Chapters · KyuYoung (Kyuhyun SooYoung)

Your Smile (Part 3)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Type      : Chapters/Series
Genre    : Romance, Sad Romance, Life, Drama


Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Sooyoung
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joohyun



“Should i approach her?”

“Ah ani.. That’s gonna be weird.”

Kyuhyun kept thinking about what should he do. Some part of his heart said to approach that girl, but some part also said Dont. He’s really confused.

Suddenly his phone rang, and it was from Seohyun.

“Hello!” greeted him to Seohyun.

“Hello oppa! Why don’t you sound excited when im calling you?” Asked Seohyun with a sad tone.

“Ah.. Ani.. Im happy you know. Im just.. a little bit tired. That’s all!” Lied Kyuhyun to his Girlfriend. He couldn’t tell the truth to her.

“Gwenchana. Btw, Where are you now? You don’t forget about our plan, right?”

“Of course not. I’ll get there soon.” Said Kyuhyun again

“Okay oppa. Im gonna waiting for you. Don’t be late, arasso! Saranghae oppa.”

“Hmm.. Nado.” Replied Kyuhyun weakly before he hung up.

Aigoo.. I can’t being like this forever. I should tell her the truth.” Said Kyuhyun to himself as he walked out from the park.

Not long after he got in his car, suddenly a heavy rain fell from the sky. Kyuhyun felt worry about the girl that he met earlier.

Is she still there?” Asked Kyuhyun in his heart.

Finally, Kyuhyun decided to comeback to that place, just to make sure if she’s alright.






(Sooyoung’s POV)

Rains begins to falling from the sky. But i’m still here, sitting on the bench at this park. I don’t wanna go, and i don’t care if im going to be wet.Because i just want to be alone..

When it rains like this, remind me about my memories with Donghae.

Eventhough I’ve tried hard to forget about that, but i still can’t. There are a lot of things that remind me about him

The rain starts to getting heavier, and i can feel that my body is getting wet too. But i keep ignoring this. I can’t think straight anymore, it’s too much for me to handle.

But then, i feel like the rains is stop. But actually, it’s still raining.

It’s weird. Why dont i feel the rains is soaking my body?” i asked to myself as im looking up.

And for me to suprise, there’s an umbrella above my head. The umbrella is anchored in the tree, thus protecting me from the rains.

“Who had put that umbrella?” i mumble.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)






(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Oppa, why dont you come in? I can make you hot chocolate.” Said Seohyun as she’s smiling to me.

“Hmm..” before i want to reject, she already cut my words.

“Please oppa… I really hope that you can accompany me tonight.”

“Well ok then.” i said to her. Seohyun smile happily because i said yes.




Im sitting on the sofa, while Seohyun is making me a hot chocolate in the kitchen. My mind is still thinking about that girl. I wonder what is her name, and i really want to know more about her.

“Here it is oppa.” Said Seohyun as she’s handing me a cup of hot chocolate.

“Gomawo.” I thanked her.

Seohyun sits next to me. And then, she leaned her head on my shoulder. And for the first time in my life, i feel really uncomfortable with her action.

Seohyun seems realize that i feel uncomfotable with her action. “Waeyo oppa? There’s something wrong?”

“Ani.” I lied again to her. “Mianhe Seohyun.. I lied again to you.”

Seohyun’s looking at me and then says “Don’t lie oppa. I know that there’s something wrong.”

“I dont know why, but i feel that you changed oppa.” Added her again with a sad face.

I can’t reply her words cause all that she said was true..

“Do you not love me anymore?” asked her all of sudden.

“I.. i do Seohyun.. I do love you.”

“Then prove it to me!” said her again, as she’s waiting for my reaction.

“How?” i asked to her curiously.

Instead of answering my question, she brought her body closer to me. And then she kissed my lips. Slowly she begins to crushing my lips, but i dont respond it at all.

She broke the kiss and then looking at me with a disappointed face.

“Why didn’t you kiss me back oppa?” asked her with teary eyes.

I couldnt say anything. I feel like there’s something stuck in my mouth.

“WAEYO???” Asked her again with a loud tone and then she started to crying.

I hug her to comfort her. “Mianhe Seohyun.. Mianhe, if i hurt you. I didn’t mean too. But i think for our good sake, we should… break up.”

“Sirreo oppa!! Naega sirreo!!” She tighten the hugs.

“I love you oppa. Please don’t leave me! I’ll do anything to make you stay.” Added her again while she’s still sobbing.

“Mianhe.. but i think it’s over.”

I feel sorry for Seohyun, but at the same time i feel relieved because i had been telling the truth to Seohyun. And i don’t have to lie anymore for the rest of my life.

Right now, im on my way to Siwon’s apartment. Siwon is my classmate and also my bestfriend.

When im walking in the corridor, i see Siwon is hugging with a girl.

“New gilrfriend?” I thought at first.

But the girl looks familiar for me. And when the girl turned around, im so suprised.

Because that girl is…

…the one that i met at the park a few days ago.

But why is she here? Dont tell me that she is Siwon’s yeojachingu.”

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-



2 tanggapan untuk “Your Smile (Part 3)

    1. kyuppa kan pemalu *alay* jd dia sembunyi2 deh. lagian biar kesan romantis-nya dapet gitu, soalnya ntr soo eonnie kan pasti penasaran sama lifesaver-nya *Gubrrakk*

      Kekeke kyk-nya kmu ngga seneng ama Seokyu ya? Klo gitu SAMA DONK *ketawa setan* HAHAHA Ayo kita dukung KyuYoung ke pelaminan!!

      Siwon & Soo? Hmm… kira2 ada apa yaa??

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