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Engaged ?? Oh No…!!! (Part 17 – End)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Engaged?? Oh No …!!!
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship


Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Jiyeon
– Kang Jiyoung
– Choi Minho
– Im YoonA
– Lee Donghae



(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Right now, im preparing everything for Jiyeon’s party. I can’t wait to confess again to her.

“Ya, do you think she will loves this?” asked me to Taeyeon as im showing her my present for Jiyeon.

“I think so.” answered Taeyeon as she’s smiling to me.

At first, i was so confused about what should i give to Jiyeon. But luckily, Taeyeon gave me an idea.

“Huh, i think i should go now. I dont wanna be late to come to her party.” I said to Taeyeon while looking at my watch and then, i stand up from the sofa.

“Ok then, good luck Chingu-a!” said Taeyeon as she’s smiling to me.

“Ne, gomawo.”

“I hope everything is gonna be perfect and Jiyeon will accept my feelings to her”. i said it to myself.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



“Aigoo.. uri Jiyeon neomu yeppeo.” said Minho to his lovely sister Jiyeon.

“Gomawo oppa.” answered Jiyeon happily.




The party is going well, Jiyeon feels really happy because on her birthday she gets everything that she ever wanted.

“Jiyeon-a saengil chukkae.” said Sooyoung to Jiyeon.

“Gomawo unnie. Im so glad that you come.” said Jiyeon as she’s smiling to Sooyoung.

“Where’s the other?” asked Sooyoung again.

“Oh, they’re right over there.” answered Jiyeon while she’s pointing her finger to her friends.

“Ok, thanks!” said Sooyoung and then she walks away.

Jiyeon still busy with her party and friends. But suddenly, she realizes that Kyuhyun isn’t comes yet.

“Aiish.. where is he? Does he forget that today is my birthday’s party?” asked Jiyeon in her heart as she’s looking at her watch.

Suddenly the lights in that room were off, it made the room very dark. Not long after that, there was a music playing and then the lights were on again.

Jiyeon feels surprise when she sees someone who’s singing on the stage. And that person is a person who she had been waiting for.

Yeah.. That person is Cho Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun begins to sing.

Omo.. Is it real? I’ve never knew before that he actually can sings.” said Jiyeon to herself.

“Gosh! Kyuhyun oppa is awesome.” said Jiyoung to Jiyeon as she’s looking at Kyuhyun with a smile on her face.

Jiyeon is speechless, she doesn’t know what to say.

Still singing, Kyuhyun walks slowly toward Jiyeon. Everybody is looking at Kyuhyun while he’s walking toward Jiyeon.

“Jiyeon-a… Saranghae. Do you want to be my girlfriend? Anii, i mean do you want to be my fiancee again?” asked Kyuhyun as he’s holding Jiyeon’s hand.

Everyone in that room starts to cheering for both of them.

“Oppa..” said Jiyeon with a nervous tone.

“Jebal Jiyeon-a please accept me. I really love you.” said Kyuhyun again while he’s looking straight to Jiyeon’s eyes.

“Come on Jiyeon-a! Just accept him!” shouted Jiyeon’s friends with a cheerful tone.



(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Omo.. What did he say just now? He wanted me to be his fiancee again?”

Kyuhyun oppa took something from his pocket. It’s a small box with a beautiful ribbon on it.

Im so surprise when i see the object in the small box.

…It’s a beautiful ring with a blue diamond on it.

“Oppa… Mianhe… Mianhe because i can’t refuse you.” i said with a smile on my face.

Kyuhyun oppa smiles and then he hugs me tightly.

“Nado saranghae oppa.” i whispered to him while we’re still hugging.

Everyone is clapping their hands and congrats us.

“Gosh.. Thanks a lot for today! Today is the best birthday ever!!” i said happily to myself.


After the party, Kyuhyun oppa and i are looking at the stars in the balcony right now.

Kyuhyun oppa hugs me from behind while we’re looking at the stars. I can feel his warm body when he hugs me. It feels so good.

“Gomawo for everything Jiyeon-a.” said Kyuhyun oppa as he’s hugging me tightly.

“Ne oppa. Im glad that everything is going well. I hope we can always be like this forever.” i said to Kyuhyun oppa.

Kyuhyun oppa turns my body to face him. And then his face comes closer to mine, slowly i close my eyes. Suddenly i feel something soft pressing my lips.

Kyuhyun oppa kiss me softly and i kiss him back. He pulls my waist closer to his body, while i put both of my arms around his neck.

“Saranghae.” whispered Kyuhyun oppa as he broke the kiss.

“Nado oppa.” i replied while smiling to him.


“Jiyeon-a, there’s someone wants to meet you.” Said my mom to me when she entered my room.

“Who is it mom?” i asked her curiously.

“Mollayo Jiyeon-a. You better meet her now.” answered my mom as she walks out from my room.


I can’t believe about i see now..

“YoonA..” i said almost whispering.

She turns her head then face me. “Mian if im bothering you now.” said YoonA with a low tone.

“Aniyo. Let’s sit YoonA.”

“I came here to say goodbye.” said her again as she’s looking at me.

“Whaat? Goodbye? What do you mean?” i asked her curiously. I totally have no idea about what is she talking abput now.

“I will move to Japan. So, it means today is the last time you see me.” said her again.

“Whaat?? You’re gonna move?” i asked her with a suprise tone.

“Yeah. So, before i leave i want to apologize to you. I realize that i’ve been troubling you. And for now on, i will give up Kyuhyun to be with you. But, you have to promise that you’ll make him happy and be faithful to him.” said YoonA to me.

I can see that she wants to cry, but she’s trying to hold back her tears.

“Ne YoonA, you dont have to worry. I promise to you that i will make him happy and be faithful to him. You can keep my promises.” i said to her while im holding her hands.

“Gomawo Jiyeon-a. And once again, Im really sorry about what i have done to you.” added her again.

“Anii YoonA. I should be the one who say thank you to you. Because you give up Kyuhyun oppa for me.” i said to her and then i hug her.

For me to surprise… YoonA is hugging me back.

“Have you told to Kyuhyun oppa about this?” i asked to her as we’re walking to the door.

“No, i haven’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because i..” before she can finish her sentence, someone cut it out.

“So, you’re gonna leave without say anything to me? Even a goodbye?” said someone to YoonA.

“Kyuhyun oppa..” said YoonA with a surprise tone, when she sees Kyuhyun oppa.

“I know we’re not a couple anymore, but it doesn’t mean that we’re not friends anymore right?” said Kyuhyun oppa as he’s walking closer to YoonA.

“Mianhe.. i just..” said YoonA as she’s bowing her head.

“Anii, dont say sorry! Cause it wasn’t your fault.” said Kyuhyun oppa again.

“Miss YoonA. We have to go now! We’re gonna be late.” said YoonA’s driver to her.

YoonA looks her watch and says “I think it’s time for me to go. Goodbye Kyuhyun oppa.” said YoonA.

Suddenly, Kyuhyun oppa hugs her. “Mianhe YoonA..” said him with a low tone.

“Gwenchana oppa.” replied YoonA as she’s hugging him back.

After that, YoonA says goodbye to me and hugs me.

“Can we be friends?” i asked her after she breaks the hug.

“Sure. We’re chingu now.” said her as she’s smiling to me.

I smile back to her and wave my hand, when her car drive away from my house.

I hold Kyuhyun’s oppa hand as we’re watching at YoonA’s car drive away.

“Is it a dream? I hope not! Im really happy about this. I never expect that everything is gonna be like this. First, Kyuhyun oppa loves me back. Second, Kyuhyun oppa kissed me and he was my first kiss :D. And now, I can be friends with YoonA. These whole things are amazing!! Thank you god!” i said happily in my heart.







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