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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 12)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun




The girl was sitting peacefully as she closed her eyes, felt the wind caressing her face. Her long  black hair covering her face because of the wind. She kept closing her eyes, she didn’t realize that there was a guy who was staring at her, admired her face.

She didn’t realize it until the guy made a cough sound.


Jemi immediately open her eyes. She seemed surprise to see Hyunseung, the guy that she liked was sitting not far from her.

“Sorry if Im bothering you.” Said Hyunseung, breaking the silent situation between them.

“Ne, Gwenchana sunbae.” Jemi gave him a small smile.

They stayed quiet. They didn’t know what to talk about, and that situation success to made them felt awkward to each other. Jemi on the other side felt a happy and nervous at the same time. She grasped her hands tightly to control her feelings.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Asked Hyunseung all of sudden, making Jemi’s heart beat faster than before.

“Im not.”

“Yes you are.”

Jemi bowed her head. She was too afraid to even look at him. She could feel that Hyunseung was staring at her, waiting for her anwer. But she acted like she didn’t notice that. Hyunseung sighed heavily.

“I don’t know what did I do to you. But im sorry if I ever did something bad to you.” He said that while he looked at Jemi who was still bowing her head.

“Maybe this sound silly. But…
I feel… I feel bad when you’re doing that to me. I don’t even know why, but I hate it when you’re avoiding me.”

Jemi looked at him with a surprise look. She couldn’t believe about what she just heard from the guy beside her.

‘Jang Hyunseung feels bad when im avoiding him?? He hates it??’

She knew exactly that Hyunseung is a type of cool guy, and also a silent guy. He wasn’t  a person who really cares about everything around him, especially girls.

So, this is like the first time for her to see him care about girl. And what makes her surprise is…
..cause the girl is HER! Just an ordinary girl who named SONG JEMI.

“Please…” Jemi looked at him, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again! I don’t like being avoided by you, arasso!”

“N..ne.. Mianhe sunbae..”

Hyunseung stand up and he offered his hand to Jemi. “Kajja! The bell rang already.”

Jemi took it with a little hesitate. Hyunseung grabbed her hand and hold it while they were walking. He seemed like he don’t want to let go of her hand if Jemi didn’t let go of it first.







(Jiyeon’s POV)

I was reading my novel when suddenly Boram entered my room. To be honest I felt a little bit surprise, because she acts a little bit coldly to me these days and I don’t know why. Really frustrating, huh?!

She smiles to me and sit on my bed, right next to me.

“Boram-ah, im surprise that you’re here.”

“Wae? I think it’s normal, I usually go here, right?” She smiles to me. I sigh in relief to see her acts like this, cause it’s mean that she isn’t mad at me anymore. I decide to ask her about her acted to me back there. Cause it’s really frustrated me. Jeongmal!

“Boram.” “Jiyeon.”

We both speak at the same time. We laugh because of that.

“Ok, you’ll go first.” I say to her.

“Hmm… I heard about your conversation with Junhyung, when you were visiting him in the hospital. He said that he likes you, right? So.. what’s your answer?” Asked her to me.

Wait the minute!! She knew about that??
Gosh! I think I know now why she acted cold to me back there. That was because she was JEALOUS!!
Yeah I think that’s the real reason.

Aigoo neo jeongmal baboya, Jiyeon-ah! How could you don’t notice about your bestfriend’s feeling?’

“Hey, don’t get me wrong, ok! I didn’t mean anything.” Added Boram again as she’s looking at me.

“Aniya.. i.. im just surprise because you knew that. And about my answer, of course I refused him. I already have Kyuhyun oppa you know. And I love him..” I answer her question. Boram just nods when she hears my explanation.

“But.. he seems really like you. Ani.. I think he LOVES you.” Boram press at the word of LOVE, making me feel doubt again.

“Feel doubt, huh?” Asked Boram making me feel surprise. It seems like she can read my mind. How can she knows that?

“I can see from your face that you feel doubt now.” She says again.

Wow she’s great! She knows how to read my mind O.O

Boram takes my hand and hold it tightly. “Just follow what you heart says, ok! And you’ll find the answer.” She smiles to me.

‘Cho Kyuhyun or Yong Junhyung?’

(Jiyeon’s POV End)






“What are you looking for, Boram-ah?” Asked one of Boram’s classmate. Her friend felt curious cause Boram acted like she was looking for someone.

“Hmm, do you know where is Junhyung?”

“MWO?! You’re looking for him?” Asked her friend with a disbelief tone.

“Ne. Wae?”

“Anii.. but that’s weird.”

Boram knew that Junhyung was already out from the hospital and he also came to school today. But she couldn’t find him. Not in the class, and not everywhere. There was only Junhyung’s bag on his desk, but the owner was nowhere to be found!

Ask to Beast members? NOPE! She was too shy to ask them about Junhyung.

Huh, I guess I have to look for him again. But where??? I already searched him everywhere, even in the library eventhough im pretty sure that he wasn’t there. Yeah… everywhere except for…’


Boram immediately ran to the rooftop. Her classmate could only see her running without could ask anything.




“Why are you skipping the class again?” Boram asked Junhyung. She took a place next to Junhyung and sat there.

“Im lazy.”

There was a quiet long silent between them. Boram didn’t know what to talk to Junhyung and so did Junhyung. Boram was busy to searching a good topic for them to talk about. But it seemed useless. She was too nervous.


“Ah you’re here.” Said Kikwang.

“wooah, Boram-ssi??” Said Dongwoon with a disbelief tone. He seemed surprise to see Junhyung together with Boram. He never knew before that they were close to each other.

“I didn’t know before that you guys are close with each other.” Said Dongwoon, while Yoseob just nodded his head, agree with Dongwoon.

“We’re not that close. We were just talking.” Junhyung said with his cold tone.

Boram looked at Junhyung. She felt a little bit sad because of Junhyung’s statement. But then she realized that Junhyung was right! They’re not close with each other. That’s the fact! But somehow she hoped that…

‘Aish jinjja Boram-ah!! Don’t be like this! Just face the truth!’ Said Boram in her heart.

“If Jiyeon knows that you’re skipping a class again, you’re gonna death.” Said Yoseob as he looked at Junhyung. Junhyung seemed don’t care about that.

“Do you realize that you’re also skipping a class now?” Asked Junhyung while he looked at Yoseob. Yoseob eyes grew bigger after he heard that. And it made all of them laughed except for Junhyung. He just smiled like he usual does.

“OMO!! Ottohke?? I still wanna live. I don’t want to die yet!” Yoseob panicked.

“Gwenchana! We’re save for this time. Jiyeon has a school meeting with the other students.” Boram said.

“Ahh… jinjja?!”


“Ah.. it’s been a while since the last time we’re skipping the class.” Said Dongwoon. He stretched out his hand while he closed his eyes. He enjoyed the wind that caressing his face.

“Ne. I miss this a lot. We should do this more often.” Added Kikwang as he followed Dongwoon’s act.

“Yup! And we’re gonna die soon if we do this more often.” Said Doojoon while he laughed.

Boram smiled happily. She didn’t know before that spending time with Beast could be so fun like this. They seemed friendly and also funny. It totally different like they normally act. If they usually were acted cold, bad, and also lazy. But this time she saw something different about them. Something good.

‘I can’t believe that they have this side of them. I though they’re just a bad, lazy, and cold people. Just like they act when they’re around people. But now… they just acts like normal people do.’ Said Boram in her heart as she was looking at them with a smile on her face.







(Junhyung’s POV)

“So, what’s your answer?”

Jiyeon just bows her head, doesn’t dare to look at me. Huh.. I guess I know what’s her answer. She really loves him, doesn’t she? What a lucky guy, Cho Kyuhyun…

Still no sign from her to answer my question. I take a deep breathe and sigh heavily.

“I know… I think I have to stop this. Mianhe for bothering you. I promise that from now on I won’t disturb you again. Just forget about this, ok!” I stroke her hair.

And with that…
I walk away from her. Love… I don’t believe it! There’s no love for people like me. I have to remember it.


I stop when she calls me. I can hear her footstep, looks like she’s walking closer to me now. I still stand there not turning my body to face her. She stops right infront of me. She looks at my eyes and slowly she takes my hand.

“Can I trust you?” She asks me with a low tone.

“Of course you can.”

“Well, it’s just a regular date, nothing more right?” Asks her again.

“Ne. Nothing more… So do you want to?”

She seems hesitate for awhile but then… she answer it by nodding her head. I can’t help but smile. I promise to myself that im gonna make you happy and also…

Im gonna make you MINE!

(Junhyung’s POV End)






(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I touch my chest with my hand. It feels hurt, like there’s a knife stab it. And all of sudden, im thinking about Jiyeon. Is there something bad happening??? I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling. I feel like hard to breath. Gosh! This feeling’s totally killing me.

“Ya, Kyunnie gwenchana?” Asks my friend, Changmin.

“Ne..ne.. nan gwenchana.”

“Something’s hurts?” He asks me again while he’s looking at me. I can see that he feels worry about me.

“Ani..  nan gwenchana. Don’t worry..”

Why do I feel like you’re going to leave me?
Please don’t ever think about it! Don’t leave me, Yeonnie-ah..


(Kyuhyun’s POV END)




-To Be Continued-



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