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Engaged ?? Oh No …!!! (Part 15)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship


Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA
– Lee Donghae





“Really?! So, what did you answer to him?” asked Jiyoung curiously to Jiyeon.

“Hmm.. actually, i didn’t say anything to him.” answered Jiyeon.

“MWO?? Yaaa! Are you dumb or something? That was your biggest dream right?” asked Jiyoung again as she’s looking at Jiyeon.

“I was too shocked! Beside, he said that i could still think about it before i answer him.” said Jiyeon again.

“You’ll gonna say yes right?”

“Molla..” answered Jiyeon with a low tone.

Jiyoung seems suprise about Jiyeon’s answered.

“Waeyo? You seem not sure about it.” asked Jiyoung again.

“Im thinking about YoonA. You know right, that she still has a relationship with Kyuhyun oppa. And i dont wanna be like the third person in their relationship.” answered Jiyeon with a sad face.

“Just ask Kyuhyun oppa to break up with her!”

“Yaa! I can’t do that. I mean.. That’s so cruel you know.”

“But you still love Kyuhyun oppa right?”

“Of course i still love him. My feeling toward him is never change.” said Jiyeon as she’s walking to her window then she look at the view outside the window.



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Aiiissh.. I was being fooled by Donghae. He just likes Jiyeon as a chingu and dongsaeng. He did all those stuff to make me Jealous. But im glad, he did that. Because of him, i could realize my true feeling to Jiyeon.

Jiyeon seemed so confused about what happened last night. That’s why i gave her times to think about it first before she answers my question. But i hope that she will say yes. And her feeling toward me is never change.

Beside Jiyeon, there’s something important that i should finish. And that is…

“Oppa.. I miss you.” said YoonA when she entered my living room.

Yup! That’s YoonA!

“Na..Nado YoonA.” i said awkwardly to her.

Im confused right now. How am i suppose to tell her about this? i asked frustratedly to myself.

“Waeyo oppa? There’s something bothering you?” asked YoonA as she’s sitting on the sofa next to me.


“Well, Ok then.” she said with a smiles on her face.

“Oppa, my parents want to meet you.” said her again while she’s holding my hand.

Gosh! Ottohke? What am i suppose to do now? Should i just tell her now?

Aiish.. These hole things is totally drives  me crazy.

“Oppa..” said YoonA with a spoiled tone to me.

“Ah ne?”

“You can meet my parents right?” asked her again.

“Ehmm, I dont know. Im a little bit busy these days.” I lied to her.

I could see her expression changed after i said that to her.

“Mianhe YoonA.” i said to her as im looking at her.

“Gwenchana.” answered her with a dissappointed face.

Jeongmal mianhe YoonA. I know that i shouldn’t do this to you. i said in my heart

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Kyuhyun oppa!” i said with a surprise tone, when i see him standing in front of my school’s gate.

“Have a nice time.” whispered Jiyoung with a smiles face to me, as she walk away.

“What are you doing here oppa?” i asked to him.

Ah You’re so babo Jiyeon-a! Of course he wants to know your answer. That’s why he’s here. i said it in my heart.

“Dont worry! I will not ask about your answer. I told you that i want you to think about it first.” said Kyuhyun oppa as he’s smiling to me.

Gosh! How did he know it? Did he read my mind?

“I want to have a lunch with you.” he said to me while he’s pulling my hand.




“Kyuhyun oppa, may i ask you something?” i asked to him politely.


“Have you broken up with YoonA?” i asked with a low tone.

He stops eating and then looking at me, who’s sitting right in front of him.

“I haven’t.. Mianhe..” answered Kyuhyun oppa.

“Oh, it’s ok!” I’m trying to give him smile. Honestly, im a little bit dissappointed when he said that he didn’t break up with YoonA yet. But i understand that he’s in a difficult situation now.

“Mianhe. I know you must be really dissappointed with me now. But i just want to tell her in the right time. And i promise to you that im gonna tell her about this soon.” said Kyuhyun oppa again.

“Gwenchana oppa. I understand that you’re in a difficult situation now.” i said to him as im smiling.

(Jiyeon’s POV End)



Without Kyuhyun and Jiyeon realize, YoonA is there too. She’s sitting not so far from Jiyeon and Kyuhyun.

“YoonA, is that Kyuhyun oppa?” asked Yuri who notice about it first to YoonA.

Then, YoonA turns her head. She’s so shocked when she sees Kyuhyun with Jiyeon.

“Who is that girl?” asked Yuri again curiously.

Without answer Yuri’s questions, YoonA walk closer to Kyuhyun and Jiyeon. She’s very jealous and mad now, she doesn’t like to see them together.

“YoonA!” called Yuri, but YoonA doesn’t care and keeps walking.

“What are you guys doing? Why are you here with her oppa?” asked YoonA with a sharp tone.

She looks so mad and upset at the same time. She needs Kyuhyun’s explanation right now!

“YoonA..” said Kyuhyun with a surprised tone. He didn’t expect to meet YoonA in this kind of situation.

Aigoo.. Ottohke? asked Kyuhyun frustratedly to himself.





-To Be Continued-



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