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The Pain (Part 5)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun



‘We’re dating now…’

Just a simple word but success to made Seyeon heart was broken. Seyeon cried loudly in her bathroom. She turned on the shower, so her family couldn’t hear her sobbed.

“A..Appo…” Seyeon was sobbing as she touched her chest. Her heart felt really hurt. She never imagine before, that Kyuhyun and YoonA became a couple. She was disappointed. She felt that the world wasn’t fair to her. Why did she always the one who suffer?

“Why it has to be YoonA eonnie, oppa? Wae??!!”

“Nappeun oppa!”




(YoonA’s POV)

Is it only me or it’s true that Seyeon looked weird when I told her that Kyuhyun oppa and I are dating? She seemed surprise, but… not in a good way, I guess…
She seemed sad…

Huh, I think it’s just my imagination. There is no way that Seyeon would feel sad! Instead of feeling sad, I’m sure that she must be feels happy for Kyuhyun oppa and i.

~Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby~

Ah there’s a message!

I walk to my study table and then take the phone on the table. Smile appears on my face when I see the one who’s send me the message. Kyuhyun oppa…

YoonA-ya, do you have a plan for today?
I want to ask you out…

Omo! Kyuhyun oppa wants to ask me out! 😀

(YoonA’s POV End)







“Gwenchana?” Siwon asked as he looked at Seyeon, waiting for her answer. While Seyeon just smiled widely to made Siwon sure that she was fine. But Siwon wasn’t a type of person who could easily be fooled. He knew that there was something wrong with Seyeon.

“OK, just tell me!”

“Ani oppa…”


“Huh… ok, I give up! You know that I can’t lie to you, right?”

“Yup! So, what’s wrong?” He asked again.

“Ehmm… it’s just that I have a little problem in my school.”

“Ok, go on!”

“I like this guy since a long time ago. But, I just keep it to myself. No one knows about it, because I can easily cover my feelings to him. But now… I know that he’s dating my friend. I just…”

Siwon hugged his sister to comfort her, while Seyeon was trying so hard to not to cry. Remembering about the story, is only gonna make her heart even more hurt.

“Don’t be sad, ara! I’m sure that someday you’ll find someone better than him.” Siwon said while he was still hugging Seyeon. Seyeon nodded her head slowly.

‘But, I don’t think that I’m able to forget him, oppa…’





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

That’s all I can describe for the girl who’s sitting infront of me, YoonA. I’m glad that I can make her to be mine. I swear to god that I’ll always love her, protect her, and always be by her side.

“Wae oppa? You don’t like your food?” YoonA asks to me. I can see that she’s worry about me. Gosh! She’s so beautiful.

I smile to her. “Ani. I’ll eat now.”

“Here! You should eat more oppa! You look so skinny these days.” YoonA put some meat on my plate. I thank her and start to eat.

I look at her who is eating some vegetable. She seems really enjoy it, and seriously it makes me wonder. Yeah, I wonder why does people love to eat that horrible food? Perhaps it taste awful! I’m not kdding! Vegetable is awful!

“Ya YoonA.”


“Why do you like to eat that awful food?” I ask to her. YoonA laughs loudly when I say that vegetable is awful. I look at her with a weird face. What so funny?

“Hahaha… this isn’t awful, oppa… it’s healthy. And it’s really good for your body, especially for your skin and face. Look at your skin! It’s so pale, almost like a zombie. Ah and also your face, full of pimple. Hahaha…”

“Ya! Don’t mention that!”

“Hahaha… mianhe, but that’s the truth, oppa.”

“Aish jinjja!”

YoonA moved from her seat and sits next to me. She pinched my cheek softly. “Oppa, don’t be mad. I was just kidding.”

“Oppa…” YoonA calls me with her spoiled tone. Ah… she knows exactly that I can’t resist her aegyo.

“I’m not mad ok!”

“Ah jeongmal?”


“Prove it!” She says to me.

I think for a while. Hmm… what should I do to her? And bang! I got an idea! Without I can control, my evil smile appears on my face. YoonA looks at me with a weird stare. She’s about to say something to me before i…


“Oppa!!” YoonA yells while she’s touching her cheek. Hahaha, I think that was the best way to prove that I’m not mad at her.

“Wae? You don’t like your boyfriend kissed you?”

“Ani… it’s just..” YoonA face starts to blushing.

“I think I know what’s the answer by looking at your face.” I tease her. YoonA immediately covers her face with both of her hands. I love her even more when she’s blushing like this…

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





(Seyeon’s POV)


“I want her to move from this house! I don’t want to looking at her face anymore. It makes me sick whenever I see her.”

“You can’t do that to her! She’s my daughter. And I won’t ever do that! She deserves to live here with us, because she’s the part of our family. She’s our daughter.”

For once again I have to see my parents are fighting. And it’s all because of me…
I’m a troublemaker for this family…

‘Eomma, what should I do? Why did you leave me here with them, if I’m only gonna be a trouble for them?’

“She’s maybe your daughter, but she isn’t my daughter!”

That’s what I feel when I hear my mom said something like that about me. I don’t know what should I do now. Should I leave? But, if that will make them happy, then I’ll do it… I’ll leave…

“Eomma, what did you mean by saying that Seyeon isn’t your daughter?!”


“Eomma appa… please answer me! What is actually happening with us?!!”

(Seyeon’s POV End)



-To Be Continued-



Just a simple girl who loves music, food and blue sky

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