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The Pain (Part 10)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Super Junior’s members


Seyeon didn’t dare to go home, because she knew that if she went home all she got was just an anger from her mother. So, she thought it was the best if she didn’t go home. She kept walking by herself without any direction. She just let her footstep bring her to another place… a peaceful place for her.

Seyeon stopped at the park. That park was so quiet and peaceful. Seyeon brought her feet to the bench near the lake at that park. She sat there while looking at the lake. Her mind flew… some of old memories appeared in her mind.


She looked up to the sky when she felt something dropped on her nose. “It’s rain…” she mumbled softly. “YoonA eonnie… can you see me now?” she asked while she was still looking up the cloudy sky. “Bogoshipo… I wish I can replace you eonnie. You deserve to be here… you deserve to live…”
Tears fell down from Seyeon’s eyes as the rain also fell down from the sky. It’s like the sky also felt the same way as Seyeon. The pain and sadness…

“God… can you also take me?”

(Siwon’s POV)

“Ahjumma, Is she home yet?”

“Aniyo, Siwonssi. Seyeon isn’t home yet.”

“Ne, ghamsahamnida ahjumma. Please let me know when she gets home!”


I hang up the phone. It was Ahjumma and she said that Seyeon still not at home. I’m so worry about her, it’s not like her usual. She has never been like this before. She always go home on time, never late like this. And what makes me more worry is because I can’t contact her. She left her phone at home.
I keep driving while I also looking for her. I look at every pedestrians, because maybe Seyeon is there. But unfortunately, there’s no Seyeon among those pedestrians.

“Seyeon, neo odiga?”

(Siwon’s POV End)


A guy laid on the bed. His eyes red and swollen. There was no life in his eyes, looked like his soul wasn’t inside his body anymore. His face looked so pale, almost like a zombie. It has been 2 days, he never went out from his room, he didn’t even eat anything. All he did was lying on the bed with an open eyes. Yeah, that guy was Kyuhyun, the maknae of super Junior. 2 days ago, his beloved girlfriend was died because of accident. Since that day, he felt like his life was over…

The other Super junior’s members didn’t know what they had to do for their maknae. They knew that Kyuhyun must be felt sad now. They understood his feeling, that was why they just let him be like that. He needed time to be alone, they thought.

“Ok, it’s enough hyung! He can’t be like this forever. He must continue his life!” Said a guy who was wearing a pink T-Shirt, Sungmin.

“I know, Sungmin. But, what can we do now? We did everything we could to make him better, but I think it’s useless.” The leader answered with a weak tone. He also felt pain to saw his dongsaeng like that.

“He really loves YoonA…” Donghae mumbled.





Sungmin entered the room, he also brought a plate of food on his hand. He walked closer to Kyuhyun and then he sat on the edge of Kyuhyun’s bed. “Kyuhyun, you have to eat.” He said softly.

Kyuhyun didn’t say anything. His eyes was still looking at the window, like there was something fun outside the window.
Sungmin sighed heavily. He put the plate on the table beside Kyuhyun’s bed. “Kyuhyun-ah, until when you will become like this?”

“You have to continue your life! I’m sure that YoonA doesn’t like to see you like this.” He continued.

Kyuhyun turned his head to sungmin. “Hyung, I miss her…” he whispered. Kyuhyun eyes became watery when he said that. “I know.” Answered Sungmin.

“It’s so hurt… in here…” Kyuhyun put his hand on his chest.

“Kyuhyun-ah….” Sungmin immediately pulled Kyuhyun into his hugged. He hugged Kyuhyun tightly, trying to gave him some power. Sungmin could feel that Kyuhyun’s shoulder was shaking. Not long after that, he felt something wet on his shoulder. That was Kyuhyun’s tears…

“I miss her, hyung!” Kyuhyun sobbed.

Sungmin patted Kyuhyun’s shoulder softly. He could understand how Kyuhyun felt. Finally, they end up crying together. They had a same hope… they hope tomorrow would be a better day…
(Seyeon’s POV)

Should I enter or not?

Right now, I’m standing infront of my house. But I don’t dare to come in. I’m afraid… afraid to face their anger, because I’m the caused YoonA’s eonnie death. If I can have one wish to god, then I’ll ask him to give me time machine. So, I can turn back the time and change everything. But of course, it’s impossible!

“Thanks god, you’re here!”

I turn my head when I hear that voice. “Siwon oppa…” I mumble. Siwon oppa pulls me into his embrace. He kiss the top of my head. “Where were you, Seyeon? I was looking for you. Do you know what time is it?”

“Mianhe oppa…” I apologize to him while I’m bowing my head. Yeah, that’s all I can do.

“Oppa… aren’t you mad at me?”


“Hmm… because… you already knew the truth… about me.”

Siwon oppa cupped my cheek with both of his hands. “Hey, look at me! Do I look like I’m mad at you?” He asks. I just shake my head as the answer.

“Good. So now you know the answer, right?”

“Gomawo oppa…” I start to sob.

“Hey, don’t cry ok! I don’t like to see my baby sister crying like this.” He hugs me again. I can feel the warm of his body. I like it! Because I feel warm and save in his embrace. “Oppa, mianhe…”

“For what?”

“I’m the caused of…”

“Sssst…” he put his index finger on my lips. “That wasn’t your fault. So, don’t you ever blame yourself, arasso!”

We both just entered the house, but then we hear a loud sound from our parents room. Siwon oppa and I immediately run to our parents room. As we get there, I can see my mom cries in my father embrace. Their room is so messy. Things scattered on the floor, seems like there was just a battle here.

“What happen, appa?” Siwon oppa asks.

“Your mother was rage. She threw everythings in this room, just like you can see.” Answered my dad with a tired tone. His face looks so tired and sad. I look at my mom who is still crying loudly in my father embrace.


As soon as she sees me, she starts to rage again. “GO AWAY YOU BITCH! I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU HERE! YOU’RE A KILLER! YOU KILL MY DAUGHTER!” she shouts at me. I’m so shocked to hear it. She really hates me, isn’t she? She keeps shouting at me.

“Siwon, bring Seyeon out from here!”

“Ne. Kajja, Seyeon..”

Siwon oppa brings me out from the room. I still can hear my mother’s voice, shouting at me. My heart feels hurt… really hurt. Siwon oppa who knows about my condition, immediately hugs me and buried my face on his chest. He closes both of my ears with his hands. “Don’t hear it!”

‘Why is my lifee full of pain? Can’t I get some peace like the other people?’

(Seyeon’s POV End)

“So, how’s Seyeon?” Asked Leeteuk to Siwon. They were sitting on the dining table, facing each other with a glass of soju on their hands. Siwon just sighed heavily, making Leeteuk felt pity about his dongsaeng.

“Bad… really bad, hyung…” Said Siwon before he drank his soju.

“Well, if your mom still emotion whenever she sees her. I think it’s the best if Seyeon doesn’t stay there. You can bring her here.”

“Well, I think that isn’t a bad idea. But the thing is Seyeon doesn’t want to leave. She wants to stay beside my mom. And yeah… it makes everything getting worse.”

Leeteuk drank his soju and then he looked up to Siwon when Siwon started to mention about their maknae, Kyuhyun.

“How about Kyuhyun, hyung? Is he ok now? I mean… getting better?” Siwon asked.

“Yeah, thank goodness, he’s getting better now. He’s getting better after had a talk with Sungmin. I’m glad that he’s ok now. At least he can smile and he wants to eat.”

“Huft… I’m so glad to hear it. YoonA… she must be feels sad if she sees Kyuhyun like that…”


-To Be Continued-



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  1. chinguya… kependekan… 😦
    tapi terima kasih udah update soon.. hehe
    sumpe loh, siwon oppa sweet beud *alay mode on* wkwkwk…
    jadi cinta deh ama siwon oppa, tapi tetep cintaku ke yesung oppa.. *gak nanya*
    chingu, aku ganti nama loh *gak nanya lagi*
    update verrryyyy ssoooonnnn yah chingu…
    hwaiting!! ^^

    1. gomawo udh jadi reader setia *nangis terharu* :’)
      iyaa nih, abis lgi mentok ide sih makanya pendek. ntr diusahain lebih panjang deh 🙂
      oh jelas donk! Siwon oppa kan emang namja yg gentle bgt. smpe silau deh liatnya >.< #abaikan
      hahhaha, ok deh smpe ketemu di part 11! *lambaikan tangan*

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