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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 7)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun




“Here… drink it!” He gave Boram a cup of tea.

“Ne…  Gomawo…” Thanked Boram to that person.

Boram just looked at her cup without drink it. She still shocked about what just happened just now. She almost died back there.. She couldn’t imagine what will gonna be happen to her if he wasn’t there.

…Yeah her life saver…

“Why don’t you drink it? You don’t like it?” Asked that person again, Boram’s life saver.

“Ne? Ah ani… it taste good.” Boram immediately drank her tea.

“What were you thinking back there? That truck almost hit you.”

Boram just bowed her head. Without she realized tears began to fall from her eyes again. But she immediately wiped it. She didn’t want to cry again… She didn’t want to be weak…

“It’s just… i… I just broke up with my boyfriend. He… he likes another girl.” Said Boram with a weak tone.

That guy just listened to her story without saying anything. Because he knew that right now, all that Boram needed was a good listener.

“Ah mianhe… I shouldn’t tell you about that. Mianhe..” Said Boram to that person.

That person just smiled when he saw Boram reaction, making Boram felt nervous because for the first time in her life since she knew that guy, this is actually the first time for Boram to saw him smiling like that.


“Hmm… ne… gomawo… jeongmal gomawo.. Junhyung-ssi.”






“Yaa Boram-ah… what are you looking for?” Asked Jiyeon to her seatmate, Boram.

Boram turned her head to face Jiyeon. “Ah ani… I wasn’t looking for anyone.”

Actually, Boram was looking for Junhyung. Yeah… since the incident, Boram really admired Junhyung. She thought Junhyung as her life saver. And she also didn’t know why, since that incident, everytime she saw Junhyung she felt something weird deep inside in her heart. It felt like when she was still with Donghae, her ex boyfriend.

…Could it be LOVE??






(Jiyeon POV)

Aish jinjja! Why does he take so long to get here??
I hope he’s gonna be here soon…


Suddenly there’s a black car stops infront of me. Im wondering who’s the person inside that car. Hmm… wait! That car looks familiar for me. It looks like…

“What are you waiting for? Get in the car now!” Said Junhyung.

Yeah… just like I thought before. It looks like Junhyung’s car.

“Hmm… mianhe.. but im waiting for someone now.” I refuse his offers.

“But it’s getting dark. I bet the rain will come soon.” Added him again. And not long after he said that to me, there’s a thunder sound and it follows by very heavy rain.

The rains keeps falling from above the sky, and without waiting for anylonger I immediately get inside Junhyung’s car. Beside, I don’t want to getting wet because of the rains.

And with that, he drives the car…

There’s a silent situation between us while we’re in the car. Ah.. it’s so awkward. I try to find a good topic to talk him.

“Hmm… how is Haneul’s condition? Is she getting better?” I finally ask him that question after thinking a little bit longer.

“Yeah, she’s fine now. She’s really grateful to you when I told her that you helped her. Actually she really wants to meet you and say thanks by herself. But she still needs some rest.”

“Ne, gwencahana.” I say to him while I smile to him.

Suddenly my phone rings, It’s from Kyuhyun oppa and I immediately answer the phone.

“Hello oppa..”

“Jiyeon-ah, im sorry but I can’t pick you up now cause there’s something that I need to do.” Said Kyuhyun oppa to me, I can tell that he really feels sorry because of his voice.

“Ne gwencahana.. I understand. Beside, my friend is driving me home now.”

Oh ne… mianhe Jiyeon-ah.. ok, I need to go now. Talk to you later ok.”

“Ne oppa…”

“Nugu?” Asked Junhyung suddenly to me.

I turn my head to face him. “Hmm…that’s my…”

He cuts my word “You’re boyfriend?” he asks without looking at me.


“Oh..” That’s all he says. I don’t know why, but I can hear that his voice sounded very cynical. Might he Jealous?? Aish jinjja Jiyeon-ah!! That’s imposisble. IMPOSSIBLE…

(Jiyeon’s POV End)







(Hyunseung’s POV)



I immediately run to that voice. When I get there I can see a group of girls are cowering one of their friends. That girls, who is being bully by her friends just sits on the ground while crying. Her clothes is dirty and also wet. I think her friends did that to her.


Gosh! One of her friends slaps her right on her cheek…

“Stop it!” I say to them.

They immediately turn their head, and like I can guess.. They really surprise when they see me here, standing right behind them.


“Leave her alone now!” I say with a cold tone to them.

“Hyunseung oppa, but she…” Said one of the girl, that I know named is Seohyun. She always acts cute and innocent around me. But now I know that she was just acting.

“Didn’t you hear what I said just now?”

Without saying anything, they go away from this place.

I walk closer to that girl and I offering my hand to her. She takes it, and I pull her up.

“Ghamsamnida, sunbae.” She thanks me.

“Ne. Are you okay?”

“Ne..” She says shyly. That’s so cute cause her face is blushing.

“If they do something bad to you again, you have to fight them ok! Don’t let them to do that to you ever again.” I give her an advice.

“Ne, Sunbae.”

When im about to leave, she calls me. “Sunbae…”


“Once again, thank you so much! I don’t know what’s gonna be happen to me if you weren’t here just now. Hmm… and… btw, my name is Jemi, Song Jemi.” She introduces herself.

“Hyunseung.. Jang Hyunseung.”

(Hyunseung POV End)






Jemi was still looking at Hyunseung direction eventhough he was far. She couldn’t help but kept smiling when she remembered that Hyungseung was helped her. She felt so happy until for the first time in her life, she felt really grateful because her friend was bullying her.

“Ah… I think im getting crazy now. Yeah im crazy because of you sunbae..” Said Jemi in her heart.






“Are you sure that she’s the right girl?” Asked that person as he was holding a picture.

“Ne, im pretty sure.”

“Hmm… she’s cute.” Said that person again with a smirk on his face.

“What’s her name?” Asked him again.

“Jiyeon… Park Jiyeon. She’s also a student at Kirin school.” Answered his friends.

“Hmm… such a pretty girl with a pretty name…”

“When will we start the plan?” Asked one of his friend, who was just entered the room.

“As soon as possible…” Answered him with an evil smile on his face.





-To Be Continued-



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