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The Pain (Part 8)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun


Seyeon entered her room without knowing that YoonA was still there. She felt surprised when she saw YoonA in her room, and for her to be more surprised was the thing on YoonA’s hand. She knew exactly what that was. It was her diary!

“Eonnie!” Seyeon ran immediately to YoonA and she grabbed the diary from YoonA hand. But she was too late, because YoonA already read her diary. Seyeon bowed her head. She knew that YoonA must be really mad at her. Another problem came…

YoonA looked at Seyeon with disbelief stare. “Huh, Gosh, this is crazy!”


“Is that true? You like Kyuhyun? You like my boyfriend?!”

Seyeon was still bowing her head. She was too afraid to face YoonA because she knew that she was wrong. While YoonA, she felt more angry at Seyeon. She felt Seyeon already betrayed her.

“You’re really something, aren’t you?” YoonA said sardonically.

“You like your won sister’s boyfriend? Wow, neomu daebak!!”


“Shut up! It’s my turn to talk not you! So, what now? Are you planning to take him away from me?”


“DON’T LIE! I know you will take him away from me, you’re just waiting for the right time, aren’t you?!” YoonA said with a loud tone to Seyeon. Slowly but sure, tears started to fall down from Seyeon’s eyes. YoonA laughed sardonically when she saw Seyeon was crying.

“Don’t act in front of me anymore. Now, I really know who you really are. You and your death mother are just the same!”

“EONNIE! PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT ME OR MY MOTHER LIKE THAT!” Seyeon couldn’t control her emotion anymore. And she end up shouting at YoonA. To tell the truth, YoonA was really surprised, because she never saw Seyeon was really mad like that. But YoonA easily covered her surprised look.

Seyeon who was already crying, continued her sentence. “Just so you know eonnie, I’m the first one who like Kyuhyun oppa. I like him since the first time we met. But I only keep it for myself because I know… I know that he will never look at me. Everything is useless… and I’ll make the situation more awkward if I tell him about my feeling. That’s why I keep it for myself. But then… but then you came and told me that you like Kyuhyun oppa too. What am I suppose to do eonnie?!” Seyeon said as she was crying.

“Now, you see me as the bad one?” Cried Seyeon.

Without saying anything, YoonA get out from Seyeon’s room. She even forgot about her novel, which is her real and only reason to came to Seyeon’s room.





Since that day, YoonA and Seyeon relationship became more worse than before. They never talked to each other since that day, and they didn’t even want to looked at each other everytime they met. Both Seyeon and YoonA acted like they didn’t know each other.

YoonA also really protective to Kyuhyun now. She was always trying to separate Kyuhyun and Seyeon. She didn’t want to see them close to each other. So, she did anything to make them separate. She did all those things because she was still thinking that Seyeon wanted to take Kyuhyun away from her. Eventhough Seyeon already told her that she didn’t want to take Kyuhyun away from her, but YoonA didn’t believe it.





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

What is actually happening with her?

Why do I feel like YoonA wants to make me and Seyeon separate?

She’s acting weird these days. She became more protective than I am. She calls me like all the time, and also text me. And the worse part is she didn’t allow me to meet Seyeon. Well, she didn’t say it directly, but I can feel it that she doesn’t like to see me and Seyeon together.

Jealous? Nope! That’s impossible! Seyeon is her little sister, and from what I know, they really close to each other. Beside, YoonA knows exactly that I’m close with Seyeon since a long time ago, even before I started to like her and end up being together with her.

YoonA and I are in the supermarket. We decided to make a dinner by ourself. When I said ourself, it means only YoonA. Because you know exactly what will happen if I do the cook, right? Well, I don’t want to die yet. So, I think it’s the best idea ever , if I let YoonA do the cook.

YoonA is busy looking for the ingredient, while I’m just helping her to push the trolley. Because seriously! I don’t understand about this cooking stuff. I’d rather to solve a bunch of math question than cooking.

“Lime…” I mumble when I see a lime candy. Lime… it reminds me to Seyeon.

“Wae geure?” YoonA asks.

“Seyeon will love this.” I say to her while I’m showing her the lime candy. YoonA frown.

“How can you think about another girl when you’re actually here with me, your own girlfriend?”

“Hey, don’t be so mad like this. She isn’t another girl. She’s your sister, YoonA.”



She instead walks away than answer my question to her. See? I told you that she’s acting weird. How can she becomes so jealous to Seyeon? Ok, it’s a normal thing to be jealous IF I’m talking about another girl. But this girl is Seyeon, HER OWN LITTLE SISTER!

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





(YoonA’s POV)

“Ya, don’t lie to us! I know that, there’s something between you and Kyuhyun.”

“Ani, I told you that I’m only his friend, nothing more.”


Aww seriously, it hurts! Now, they’re kinda scared me. I was walking home from my campus when these bunch of girls came and started to yell at me. They seem suspicious about my real relationship with Kyuhyun oppa. Gosh, I just hope that they’ll never find out. I’m afraid if they’ll hurt me or Kyuhyun oppa. Because sometimes fans girls will be more scary than anything!

“Eventhough you are Siwon’s little sister, but it doesn’t mean that you can take Kyuhyun from us. Arasso!” Yells one of those girls to me. I just nod my head, not wanting to make them more angry.


Suddenly my phone’s ring. I look at the ID caller and it’s from Kyuhyun oppa. God, what a bad timing! And the bad thing is one of the girls seems notice it. She takes my phone from my hand and her eyes grows bigger when she sees the ID caller.

“Nae evil namja?!” Yells that girl.

“Mwo?” The others come and see the id caller. Great! I think I’m dead now!

“It’s Kyuhyun oppa, right?” The girl asks as she looks at me sharply, her eyes totally success to make me goosebumps.



“Aish jinjja! You said that you don’t have any special relationship with Kyuhyun oppa. But why do you call him your namja, huh?!”

“That’s not Kyuhyun oppa. It’s…”


One of the girl slaps my cheek. “Don’t lie! We’re not as stupid as you thought! So, you’re really dating him, aren’t you?”

“So, you’re really dating him, aren’t you?”

I just stay quiet. My position is really hard now. If I don’t tell them anything, they will mad at me and will do something bad to me. But if I tell them the truth, it’s gonna be so much worse! I don’t know what I have to do. I’m in dilemma…

(YoonA’s POV End)





(Seyeon’s POV)

Omo! YoonA eonnie seems in danger. I have to save her!



I hit one of them with my bag right before she hurt my eonnie. And then without waiting for any longer, I immediately pull YoonA’s hand and run away from that place. I can hear those girls are shouting angrily to me and YoonA eonnie. I look at behind me while I’m still running. Those girls are chasing us with their angry faces.

‘God, ottohke? What should I do?’

“Huh huh huh… I can’t take it… anymore…” YoonA eonnie says as she’s gasping breath.

I stop running. “Eonnie, we can’t stop here. They’re coming after us. They seem really angry and I know exactly what  will happen to us if they catch us.” I say to her as I’m holding her hand, trying to give her some power.



“Why are you helping me?” She asks.

“Should I answer it? That’s because you’re my sister. Eventhough you hate me now, but we’re still siblings. And I love you eonnie. You’re the best bestriend and eonnie ever!” I say with a smile on my face.

“Kaja! We don’t have much time.” I pull her hand again and we’re continue to running.

(Seyeon’s POV End)








“Ouch appo…” Seyeon moaned in pain. She broke the glass without on purpose and when she tried to clean it, some pieces of the broken glass hurt her feet until her feet was bleeding. YoonA who saw that without on purpose immediately helped her. And it made Seyeon felt surprised and also happy at the same time.

“Gomawo eonnie…” Thanked Seyeon with a smile on her face.

“Ne. You need to be careful next time.”

“Ne, arasso nae eonnie.”

“Eonnie… nan…”

“It’s done!” YoonA said and then she walked out from the room, leaving Seyeon behind. Seyeon looked at her back with a small smile.

‘Well, at least YoonA eonnie wants to talk to me now.’ Seyeon said in her heart.






“Aigoo ottohke Sooyoung-ah?!” YoonA said in panic. She couldn’t find her paper project.

“Hey, maybe you left it in your house.”

“Aigoo, I’m dead now. Today is the deadline, soo. What should I do?” YoonA said with a weak tone. She really panic because she couldn’t find her paper project. She should give the paper to her teacher today, because today is the deadline.

~Girls bring the boys out…
I wanna dance right now…~

YoonA picked her phone up “Yoboseyo?” She greeted.

“Eonnie, you left your paper project in the house. Now meet me in front of your campus.”

“Seyeon? Mworago? You’re here?”

“Ne, I’m bringing your paper. I know this paper is really important for you. Hurry up, eonnie! I’m waiting for you.” Said Seyeon before she end the phone call.




YoonA ran in hurry to meet Seyeon in front of her campus. She could see Seyeon was standing across the street with her paper project on Seyeon’s hand. Seyeon smiled widely to YoonA. She stepped on the road to cross. Seyeon’s eyes was focus on YoonA, that was why she didn’t notice that something danger approach her. A car with a full speed drove toward her. Yoona who saw that her sister was in danger, immediately ran to her and tried to save her.






 -To Be Continued-






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