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When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl (part 15 – Final)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : When Bad Boys Meet Good Girl
Type      : Chapters
Genre    : Friendship, Comedy, Romance

Cast :
– Park Jiyeon
– Yong Junhyung
– Jeon Boram
– Cho Kyuhyun



“Geumanhe… she won’t come!”

“She will come.”

“Junhyung-ah! Jebal… please don’t be like this! You must be know that she won’t come, right? Don’t you waste your time here!”

Junhyung looked at that person sharply. He didn’t like when someone meddle in his business. He also hate the fact that the person was right.
Jiyeon won’t come… He knew it at first that Jiyeon won’t come, but he kept telling himself that Jiyeon would come.

“Junhyung.” That person pulled Junhyung’s hand.

“Just go! I don’t need you, Boram-ssi! Just because we’re friend, it doesn’t mean that you can meddle in my business. Now go!” Junhyung said with a cold tone. Slowly, Boram let go Junhyung’s hand. She looked at him with a sad face.

“Why don’t you look at me just for once?” Boram mumbled.

Junhyung walked away from her. He didn’t care about his body which already wet because of the rain. He would wait for Jiyeon.
And that’s his final decision! No one could make him change his mind.

Finally Boram decided to walk away from that place, leaving Junhyung behind.

Junhyung looked at the sky. He closed his eyes and mumbled. “I know you won’t come. But… can’t I hope that you will come?”






(Jiyeon’s POV)

I keep running and running. I don’t care about the rain which is makes my body wet. All I want is to meet him, Kyuhyun oppa.
Now I realize about my true feeling. My heart is belong to Kyuhyun oppa, and it won’t gonna change.

I stop when I see no one in that park. Yeah, this park is my special place with Kyuhyun oppa. We first met in this park and also this park was a witness when Kyuhyun oppa confessed his feeling to me.

Kyuhyun oppa isn’t here…
Don’t tell me that he already left cause im late!

My body starts to shaking because of the cold “Kyuhyun oppa!!” I call him with a loud tone, trying to beat the rain sound.

“Kyuhyun oppa!!!”

“Kyu…kyuhyun oppa…” I start to sob.

Someone pulls me into the hug. “Finally you’re here… I thought you won’t come.” Kyuhyun oppa whispers to my ear as he hugs me from behind.
I touch his hand and stoke it softly.

Kyuhyun oppa breaks the hug and he turns my body to face him. “Saranghae…”

“Nado oppa. Mianhe… mianhe cause I did a bad things for you. Mianhe…”


Kyuhyun oppa kisses my lips softly. It’s our first kiss! He put his hands around my waist, while I put my hands around his neck to deepen the kiss.
The rain is still falling above us. But we don’t care it, cause the important thing is… we’re together again.

And from now on, I won’t do something stupid and childish anymore.

Forever and always, Cho Kyuhyun…

(Jiyeon’s POV End)





(Boram’s POV)

“Huh… he’s still there. What a fool guy!” I mumble as im watching him from behind the rooftop door. I actually didn’t go anywhere
and secretly watching him from behind this door. I don’t want to leave him here alone. Cause I know he needs someone now. He needs me…

It’s been 2 hours. But he’s still waiting for Jiyeon, and the worse part is it’s still raining outside.
I can see that his body is shaking because of the coldness.

Gosh! He can sick if he keeps waiting for her in the rain like that.

Ok, it’s enough! I have to stop him!

I walk out from behind the door. I walk closer to him. “Junhyung-ah, I told you that she won’t come. She’s with Kyuhyun now.”

Junhyung doesn’t say anything. He keeps bowing his head and doesn’t say any single word. I pull his hand, making his body facing me.

“YAA YONG JUNHYUNG! JUST FACE THE TRUTH! SHE WONT COME!” I scream out loud infront of his face. I don’t care if he hates me now.
I just want to make him realize that he has to face the truth. Ok, Jiyeon doesn’t choose him, but it doesn’t mean that his life is over, right?

“Ara… she won’t come.” He says with a sad tone while he still bowing his head.

At first I feel hesitate, but the I decide to hug him. Maybe he will feel better. My umbrella falls down when I hug him.
And now my body also starts to wet because of the rain. I hug him tighter when I hear his sobs.

Now I admit that love is AWESOME. How? Cause Junhyung can be like this because of the thing called LOVE.
It’s hard to believe right that LOVE can changes someone!



But don’t forget that LOVE IS ALSO PAINFUL…

(Boram’s POV End)







“Oppa!!” Haneul ran to his brother. But her father pulled her hand and looked at her with an angry stare.

“Don’t you dare to come near him. He deserves it.”

“But appa…”

“No but! Go to your room now!”  Her father ordered her.

Haneul looked at her brother as tears started to fall form her eyes. Junhyung gave her sister a small smile, he tried to calm his sister
and said that he’s ok. He gave a sign to Haneul to go into her room.

“I’ll be fine.” He said without a sound.

With hesitate, Haneul walked away and go to her room, just like her father said. Junhyung stood up from the floor and he gave a small smile to his father.

“Do you think if you hit me then mom is gonna be happy? She will sad if you keep doing this childish act.” Junhyung said.

His father’s face red because of the anger. He started to slap his face and hit his body like there’s no tomorrow. This time Junhyung didn’t do anything.
He just let his father to hit him. Maybe if he let his father doing that, he would forget about the pain in his heart.






(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Oppa… I should go inside now, or else my parents will be mad at me.” Jiyeon says. I break the hug and kiss her forehead.

“Ne. Mianhe… but I still miss you.” I say to her. She smiles to me and kiss my lips quickly.

“Kekeke… now you’re acting like a little kid, oppa. Seriously, it don’t suit you!”

“I’m happy cause you choose me. Yeah, eventhough I have to face the truth that I wasn’t your first kiss.” I almost laugh when I see Jiyeon’s face full of regret.
I know that she must be feels sorry to me, because I wasn’t her first kiss.

“Yeah I was just kidding! Don’t take it too much! It doesn’t matter if I wasn’t your first kiss. Cause the important thing is cause I’m the one who own your heart.”
I stoke her hair softly and kiss her forehead.

“Gomawo oppa.” She mumbles.

I was about to entered my car when Jiyeon calls me.

“Oppa, saranghae.” She makes a love sign by using both of her hands. I laugh when I see her like that.
Ah, I think I’m the luckiest person in the whole world.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)







Junhyung didn’t understand why did he come to Boram’s house. After had a fight with his father, he decided to go from the house.
He didn’t know where he had to go. He just followed his footstep. He was surprised to know that he was in front of Boram’s house now.

He looked at the house infront of him.

“Junhyung-ah…” Boram said in surprised. She ran to Junhyung. And she felt more surprise when she saw his face full of wounds.

“What happened to you?” She asked.

Junhyung just looked at her with no expression.


“Junhyung-ah!” Boram immediately caught Junhyung’s body before it fell to the ground. But Junhyung was too heavy for her.
They end up falling to the ground together with Boram who was still hugging Junhyung.

“Omma!! Help me please!” Boram called her mom. Not long after that Boram’s mother came out from the house.
Her eyes grew bigger as she saw her daughter was hugging a unconscious guy.

“Omo! Who is this, Boram-ah?”

“It’s my friend, Junhyung. He has a high fever eomma. Please help me to bring him inside the house.”



Boram put a cold towel on Junhyung’s forehead. She touched Junhyung’s cheek softly. She wonder what was happened with Junhyung
until he became like this. She held Junhyung’s hand and stroked his hand softly. As she wanted to get up, Junhyung held her hand tighter.
Boram surprised by his action.

“Argh… kajima… jebal… kajima..” Junhyung moaned in his sleep.

Boram stoked his hair. Ne, i’m not gonna leave you.” She whispered to his ear.








“Ne, Will you come? Jebal…”

“Of course I will. Beside, I already in Korea now.”

“Whooah, Jeongmal?”

“Hhahaha, ne.”

“Aish nappeun chingu! Why didn’t you tell me that you already comeback from USA, huh?”

“Kekeke… Mianhe Boram-ah. I was going to tell you anyway, but you already call me.”

“Ok, I have to go. See you at the reunion, Yeonni-ah! Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to bring Kyuhyun oppa with you arasso!”
Boram hang up the phone.

Jiyeon put her handphone on the table. Her eyes caught a picture frame. It was her graduation picture with her bestfriend, Boram and Beast.
It’s been 5 years since the last time Jiyeon met them, cause she continued her study in USA. But now, she’s back to Korea and decided
to work in her hometown, SEOUL.

Someone hugged Jiyeon from behind and he kissed Jiyeon’s cheek. He put his chin on Jiyeon’s shoulder as he smelled Jiyeon’s hair.

“Morning, Mrs.Cho.”


“Wae? You don’t like it? But you’re my wife now.” Said Kyuhyun as he pouted.

Jiyeon laughed and kissed his lips quickly. “I like it. Really really like it.”

“So, what do we do now? I’m kinda boring.” Kyuhyun asked while he was hugging Jiyeon’s waist.

Jiyeon seemed think for awhile before Kyuhyun answered his own question.

“Ah I know it! How about if you do this?” He immediately kissed Jiyeon’s lips and hugged her more tight.
He carried her like a bridal style while they were still kissing each other. And…


Kyuhyun closed the door room with his feet.






(Jiyeon’s POV)


Everyone are here today. Me, Kyuhyun oppa, Boram, Yoon Ae (Kikwang’s girlfriend) and Beast’s members.
Oh, I forgot to mention Jemi! Yeah, she’s also here. Wondering why? Well, that’s because she’s Hyunseung’s fiancée now.
I wasn’t surprised when Jemi told me that she and Hyunseung are dating, cause I actually have a good feeling about them.

It’s been 5 years since the last time we met and talked to each other, eventhough we’re still having communication through email, phone, and friends site. Nothing changed from us. We’re still good friends and we’re always gonna be like that.

Me and Junhyung?

Yeah, eventhough we had a little problem back there, but it’s over now. Junhyung and I are still a good friends.
Beside, he already found his soulmate now.

It’s Boram!

I’m happy for both of them. Both of them are my friends, my bestfriends. I just hope that they’ll be always together. Cause I know that
they were destined together.

“Oppa, where’s Minyeon eonnie?” Yoon Ae asks.

“Ne, I really want to meet your fiancée, Doojoon-ah.” I say to him.

“She’s in Busan now. Her grandma is sick.”

I turn my attention to Boram and Junhyung. I know that Junhyung keeps looking at Boram secretly. Ahh he’s totally inlove now.
I can’t help but smile when I see them. Finally, all of us got our happiness now.

“Here!” Boram gives me an invitation.

“What invitation is this?” I ask while I’m looking at Boram. She just smiles shyly. I read the invitation.

“Yaa, you’re guys are getting married??!!” Yoseob shouts, making me surprise. I read the invitation and it says that they’re getting married next week.
Wow I’m so happy for them!

All of us congratulate them. I hug Boram tightly. “Chukkae nae chingu. I’m happy for you, Boram-ah.” I whisper to her ear.

“Gomawo Jiyeon-ah. Jeongmal gomawo.” She thanks me.

“Woooaah… let’s cheer for Boram and Junhyung!!” Kikwang raises his glass.



“What about you two?” Kyuhyun asks Yoseob and Dongwoon.

“Heh?” Yoseob looks at Kyuhyun.

“I mean. All of us already had a life partner, except for both of you. Don’t you want to have one?” Kyuhyun asks as he’s looking at them,
waiting for their answer.

“Yaah, don’t tell me that you both are…”

“YAA WE’RE NOT GAY, OK!” Yoseob and Dongwoon shout at the same time, making all of us laugh. Kikwang grins at them.

“Kekeke… mianhe, I thought you guys…” Kikwang begins to tease them again. Yoseob and Dongwoon throw their death glare to him.

All of us laugh in happiness when we see Dongwoon and Yoseob are being teased by Kikwang. To be honest, I never thought that
everything will end up like this. Beast who at first I really hated, now became my bestfriends.
Kyuhyun and I who were almost broke up, now are a life partner.

I’m so happy! Really happy until I can’t even describe it 😀

I hope we can always be like this forever…

Kyuhyun grabs my hand and holds it. “Saranghae…” He whispers.





-The End-



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  1. holla~ im intan 96line~ eurm.. gonna be real awesome if there’s more story of boram and junhyung! imma big fans of junhyung keke~ over all I SUPER LOVE THE STORY! GREAT! DAEBAK! :* hehe

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