyoung!” said Donghae as he’s walking with Jiyeon.

“See ya later chingu!” said Jiyeon to Jiyoung.

“Ne..” answered Jiyoung.



(Jiyoung’s POV)

Seeing Jiyeon being happy like this also make me feel happy. I was worried about Jiyeon, because since she canceled the engagement she was always upset and became a very silent person. It wasn’t like her. But finally she’s back now, since Donghae oppa came to her life.

I think Jiyeon and Donghae oppa are match for each other. Beside that, Donghae oppa can always makes Jiyeon happy not like Kyuhyun oppa.

“Sorry im late!” said Minho oppa to me.

“Gwenchana, it’s not that late.” i replied as im walking closer to him.

“Where’s Jiyeon? Doesn’t she want to join with us?” Asked Minho oppa to he as we’re walking toward his car.

“Anii, she going out with Donghae oppa.”

“Again?” asked Minho.

“Ne, waeyo?”

“I think they’re getting closer every single day. Do you think so?” asked Minho oppa with a curious face.

“I think so. But i like it! I think they look good together.” i said to Minho oppa as im facing him.

“Yeah you’re right! I just wanna see my little sister happy. That’s all.” said Minho oppa again.

Minho oppa such a nice brother. I wonder what is it like to have a big brother like him. Hah.. Jiyeon is so lucky to have a big brother like him. I said to myself as im smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” asked Minho oppa suddenly to me.

“Anii..” i answered with a nervous tone.

(Jiyoung’s POV End)




Kyuhyun and Donghae are doing they’re project together in Kyuhyun’s room. Kyuhyun really wants to ask Donghae about his relationship with Jiyeon. But Kyuhyun doesn’t dare to do it.

But he keeps thinking about that, like all the time. And finally, he tries to ask Donghae.

“I see you and Jiyeon are getting closer these days.” Kyuhyun said to Donghae, pretending that he doesn’t care about it at all.

“Wae? Don’t tell me that you’re jealous.” Donghae said as he’s laughing to Kyuhyun.

“Yaaa! Of course not! I have nothing to do with her anymore.” Kyuhyun said as he’s trying to cover his surprised.

“If you dont care about her anymore, why are you still asking me about her?” asked Donghae again.

“Aiish.. jinjja, Just forget it!” said Kyuhyun while he’s pouting.

Donghae only can laughing to see his bestfriend. He knows that actually Kyuhyun still cares about Jiyeon. And maybe Kyuhyun also feels jealous to Donghae, because he’s getting closer to Jiyeon.

If that’s true, It means Kyuhyun is starting to like Jiyeon right? Donghae asked that to himself.

Then, a plan arose in his mind.



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Kyuhyun-a, what if im starting to like Jiyeon?” asked Donghae with a serious face to me.

“WHAT??!” im totally shocked when i heard that from him.

“As a bestfriend?” i asked him again as im trying to calm myself. I hope that he likes Jiyeon only as a friend.

“Ani, i meant more that just a friend.” said him again.

I dont know why, but i feel pain in my heart.

“Are you okay with that?” asked him again.

Im trying to ignore this pain then finally say “Yes, im okay. Beside she’s not my fiancee anymore.”

It was really hard for me to said that Jiyeon is not my fiancee anymore.

What is wrong with me?! i asked to myself as im touching my chest. I hope this pain will go soon.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





-To Be Continued-


Sorry if this story is not good and there are a lot of typo here. Cause this is actually my first fanfic that i’ve ever made :D
I posted this on Asianfanfics…

So once again, forgive me if you find a lot of mistake in this story ^^



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