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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 14)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship


Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA
– Lee Donghae



(Jiyeon’s POV)

Seriously, im really happy today. Donghae oppa asked me to go to the Amusement park. It’s been a long time since the last time i came here. We had such a great time together.

And now, we’re in the middle of the amusement park to see the fireworks show.

“Omo..It’s so beautiful.” i said happily as im looking at the fireworks.

“Ne.” said Donghae oppa with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, Donghae oppa holds my hand. Im so surprise by his treatment and my heart starts to beating faster.


Now, we’re on the way to the parking lot. But instead of heading the parking lot, he takes me to a nearby park.

“Oppa.. Why did you take me here?” i asked him curiously.

Instead of answer my question, he holds my hand tightly and keeps walking.

But then, he suddenly stops and says “Jiyeon-a.. i got something to tell you.”

“What’s that? Just tell me.” I said to him as im looking at his face. Suddenly i feel so nervous when he’s looking at me like this.

“I…I..” he didn’t continue his word.

“You what oppa?” i asked him again with a curious tone.

Donghae oppa still looking at me and then, suddenly he kisses my hands softly.

Im totally speechless now! I didn’t expect that he’s gonna did that to me.

He grabs both of my cheeks gently and then he’s leaning toward me.

Gosh! Is he gonna steals my first kiss? i said in my heart as im closing my eyes.

Im start to blush when i feel his breath on my face. I think my heart is gonna explode now.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

God! What the hell is he doing now? i asked angrily to myself when i see Donghae is about to kiss Jiyeon.

Without thinking twice, I walk toward them and then i pull Jiyeon from Donghae. After that I punch Donghae right on his face.

“OPPAA..” shouted Jiyeon as she’s trying to help Donghae. But i hold her hands tightly, dont want to let go of her.

“Stay here!” i said while looking at her sharply. Im so mad right now, and i think punch Donghae right on his face is still not enough.

“But oppa..”

“I SAID STAY HERE!” i said loudly to Jiyeon.

Jiyeon seems shocks because i never talked to her like that before.

“What was that for?” asked Donghae casually as he’s walking closer to me and Jiyeon.

“I should be the one who ask you!” i said with a loud tone to him.

“What did you do to Jiyeon huh? You wanted to kiss her right?” i said again while looking at Donghae sharply.

“That’s none of your business.” answered Donghae with a smirk on his face.

“Of course that’s my business.”

“Did you forget? or should i make you remember that YOU’RE NOT HER FIANCEE ANYMORE? said Donghae loudly to me.

I feel like there’s a knife stab my heart.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



Hhaha.. I gotcha Cho Kyuhyun! I know that you still like and care about her. said Donghae happily in his heart.

“Now you remember Cho Kyuhyun?” asked Donghae again. He’s trying to make Kyuhyun more emotion.

Jiyeon just looking at them without saying anything. She’s too shock and confused.

“She’s not your fiancee anymore and beside you never love her. So, i think it’s ok for me to take her away from you.” said Donghae with a smirk on his face.

“I know you don’t love her. You just want to play with her, aren’t you? Said Kyuhyun as he’s holding himself to not punch Donghae again.

“I do love her.” answered Donghae as he’s walking toward Jiyeon and then pulling her hands.

When Donghae and Jiyeon are about to go, Suddenly Kyuhyun holds Jiyeon’s other hand.

“Let her go!” said Donghae.

“No, i won’t” answered Kyuhyun while he’s still holding Jiyeon’s hand.

“Yaa!! I said let her go! Why are you being like this? You dont even love her.” said Donghae as he’s looking at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun frowned for awhile after Donghae said that to him. He also doesn’t know why is he being like this. He just knows that he doesn’t like to see Jiyeon with Donghae or another man except him.

Kyuhyun let go of Jiyeon’s hand slowly.

Do i really love her? He asked that to himself as he’s watching Jiyeon walk away with Donghae.



(Jiyeon’s POV)

God! What is happening right now?? I have no idea about that. I said to myself as i’m walking with Donghae oppa.

Does he like me? i asked again to myself.

Aiish.. This whole things is totally drives me crazy.



I stop immediately when i heard that and then turn my body.

I see him, I mean Kyuhyun.. he’s walking toward me now.

“Saranghae Jiyeon-a.. Jeongmal saranghae” said Kyuhyun oppa as he’s holding my hands tightly.

Did he really say that??

He loves me??

Im speechless now.. I still can’t believe about what did he say to me just now. It feels like a dream to me. A very sweet dream..

God, if im dreaming right now please dont wake me up! I said it in my heart.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)



-To Be Continued-




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