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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 8)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun


(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Yaa! Get me out of here!” I scream with a loud tone. To be honest, im so scared now. How can’t i? Right now im in a strange place. I don’t know where am I and who brought me here. All I can see is the darkness which is fill the room.

My body strapped in the chair, I can’t move at all! It makes me so depressed!

God, please save me..


“Wow our guest is here.” Said someone, I can tell that he’s a guy by hearing his voice. He claps his hand while he walks closer to me.

The lamp finally on…

And now I can see a bunch of guys around me. They’re so tall and big, don’t forget to mention that they totally look scary. But the guy who was talking to me earlier looks so skinny eventhough he’s taller from the others.

“Wow, and seriously.. you look better from in the photo. So pretty…” He praises me while his hand caressing my cheek.

“Yaa! Get me out of here! I don’t have problem with you guys! Please let me go!”

“Maybe you don’t have any problem with us, but your boyfriend does!” Said that guy again.

What does he mean? Why does Kyuhyun oppa have a problem with them?

“My boyfriend?” I ask with a low tone.

“Yup! Junhyung… So you’re here because of him. So, if you want to blame someone because of this, you can blame him.”

“Mworago?! Yaa, I think you misunderstanding! Im not Junhyung’s girlfriend. Im only his friend. So I have nothing to do with this, ara!” I say with a loud tone to them.

But they just laugh when I said that to them.

“You don’t have to pretend, baby.. We all know that you’re his girlfriend. So, that useless!” Said the other guy with a yellow hair.


Kreeek bruuk! The door opens..

“Ya Minho! I already called Junhyung and told him that his girlfriend is here. We just need to find the place to begin our game.”


I just bow my head while hearing their conversation. Huh.. what a bad luck! How can they misunderstand me by being Junhyung’s girlfriend?

Aish jinjja ottohke?!

“Where’s the girl? I haven’t seen her yet.” Said the guy who was just entered the room. I can hear his footstep come closer to me, until it stops right infront of me. I look up slowly, and i….



(Jiyeon’s POV End)


Jemi ran as fast as she could. She didn’t care when people were looking at her with a weird stare. All that she wanted was to go far away from them, Junhyung and Hyuna…

She never felt really hurt like this before…

And now she believes about what people always says, Broken Heart is very PAINFUL!
She couldn’t take it! It’s too much for her..

She couldn’t forget about what happened just now, Junhyung and Hyuna were KISSING!
Should we repeat it again? They were KISSING!!

‘Oppa… how could you? Don’t you know that you’re hurting me now?’

Everything was useless for her..

She loved him since a long time ago, but she always kept it for herself. She’s too afraid to show him the truth, unlike the other girls. She always could watch him from a far, she would laugh when he laugh, she would sad when he sad, and she would feel worry when he’s sick or when he’s in trouble.

She always hoped that someday Hyunseung would see her and they could be together. But now, everything was over!

She knew that she must to give up now! Because everything that she wanted wouldn’t be come true..
If she still survived, it would only make her more suffer..

‘Time to give up now…’ Said Jemi in her heart while tears was still falling from her eyes.




Beast were discussing about Jiyeon. They felt worry about Jiyeon safety and at the same time they felt sorry for her. Jiyeon got into this whole thing just because of them. If only she didn’t know them, everything will never be happen.

Junhyung couldn’t hold his anger anymore. He stood up from his seat, making the other surprised by his sudden action.

“Where are you going?” Asked Doojoon to him.

“Im gonna get Jiyeon.” He answered before he go out from the room.

But Hyunseung immediately grabbed his hand. “Don’t! We need to make a plan.”

“What plan?!” Asked Junhyung with a loud tone.

“Are we waiting until they do something bad to her?!” Asked him again, still with his loud tone.

“Junhyung-ah! You don’t have to mad at him like that. Hyunseung was right! We need to make a plan to save Jiyeon. Just so you know, we’re also feel worry about her. Just like you..” Said Kikwang.

Slowly Junhyung sat back on his seat. He realized that his friends were right. They should make a plan to save Jiyeon. Or else, everything is gonna be useless..

‘Jiyeon-ah.. please be save! Do you know how worry I am now?’ Said Junhyung in his heart.


(Boram’s POV)

“Mworago?! Jiyeon is being kidnapped now?” I can’t help but scream out loud when Yoseob said that to me. No wonder I haven’t seen Jiyeon today, not in the school and not even at her house. Her house was empty when I went there.

“But… but… why?” I ask to Yoseob while I try hard to holding back my tears.

Yoseob bows his head. “Mianhe… it’s all because of us.” Said him.


“They took her just because they think that Jiyeon is Junhyung’s girlfriend. They misunderstand that. We already told them that Jiyeon has nothing to do with us. But they still don’t believe us.”

I touch his shoulder. “Gwenchana.. this isn’t because of you guys and im sure that Jiyeon thinks the same.”

Yoseob looks at me and smiles. “Gomawo..”

I just smile as the response.

“But what should we do to save Jiyeon? Im afraid if they do something bad to her.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Me and the others already made a plan to save her.” Answered Yoseob.

“Huh.. good thing that Jiyeon’s parents aren’t here now, they’re in Japan. Or else, they will freak out when they know that their beloved daughter is being kidnapped.”

(Boram’s POV End)




Jemi looked up to see who had hit her just now. And for her to surprise, it was him. HYUNSEUNG…
She felt pain in her heart again when she saw him. She remembered when she saw him was kissing with HyunA.

“Mianhe..” Said Hyunseung as he offered his hand to Jemi.

But Jemi didn’t take it. She stood up by herself. Without saying anything she immediately walked away, making Hyunseung confused by her action.

‘What’s wrong with that girl?’ Thought him.

-To Be Continued-


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