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The Pain (Part 4)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Friendship, Romance, Sad Romance, Drama
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon (Choi Seyeon)
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun



“YoonA-ya… Saranghae…”
“…Nado saranghae oppa…”


Siwon couldn’t hide his surprise when he got home and he found that his sister, Seyeon, was unconscious. He asked to his father about what happened. Mr.Choi explained everything to him, but of course it was just a lie. He decided to not tell his son about the truth, he was waiting for the right time. And he thought, that wasn’t the right time for Siwon to know the truth.

“Don’t worry, Siwon-ah! Seyeon is fine now. She’s just tired, that’s all!” Mr.Choi tried to make sure his son.

“But, why does she have some bruise on her body and face?” Siwon asked as he looked at his father, waiting for the answer. Mr Choi seemed a little bit nervous after Siwon asked that to him.

“Ehmm… that… that was because she fell onto the floor.” Siwon looked at his father with a suspicious stare, making Mr Choi more nervous.


“Ne. Hmm… I’ll leave you here with her, I have to go for a while. Call me when your sister awake, ok!” Mr.Choi kissed Seyeon’s forehead before he leave the room.

Siwon sat on the edge of Seyeon’s bed. He stroked his sister hair softly and then he kissed Seyeon’s forehead. Seyeon looked tired, really tired.





(Seyeon’s POV)

The lights entering my eyes, it makes me close my eyes immediately because of glare. I feel dizzy and my whole body feel pain. I turn my head to see the window right beside my bed. It’s dark already.

‘How long I’ve been slept?’ I ask to myself.

Slowly, I come down from my bed and walk slowly to the door. So quiet… I wonder where everyone is. As I walk, I feel more pain on my whole body. I put my hand on the wall to help me stand, because if I’m not I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna fall onto the floor.


Great! Now my nose is bleeding. What else??

“Hey, why are you here? You should be on your bed now.” Someone say behind my back as that person carrying me like a bridal style. From hearing his voice,
I know that he’s Siwon oppa, my beloved brother.

“Oppa, I’m dizzy…” I say with a weak tone. I keep holding my nose because the blood won’t stop.


“Ne, Seyeon-ah. I’m bringing you to your room now so you can rest.”


Siwon oppa put me on my bed and then he’s searching something on my table, maybe a tissue to wipe my blood. As soon as he finds the tissue, he walks to me and sits beside me on the bed. He wipes my blood with the tissue.

“You shouldn’t walk around like that. You’re still weak, jagii.”

“Ara oppa..”

“Are you going to sleep here tonight?” I ask to Siwon oppa.

He looks at me and smile, showing me his dimple. “Ne. I’m going to stay here for 2 days. Because Soo Man ahjussi gave us break for 2 days.”

“Glad to hear that. You must be really tired.” I say to Siwon oppa as I look at him. He just smiles to me and continues to wipe my blood again.

‘Oppa… I’m so lucky for having you as my brother.’

(Seyeon’s POV End)






Mr.Choi looked at his wife, Choi Minyoung, who was sitting infront of him. He sighed heavily as he was massaging his head. “Why did you do that to her?
She’s your daughter.” Mr.Choi said.

Minyoung looked at her husband sharply. “She isn’t my daughter! She’s your daughter with that bitch!”


“WAE??? Now you want to mad at me because of that girl?!” Minyoung asked with a loud tone as tears fell down from her eyes. She immediately wiped her tears as soon as it fell down from her eyes. She didn’t want to be weak infront of her husband.

“Seyeon doesn’t know anything. That wasn’t her fault. So I beg you, please… please don’t blame her again. She’s too suffer, Minyoung-ah.”

Mrs.Choi laughed sardonically. She walked closer to her husband. “She deserves it!” She said with a sharp tone before she came out from the room. Mr.Choi could only stare at his wife with a sad stare as he sighed heavily.

‘It’s all my fault. I’m the one who make them suffer like this. Mianhe…’





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I can’t believe that it’s actually happening, YoonA and I are a couple now! I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world. Having YoonA as my girlfriend is like dream come true. I really love her with all of my heart.

I can’t take off my eyes from her. Seeing her it’s like the most important thing to do in my life. Kekeke, such a crazy, right? Yeah I know that!

“Oppa, what are you looking at?” YoonA just came back from the toilet.

“Ani.” I smile at her.

“Is your mother here, oppa?” She asks again. Yeah, we’re in my mother’s café now. I think this place is the best place to go because this place is save for me and YoonA. If we go to another café, I’m sure that people might see us and everyone will know about our relationship which is gonna be trouble for both of us.


“Oppa, we should tell Seyeon about us. I’m sure that she’ll be happy and also surprise.” YoonA says with an excited tone as she’s smiling to me. Ahh.. my girlfriend is so pretty. Almost like a goddess..

“I agree with you! We should tell her. Hmm… how about tomorrow? Super Junior got 2 days break from Soo Man ahjussi. So, I’m free tomorrow.”

“Sure! Sooner is the best.” She smiles to me.

‘Lime Queen, I can’t wait to tell you about this happy news. I’m sure that you’ll be surprised.’

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)






Seyeon was about to came out from the toilet cubicle, when she heard some girls were talking about her. She decided to not come out and heard their conversation. She couldn’t help but feel curious about it.

“Seyeon… ciih, I still can’t believe that she is Siwon’s oppa sister. Siwon from Super Junior!!”

“Ne, me either! She doesn’t look like his dongsaeng. I mean, she’s not even similar with him.”

“Yup, I agree! But YoonA eonnie is different. She’s so pretty and popular, and also she has a lot of similar with Siwon oppa.”

“Seyeon is nothing if we compare her from YoonA. YoonA, she’s so perfect, almost like a goddess. And the most shocking is the fact that Seyeon is close with Kyuhyun oppa. Aish jinjja, I hate it!”

“Ne, me too! YoonA is more better than her. Kyuhyun oppa should be close with YoonA, not with that nerd!”

Seyeon kept listening to her friends conversation. She bit her lips, trying to hold back her tears. She didn’t want to cry or made any sound. She just stood there as she touched her chest. To tell the truth, she really wanted to cry. She felt hurt to heard her friends conversation. She didn’t know it before that a lot of people hated her.

‘Yeah I know… YoonA eonnie is the best. I’m nothing to compare to her. I’m just… I’m just speck of dust…’





Seyeon entered the Café door. She looked around the café to see Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun asked her to came to this café because he said that he had something important to tell her. To be honest, Seyeon felt nervous. When Kyuhyun said to her that he had something important to say, Seyeon’s mind flashed to the day when she heard Kyuhyun’s conversation with Sungmin. The day when he told him that he liked one of Siwon’s sister.

‘Could it be me, the one whom Kyuhyun oppa likes?’ Seyeon couldn’t help but smile when she thought about the possibility.

“Oppa..” Seyeon called Kyuhyun and then she took a seat infront of him. Kyuhyun smiled at her.

“Finally you’re here.”

“Ne, mianhe I’m late.”

“Gwenchana, beside she still isn’t coming yet.” Kyuhyun said, making Seyeon frowned.

“She? There’s someone else?” Seyeon asked curiously.


‘Ahh… so this isn’t about that…’ Seyeon said in her heart. She felt a little bit disappointed.

“So, what will you tell me? It looks like really important.” Seyeon said as she looked at Kyuhyun, waiting for his answer.

“It is important, Lime Queen. But, we have to wait for her first, ok!”


Seyeon and Kyuhyun began to talk about their daily life. It’s like their most important thing to do when they meet each other. Kyuhyun talked about his schedule, show, and some other stuff while Seyeon was listening to him. But Kyuhyun didn’t notice that Seyeon was trying so hard to hold back her feeling to him. She didn’t want to show it to him.

“Ahh, she’s here!” Kyuhyun said.

Seyeon turned her body to see that person. Her eyes grew bigger when she realized who that person was. It was her own sister, YoonA…

“Eonnie…” Seyeon mumbled. She turned her head to see Kyuhyun, while Kyuhyun just smiled at her. Suddenly, Seyeon felt restless.

‘What are they going to tell me?’




-To Be Continued-



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