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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (Part 13)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun



(Boram’s POV)

Jiyeon and Junhyung are getting closer each day. But when I asked to Jiyeon about their relationship, she just said that they aren’t dating yet. Junhyung still gives her time to think about it. Cause honestly Jiyeon is still confused about what should she choose. Is it Kyuhyun or Junhyung…

Huh… why love can be so confusing like this???

“Jiyeon-ah.. How about if we go to the Rainbow café after school? I miss the ice cream.”

Jiyeon seems like she’s thinking now. “Hmm.. mianhe but I already have a plan.” She apologizes to me.

“Ne gwenchana. With Junhyung?” I ask her while im looking at her. She looks at me back and slowly she nods her head.


“Ne, don’t worry.”

Jiyeon smiles at me and I smile to her back. To be honest, I feel jealous to her. Im the one who like Junhyung first but why does Junhyung love her, and not me? I feel like this world is unfair! Jiyeon always gets everything that she wanted. She has Kyuhyun oppa, who really loves her a lot. She’s pretty, smart, and popular. And now… she even gets Junhyung…

What’s next???

(Boram’s POV End)






(Jiyeon’s POV)

“Ani oppa… nan gwenchana. Beside, im with my friend… ne im with Boram. Ne, see you later oppa..” I hang up the phone and put it in my pocket. Ne, that was Kyuhyun oppa. And for the third times I had to lie to him. I know im such a worse person cause im cheating behind my boyfriend back. I feel bad..

‘Kyuhyun oppa, mianhe…’

“Are you ready?” Ask someone behind me. I turn my body and smile back to him as the response. He takes my hand and holds it.

What the hell is happening to me??

Why can I love 2 person at the same time?? Wae??!!







“Mworago??” Almost all of Beast’s members shout, except for Hyunseung, Doojoon, and Junhyung. I think among six of them only Hyunseung, Doojoon, and Junhyung who are mature. The others?? Nope! They’re totally act like little kids, especially Yoseob.

“Yaah Jiyeon-ah, are you joking??” Yoseob asks, still in surprise.

I smile, showing my angelic side. “Nope! None from all of you can go home before you help me to clean the school barn. Understand?!”

“Mwoyaa? Why us?? I have a date with my baby girl you know.” Kikwang says as he’s looking at me with his puppy eyes. Maybe he hopes that I will let him go after I saw his puppy eyes. NO WAY!!

“Why you? Because almost all people in this school already have their own business. Beside this is for our school you know.” I say to him.

Yeah, I actually ask them to help me to clean the school barn. Our school will make a charity event and we need a lot of rooms for that event. That’s why we decided to use this school barn. Beside, this room is still in good condition. All we have to do is just clean it up. Im one of the committee, that’s why I can ask anyone to help me. And this time I choose them, BEAST, to help me.


“No but! This is for charity event, you know.”

“I think this isn’t a big deal. We can go home after we clean that room.” Junhyung says and that makes all of Beast’s members, including me shock! Yong Junhyung wants to help me to clean the school barn??! Wow that’s amazing!

Even Yoseob still open his mouth widely because of surprise. Good thing that Doojoon immediately closes his mouth, or else something will enter into his mouth.

“Wae? Something weird?” Junhyung asks while he’s looking at us.

“Aniyaa. But are you sure? You’re not sick, aren’t you?” Dongwoon puts his hand on Junhyung’s forehead, to check his temperature.

I laugh to see them. But then my phone rings, and it’s from Jemi, my hoobae.

“yoboseyo, Jemi-ya.”

“Ne.. I’ll be there soon. Ne, gomawo.”  I hang up the phone.

“Kajja! My friend is already waiting there.”

“Come on!”

I immediately stop my step when someone said that. And this time isn’t Junhyung, But Hyunseung! He seems really excited. I don’t know why.. Wait..!! Jemi?? Yeah, I think this is because of Jemi. Kekeke… aigoo.. love is really amazing, isn’t it? A guy who is cold as an ice like him can be as warm as a sun.

(Jiyeon’s POV END)





Hyunseung kept looking at Jemi.He couldn’t take his eyes from her. Everything about her is just awesome for him. Her hair, her eyes, her lips, and her smile… He liked everything about her..

“Be careful!” Hyunseung immediately took the table from her. Jemi was about to move the table, but it looked like the table was so heavy. She was about to fall, but luckily Hyunseung caught her.

“Ne, gomawo sunbae.” Thanked Jemi shyly.

Jiyeon looked at them secretly. She smiled when she saw how much Hyunseung care about her friend, Jemi. She also felt happy cause all Beast’s members were helping her to clean the school barn. She didn’t expect that they would do it for her. For the first time they did refuse to help her. But now, they even work harder than Jiyeon.


“Mianhe im late Jiyeon-ah.” Boram ran to Jiyeon as she was gasping for breath.

“Ne gwenchana. Let’s work!” Jiyeon smiled to her.

They worked hard and they were also helping each other. Everyone could see how Jiyeon and Junhyung were so close with each other. They felt like the world was theirs and only them in it.

Little did the know…
They already broke someone’s feeling…
Yeah, it’s none other than Boram. Eventhough she tried to ignore about her feeling and just let them together, she just couldn’t… She felt pain right in her chest, it’s hurting her…

Finally the work was done. Everyone seemed really satisfied with their work.

“Come on, im gonna take you home.” Offered Junhyung as he took Jiyeon’s hand and held it.


“Boram-ah!” Jiyeon called her before she go out from the barn. Boram stopped and turned her body to face Jiyeon. She looked at her with a question look.

“Ne? What’s wrong?”

“Let’s go home together! It’s already night.” Jiyeon said as she looked at Boram. Without thinking Boram immediately refused the offer.

“Wae? It’s already night. Beside our houses are in the same direction.” Said Jiyeon again.

Boram looked at Junhyung, who was standing next to Jiyeon. Jiyeon realized about it and she gave a sign to Junhyung. Seemed like he got what Jiyeon meant, he turned his face to Boram and offered her to go home together.

“Jiyeon is right. Let’s go home together.”

Finally Boram nodded as the response, making Jiyeon smiled happily.






They already dropped Jiyeon on her house. And now, there was only Boram and Junhyung in the car. They just silent, didn’t know what to talking about and they didn’t bother to search for it.

“Neo… do you really like Jiyeon?” Boram asked him. She didn’t know why she asked that to him. It just liked her mouth was moving without her order.

“Ne. I really like her.” Junhyung answered while his eyes were still on the road.

“Don’t worry. Im not gonna hurt her.”

“Ne… I trust you Junhyung-ssi.”




(Jiyeon’s POV)


Junhyung and I are in front of my house now. We just went from a movie. Yeah or I should call it, our date. I cant deny that day by day I feel comfortable around him. But I still can’t decide who will I choose between Kyuhyun oppa or Junhyung.

Ah god, why did you give me this feeling?? It’s so confusing!



“You have to decide! Who will you choose?”Junhyung asks me while he’s looking at me deeply. Oh god! What should I say??

“Hmmm… i…”

“Saranghae.. neomu neomu saranghae..”

Before I can answer him, he kisses my forehead. His kisses come down from my forehead, nose, and last… Lips… his kisses stop on my lips. He crushed my lips soflty and I kiss him back…

His kisses make me feel calm and warm.

And you have to know that…

This is my first kiss…

Shock? Yeah, I never kiss Kyuhyun oppa before. Eventhough that we’re dating, we never had a kiss. We did kiss but only on my forehead, eyes, nose, and cheek. Nothing more than that.

Slowly, we break the kiss. He smiles to me and I smile shyly to him.


I surprise to hear that voice. It’s…
I immediately turn my head and yeah… that’s Kyuhyun oppa! He looks at me with disbelief face. I know that he must be really mad and disappointed at me. Im such a worse person!

He clenched his hands, to hold his anger. He still looks at me, but not with angry stares instead he looks at me with a sad stares. I feel bad! Really bad!
Kyuhyun oppa turns his body and walks away from me. I run to him and hold his hand. Tears starts to fall from my eyes, I feel pain right in my chest. I feel hard to breathe…

“Oppa… Kyuhyun oppa.. mi.. mianhe…” I sob.

Kyuhyun oppa just looking at me without saying anything. And that makes me feel even more hurt. I don’t like this situation! I don’t like if he just stays quiet! I prefer him to mad at me and yell at me than he just quiet like this.


He takes my hand from his hand and releases it. But I hold his hand again, I hold his hand more tight than before. I just don’t want to let it go… I don’t want him to go!

“If you like him… and then go with him. Maybe we’re not destined together…” Kyuhyun oppa says with a low tone.

“Anii oppa… ani… I want you.” I cry while im talking to him. Seriously, im afraid if I have to lose him. Maybe im gonna die if he leaves me.

“You like me but you like him too, Yeonnie-ya. I give you time to decide who will you choose between us. Until that time, I think… it’s gonna be better if… if we don’t meet for awhile.” Kyuhyun oppa releases his hand from my hand and he walks away, leaving me who is crying harder now.

“Kyuhyun oppa…” I cry harder. I never feel as sad as now before. I feel crushed.. I feel like my life has been destroyed..

“Jiyeon-ah..” Junhyung hugs me to make me calm. But it doesn’t make me calm.. it even makes me more hurt and pain…

‘Kyuhyun oppa… please come back to me… I need you…’

(Jiyeon’s POV END)




-To Be Continued-



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