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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 9)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun


(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Here, eat this!”

“Ya chicken nerd, neo baboya? Can’t you see this?” I say to him as im showing him my hand which is being tied.

“Don’t call me like that ever again! Im Onew. Remember that! ONEW not CHICKEN NERD!” Said him to me.

Ok, you guys must be wondering about the relationship between me and Chicken nerd, or I should call him ONEW. Actually he’s my classmate when we were still in Junior High. He loves chicken a lot! And also he was a nerd back there, that’s why people used to call him “THE CHICKEN NERD”.

I didn’t expect that I will meet him in this kind of situation. Especially when I knew that he’s a part of gangster called SHINee now. It just… unbelievable!!

“Huh, I think I don’t have any choice now.” He begins to untied my hand.

“Finally… Aigoo.. my hands hurt.” I touch my hands slowly, seriously it’s so hurt!

“Onew, I think you guys misunderstanding about me.” I say to him. I hope he will believe me if I say the truth to him.

“What is it about?” Asked him as he looks at me.

“Im not Junhyung’s girlfriend! Im just he’s classmate, that’s all!”


“Jebaal… you have to trust me, Onew-ssi…”

“But… according to one of my friends, you’re Junhyung’s girlfriend…
…Aish jinjja!!”

Huh, just like I guess before.


‘God, what am I suppose to do now?’

When im about to talk to Onew again, the door is open.. and it’s him again, The Tall Guy. I don’t know his name, but I can tell that he’s the leader of this gangster cause everyone seems to really respect him and also afraid of him at the same time.

“Annyeong, honey..” He greets me with a smile on his face. Gosh! Really.. I really want to punch him right on his face.

“Ready for the game?” Asked him to me while he touch my hair and smell it.

Aigoo… what’s gonna be happen now??’

(Jiyeon’s POV END)






(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Once again… Jiyeon’s number isn’t active. What’s actually happen to her now? Doesn’t she know that im worry about her?

I try to call her since yesterday, but she didn’t pick up her phone. And now.. her number isn’t active. Seriously, im so worry about her. Im afraid if something bad happen to her. I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about her.

I feel like…

…she’s in danger now…



I decided to go to her school. I miss her so much..
While im waiting for her infront of the school gate, I see her friend, Boram. I immediately call her. I can see that Boram looks surprise when she sees me..

“Annyeong Kyuhyun oppa..”

“Annyeong Boram-ah. Jiyeon oddiseo?” I ask to her. It’s weird that I dont see Jiyeon now, usually she always with Boram. They always together, almost like a twins. But now, Boram just alone without Jiyeon.

“A….a…. Jiyeon-ah… she’s…”

DEG! I don’t know why but I can feel that something bad is happening to Jiyeon now.

God… please.. please…’

“Jiyeon is……..”


(Kyuhyun’s POV End)






Jiyeon could only stare at them in fear, they looked so scary tonight. She felt relief to know that Beast’s members were there to save her. She thought that they must be didn’t care about her especially Junhyung, but now she knew that she was wrong.

Cause the fact is…

They’re here.. to save her…

“Minho, let her go! She has nothing to do with our business.” Said Junhyung to the tall guy named Minho.

“Hhaha… do you think that I trust you? Of course she has something to do with this, especially because she’s your girlfriend.” Answered Minho again with an evil smile on his face.

“We don’t want any fight here. So you better let her go and this is gonna be over soon.” Said Doojoon.

Minho and the rest of his friends just laughed loudly. “Wow, did I really hear that from the leader of Beast? You guys don’t want any fight? Hahaha… that’s so silly.” Said Minho while he was still laughing.

“Not so fast dude!” Added the yellow hair guy, his named is Jonghyun.

“Ok, let’s not wasting more time again…” Said Minho.

And with that…

They began to fight…

Jiyeon was only can close her eyes. She’s too afraid to see what’s happening infront of her eyes.

‘God, please make them stop..’ Begged Jiyeon in her heart.






Jiyeon cried loudly when she saw Junhyung was bleeding. Blood started to come out from his head and also his nose and so were the other Beast’s members, they were injured.

Yoseob ran to Jiyeon and he pulled Jiyeon’s hand.

“Kajja! We have to get out of here..” Said Yoseob as he grabbed Jiyeon’s hand.

“But… what about the others?” Jiyeon sobbed.

“They’ll be fine.”


“No but Jiyeon! It’s Junhyung’s order, he wants me to take you from here.” Said Yoseob.

Yoseob and Jiyeon ran as fast as they could from that place. Yoseob kept holding Jiyeon’s hand while they were walking, he didn’t want to let it go even just for a second. While they were running Jiyeon’s mind kept thinking about the rest of Beast members especially Junhyung.

God, please I beg you… please… protect them, let them save. Please…’ Jiyeon kept praying in her heart. She didn’t know what will happen to her if something bad happen to them. She maybe gonna blame herself if something bad happen to them.






(Jiyeon’s POV)


“Yeonnie-ah…” Kyuhyun oppa ran to me and he hugs me tightly, not wanting to let me go.

I hug him back while im crying. “Oppa…”

Kyuhyun oppa kisses my forehead and then he hugs me again.

“Neo gwenchana? Nothing hurts, right?” He asks me with a worry tone.

“Ne, oppa.. nan.. nan gwenchana.”

Kyuhyun oppa wipes my tears and he kisses both of my eyes. “Im so worry about you.” Said Kyuhyun oppa while he touches my face.

Suddenly, Yoseob’s phone ring. Yeah I almost forgot that he’s still here, im too happy to meet Kyuhyun oppa again.

“Doojoon-ah, neo gwenchana?”

It’s Doojoon! I hope they all are fine, I don’t want if something bad happen to them.

“Mworago??! Ne, arasso…” Yoseob hang up his phone. I can see that his face turns to sad after that phone. What’s actually happen??

He walks closer to me slowly. “Jiyeon-ah… Junhyung, He….”


‘Please… please say that just a joke! Jebaal… It can’t be happen to him…’





-To Be Continued-




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