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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 10)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun




“Junhyung-ah… mianhe… I wish I never came to your life so this wouldn’t be happen.” Jiyeon said to Junhyung who were sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed.

His face full of wounds, he also lost a lot of bloods. Luckily, the doctor said that he’s fine now. He just needed some rest and he will back to normal a few weeks later.

It reminded Jiyeon about her first moment with Beast’s members especially Junhyung, when she caught them fighting without on purpose. And then, they helped her from those bad guys until Junhyung got hurt and he had to stay at the hospital.

…Right now the situation is the same as that day…

Juhyung got hurt because he saved her life.

‘Once again, I made you become like this Junhyung-ah..

…It was all because of me.. Mianhe…’

“Jiyeon-ah, don’t blame yourself! It wasn’t because of you.” Doojoon said with a soft tone as he tapped Jiyeon’s shoulder softly.

Jiyeon wiped her tears. “Ne, arasso… but still.. I can’t stand to see him suffering like now.”

“He’ll be fine, yeon-ah..”

“Now, you better go home and rest, you look so tired.” Added Doojoon again.

Jiyeon nodded as the response. Before she go out from the room, she touched Junhyung’s hand as her face came closer to Junhyung’s.

“Wake up soon, ok..” Jiyeon whispered to Junhyung.







Hyunseung leaned his head on the school’s bench, he felt tired…
He closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep. But then he felt something soft and warm touched his skin face. Hyunseung was about to opened his eyes before he heard a girl voice.


“Can I call you that? Oppa…”

“Im such a babo, huh? I only brave to talking to you in a situation like this. I wonder if you still remember me. You helped me back there… do you remember it?” Said that girl.

That girl was none other than Song Jemi…

Jemi just smiled sadly while she was looking at Hyunseung. She knew that she acted like a stupid person now, talking to someone who’s sleeping. But what could she do with that? This is the only chance for her to talk to him.

“Oppa… saranghae…” Said Jemi again.

Hyunseung froze for a while after he heard Jemi’s confession. His heart started to beating faster than before. It was weird, cause he never felt like that before. This isn’t  the first time for him to hear a love confession from a girl. Usually he would act cool and calm, but this time is different…

…totally different…






(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Jiyeon really worry about Junhyung’s condition and somehow, it makes me a little bit jealous.
Jealous?? Yeah, jealous…

I know that I shouldn’t be like this. Junhyung is become like that because he was saved Jiyeon’s life and I should’ve thank him for that, not being jealous. If he didn’t help her… I don’t know what’s gonna be happen to my Jiyeon.

But I cant deny that im actually Jealous…


“Ne, Yeonnie-ah..”

“There’s something wrong?” Jiyeon asks with a soft tone to me.

“Ani..” I lie to her.

“Jeongmal?” Asks her again to make sure that I don’t lie. I just nod my head as the response and smile at her.

“Ok then, let’s go..” Jiyeon says as she pulls my hand.



Once again, I have to feel jealous. How can’t i? Jiyeon is feeding Junhyung now, right infront of me. All Guys must be jealous when they see their girlfriend is feeding another guy, right? And so am I now…

‘Aish jinjja!! You have to calm down, Kyuhyun-ah..’

“Enough… im full now.” Junhyung says to Jiyeon.

“Ok.. here’s the drink.” Jiyeon gives a glass of water to him.

I just sit here, not knowing what to do..

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)






It has been 3 days since Junhyung in hospital. His condition was getting better each day and Jiyeon would always come to visit him almost everyday, making Kyuhyun felt much jealous.

Jiyeon entered Junhyung’s room, she found that Junhyung was still sleeping peacefully on his bed. She walked closer to Junhyung. Slowly, her hand began to touch Junhyung’s hair.

‘So soft..’ Jiyeon thought.

Her hand was moving, from Junhyung’s hair to Junhyung’s nose. Until it stopped to Junhyung’s lips. Jiyeon realized about what she was doing, and she thought it was wrong…

…really wrong!

Without thinking twice she took her hand away from Junhyung’s face.

“Why did you stop?” Asked someone voice to Jiyeon, making her heart was beating so fast.


Junhyung sat on his bed. He pulled Jiyeon to sit right infront of him.

“I asked you, why did you stop?” Asked him again.

“…………………………………………” Jiyeon didn’t know what she have to say, it felt like there was something stuck in her mouth so she couldn’t speak.

Junhyung grabbed Jiyeon’s hand and held it. He kissed them softly, making Jiyeon surprised by his sudden action. His face came closer to Jiyeon’s face, until they could feel each other’s breath.
And then…

Junhyung kissed her forehead…

Jiyeon immediately realized and she sat up from the bed.

“Why did you do that to me?” Asked Jiyeon still in surprise.

“Of course because I like you. Ani.. I mean I LOVE YOU…” Answered Junhyung as he looked at Jiyeon.

“Ya! Hahaha… stop joking ok!”

Junhyung looked at Jiyeon with a serious face. “Im not trying to make a fun here, im serious. Saranghae Jiyeon-ah..”


“I know that you already had a boyfriend, but… can’t you give me a chance? I can treat you better than him.” Said Junhyung again.

‘God ottohke?? Omo.. I think im going crazy now.’






(Boram’s POV)

Is this real???

I feel like Im gonna crying anytime soon.

I can’t believe about I just saw, Juhyung kissed Jiyeon’s forehead. Gosh!
I hope that was just a dream..

But then Junhyung’s confession makes me realize that it isn’t a dream. It’s REAL…
Junhyung likes Jiyeon!

For the second time, I have to feel something calls “Broken Heart”….
I can’t deny that Im starting to like Junhyung, maybe since he helped me back there. But now seeing him confess about his feeling to Jiyeon makes me realize that I don’t have chance. His heart only for Jiyeon…

I walk away from Junhyung’s room with a broken heart.

How can I forget him??

God, please tell me what to do…!!

(Boram’s POV End)



-To Be Continued-



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