The Pain (Part 9)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Im YoonA
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun




Seyeon cried loudly when she saw YoonA’s body was lying on the ground with a lot of bloods all over her body. “Eonnie, please stay strong… don’t leave me please…” Seyeon sobbed.

YoonA who was almost unconscious, touched Seyeon’s face softly. She smiled weakly to her sister. “Don’t cry Seyeon-ah…” She said weakly before she closed her eyes.

“YoonA eonnie!! Somebody please help us!!!!”





(Siwon’s POV)

God, please save my sister…

I beg you….

I keep praying in my heart while I’m walking on the hospital corridor. Seyeon just called me and said that YoonA is in the hospital because of an accident. God, I can’t tell how worry I am right now! I don’t want something bad happen to my sister, YoonA.

I arrive in front of the emergency unit. Seyeon is here too. She immediately runs to me and hugs me tightly. She’s crying like there’s no tomorrow. I hug Seyeon back to make her calm, eventhough I’m also worry about YoonA’s condition.

“Oppa… it’s… it’s all my fault..” Seyeon cries.

“Ani. It’s not your fault, honey. No one’s fault.” I calm her.

“Where’s appa and eomma?” I ask her while I’m still hugging her.

“They’re in Jeju now. But I already called them. They’re on their way to Seoul now.”

_2 Hours Later_

It’s been 2 hours. But still no news about YoonA. Seyeon is still crying in my arm. Now, there aren’t only me and Seyeon. But all of Super Junior members are also here. They are also worry about YoonA, especially Kyuhyun. He looks depressed. How come he doesn’t? Right now, the girl whom he loves the most is fighting for her life. And the worse part is… he can’t do anything about it!

We can’t do anything…

All we can do is just praying, so god will always protect her.

(Siwon’s POV End)




(Seyeon’s POV)

Na ttaemune…

Na ttaemune, YoonA eonnie becomes like this. I’m the one who suppose to be in her position. I’m the one who should dying now,not her. YoonA eonnie mianhe… jeongmal mianhe…

“Siwon, how’s YoonA condition?!”

I hear my mom’s voice. She’s so panic.

“Eomma, calm down. She’s still in emergency room now.” Siwon oppa says.

“How could this happening??!” My mom sobs. It’s hurting me to see my mom like this. God, if I only can make my family in trouble. Why did you let me live in this world? Wae…?

Kreek (Sound of the open door)

All of us immediately look at the emergency room door. A doctor comes out from the room. He takes off his mask. His face looks tired and also… sorry??
God, please don’t tell me that YoonA eonnie is…

“How’s my daughter?” My mom asks.

The doctor sighs heavily, like he really feels sorry. “Mianhe… there’s nothing we can do about her anymore. Her collision that she had is really bad. It really effect her brain.” Explained the doctor to us.

“No! It can’t be!” My mom cries even more louder than before, while me… I’m just standing here, trying to understand everything.

“She doesn’t have much time left. Sooner or later, you have to let her go…” The doctor says as he looks at us with a sorry stare. Tears begins to fall down from my eyes. I don’t want to lose my eonnie! God, please tell me that everything is only a joke! Please…

(Seyeon’s POV End)





YoonA was lying on the hospital bed weakly, while Mrs.Choi was holding her hand softly.

“Eomma…” Said YoonA with a weak tone.

“Ne jagi.”


“Mian for what? You never do something bad or wrong to eomma.” Mrs.Choi said softly as tears kept falling from her eyes.

“Mianhe because I make you’re crying like this. I wanna see your smile for the last time.”

“Andwee YoonA! Don’t say something like that!”

“Appa…” YoonA called for her father. Mr.Choi who was crying silently came closer to her daughter and kissed her forehead.

“What’s wrong honey?” He asked softly.

“I want to apologize to you. I did a lot of bad things to you, appa. I shouldn’t do that. I’m such a horrible daughter.” YoonA cried.

Mr.Choi wiped YoonA’s tears with his hand. “Ani. I deserved to be treated in that way. I’m the one who should apologize. I ruin our family happiness.”

“Eomma… appa… please back like you both used to be. You both are a lovely couple and my lovely parents. I really want to see you both just like before we found out everything. Please I beg you…” Pleaded YoonA.

“Ne, anything for you jagi…”


“Hm?” Mrs.Choi mumbled. She couldn’t even speak because of the sadness.

“Don’t hate Seyeon, please…”

Mrs.Choi froze when she heard that. YoonA touched her mother hand as she smiled weakly to her. “Jebal eomma… This whole thing isn’t Seyeon’s fault. We shouldn’t blame her, eomma. Please treat her well, just like you treat me and Siwon oppa, eventhough she isn’t your real daughter.”

Mrs.Choi kept silent. She didn’t know what to say. “Eomma…”

“Ne, I’ll try.” Mrs.Choi finally answered. YoonA smiled happily when she saw her mother reaction. She hoped that her mother really mean it. She didn’t want to see her sister in suffer again. Her sister deserves to live well.

“Appa, please call Seyeon and Siwon oppa…”




“Eonnie mianhe…”

“Aniyo Seyeon. I’m the one who should apologize to you. I already did a lot of bad things to you.” Said YoonA. Seyeon hugged YoonA, and they both end up crying. Siwon finally joined them too. He hugged both of his little sisters with full of loves.

“I’m also sorry for thinking something bad about you.” Added YoonA again.

“Gwenchana eonnie.” Seyeon stroked YoonA’s hair softly. YoonA looked at Siwon with a smile on her face. “Siwon oppa, you know what? I’m so happy for having you as my brother. Thank you for everything oppa. Saranghae…”

Siwon couldn’t hold his tears anymore. He knew that her time was about to over. Or the other word, he would lose her sister soon. Siwon hugged YoonA while he was sobbing like a little kid who lost his mom. YoonA stroke his back softly, trying to give him some power. “Don’y cry oppa…” she said with a weak tone. Siwon didn’t answer anything, instead he hugged her even more tight.

“Don’t say such a thing, ara.” Said Siwon.

YoonA just smiled to her siblings. Her last smile…




(Kyuhyun’s POV)


YoonA can’t leave me! I love her. She’s my everything. She can’t leave me just like this! I need her to stay by my side. I need her to breathe…

“YoonA-ya…” I touch her hand.

“Ne oppa…”

“Don’t leave, ok.”


I start to sob. Eventhough how hard I tried to hold that back, but in the end I start to sob. I used to say that a man who is crying is like a little kid. Almost like a girl. But now… I realize that I was wrong about it. A man cries it doesn’t mean that they’re acting like a girl or like a little kid. They’re crying it’s because they can’t take the pain anymore. It’s too much for them to handle, that’s why they end up crying.
Now, I admit that I’m crying. Not because I’m like a little kid or like a girl. It’s because the pain is too much for me to handle.

“Oppa, gomawo for everything. I’m glad we can meet to each other and we end up as a couple. But I’m sorry… I’m sorry I can’t keep my promise to always be by your side. Saranghae oppa… can I have my second kiss now?”

I kiss her lips softly, not wanting to hurt her. Our lips touch each other. It feels good, soft, and warm. Our kiss is wet because  of our tears. “Nado saranghae, YoonA-ya…” I mumble between our kiss. Right after I said that to her, I hear the sound of the monitor. Hearing that sound makes me lose my sense. I feel like my life has been destroyed. I feel like I’m losing my hope…

She’s gone…

She’s gone forever…

I can’t see her smile and her laugh anymore…

I can’t smell her hair anymore…

I can’t hug her anymore…

I can’t kiss her anymore…

If I can ask… May I go with her, now?

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





The funeral went well. People one by one leaved the funeral. Mrs.Choi still there. She didn’t want to go from the funeral. She said that she didn’t want to leave YoonA there. She knew that YoonA doesn’t like to be alone.

“I told you I want to stay here!”

“Jagi, but you have to take a rest. Tomorrow, I promise we’ll go here again.” Said Mr.Choi to his wife.


“Eomma, let’s go home now. It’s getting dark.” Siwon said as he looked up to the sky.

Mrs.Choi looked at Seyeon who was standing next to Siwon. Her anger start to peaked. She slapped Seyeon hard, making Siwon and Mr.Choi surprised by her sudden action. Not only them who surprised, Seyeon was also felt the same.

“Neo ttaemune! YoonA died because of you!” She screamed to Seyeon.

“Eomma, don’t blame her. It isn’t Seyeon’s fault or anyone fault. It’s destiny.” Said Siwon.

“Aniya! YoonA will still alive if she’s not here!” She pointed her finger to Seyeon. “You’re the one who should dead. Not my daughter!” Mrs.Choi still cried loudly almost like a crazy person. She lost her control.

“Eomma, how could you say something like that. Seyeon is also your daughter.”

Mrs.Choi laughed sardonically. “She’s not my daughter. She’s your father daughter with another woman. Your father was cheating on me…”

Mr.Choi bowed his head. He felt sorry for his son. He knew that Siwon would gonna hate him from now on. While Seyeon, she felt afraid. She was afraid if Siwon would turn out to hate her. She better die if that happens.

“Appa… is that… true?”




-To Be Continued-

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    1. iya siwon udh tau..
      ho’oh author juga jd deg2-an takut klo siwon bklan benci juga sama Seyeon *lebayy*

      yaa chingu… hiks hiks… bkalan aku lanjutin secepetnya.. T.T jangan nangis lagi ya *nawarin tissue*

      1. nawarin yesung oppa aja chingu… T.T
        chingu.. ff yang adik adik suju di lanjutin juga dong… *kbanyakan cingcong*

  1. Hhaha xD ok deh boleh juga *nawarin Yesung* #ditendangElf :p
    Iya, aku emang udh rencana mau lanjutin. soalnya kan bagian Lee family belum. cuma blm dapat ide aja nih -__-
    ada saran gk?

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