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The Pain (Part 11)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Super Junior’s members



(Seyeon’s POV)

God, I need a time machine…

“Here.” Siwon oppa says as he gives me a cup of hot cappuccino, my favorite drink. He takes a seat next to me and then we sit here with no things to talk about. Well, I prefer this situation. I really need time to think and relax myself.

Now, Siwon oppa and I are in the park near our house. Yeah, for the third times, he had to bring me out from the house because mom started to get emotional again. She almost hit me with her vase, good thing that Siwon and appa came at the right time. They immediately rescued me.

“Eomma… she changed a lot since the death of YoonA eonnie. I feel like I don’t know her anymore.” I say with a sad tone. Siwon oppa grabs my hand and hold it, but he doesn’t say anything. Too confused, maybe?

“Everything will back to normal…”

I look at Siwon oppa and I smile sadly to him when I heard his statement. “Are you sure oppa?” I ask. Siwon oppa gives me a small but beautiful smile, which is always success to make me feel calm. “Yeah, I’m sure.” He ruffled my hair softly with his smooth fingers.

I put my head on his shoulder. “Ne, everything will back to normal again…”

(Seyeon’s POV End)





Super Junior’s concert was ended smoothly. They did their best for elf all over the world who came there to watched their concert. Seyeon was there too. Siwon asked her to came with them, because he was afraid if he had to leave her with their mother.

“How was it, Dongsaeng-i?” Donghae asked while he was ruffling Seyeon’s hair. Seyeon gave him her best smile and two thumbs for him. “Neomu daebak!” She answered.

“Hahaha… I’m not surprised, we’re always do our best for elf.” Added him again.

“I know. That’s why I love you all.”

Seyeon kept looking around, she was trying to find Kyuhyun. Her smile appeared from her beautiful face when she saw Kyuhyun, but then her smile disappeared from her face as soon as she realized Kyuhyun’s sad expression. She could only looked at him sadly. Since the death of YoonA, Kyuhyun has been changed. He wasn’t the evil maknae anymore. He’s quiet and also a loner now. That made Seyeon felt sad and also sorry.

“Oppa…” Seyeon said as she took a seat next to Kyuhyun. There was a bottle of water on her hand. She gave it to Kyuhyun. “Gomawo.” Kyuhyun thanked her with a small smile. To be honest, Seyeon really missed the old Kyuhyun. The cheerful and the evil maknae from Super Junior.

“The concert was daebak, oppa! And I really love your performance!” Seyeon said with an excited tone, trying to made a better situation between them.


Seyeon looked at Kyuhyun sadly. “Mianhe…” She said. Kyuhyun turned his head, he looked at Seyeon deeply. “Jeongmal mianhe…” Said Seyeon again.

“For what?”

“I took your happiness… YoonA…”

“Ssst… that wasn’t your fault. I bet YoonA also feels the same. She doesn’t blame you, and that means you don’t have to blame yourself, arasso.” Kyuhyun said with a soft tone. He wiped Seyeon’s tears with his thumbs. “Ne, oppa…”

Siwon who was looking at the whole scene, could just sighed sadly. He understood about his dongsaeng feelings. Seyeon and Kyuhyun… both of them really loved YoonA, and they really felt lose. Someone patted Siwon’s shoulder softly, that was Leeteuk. Siwon gave him a small smile to made him sure that he was alright.

“Kaja, hyung!”







“Omma geumanhe!” Seyeon took the glass of beer from her mother’s hand. It wasn’t her first time to see her mother drunk. Her mother turned out to be a drunker since YoonA death.

“Give me that back!”

“Ani! You’re gone too far eomma! YoonA eonnie doesn’t like to see you like this.”


“Don’t you dare to bring her name here! You’re the one who caused her death! You killed her!”

Seyeon looked at her mom sadly. “Jebal eomma… don’t be like this…” Mrs.Choi looked at her sharply, then said, “Ok, I’ll stop everything… but only if you leave from this house! Oh I got a better idea! Why don’t you just DIE?! So I won’t ever see your fuckin face anymore.”

Seyeon felt surprised to hear it from her stepmother’s mouth. There was like a knife stabbed her chest. It felt so hurt…





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Mwoya? Seyeon likes me?” I ask with a disbelief tone. Ryeowook hyung nods his head as the response. I laugh while I’m looking at him. Ok, he just told me that Seyeon likes me? That sounds like a bullshit for me! There’s no way Seyeon will feel that to me. We are just friends. Only bother and sister, nothing more!

“You don’t believe me?” Ryeowook hyung asks.

“How am I suppose to believe it? It sounds like a bullshit for me. Hyung, jebal… don’t say something which is doesn’t make sense.”

“Ok, whatever! I don’t care if you trust me or not. At least I told you the truth. I can see it by the way she’s looking at you. There’s something different with it.”
I just smile at Ryeowook Hyung. Yeah, I don’t believe it! And I won’t ever believe it!

“But… what if… she does like you? What will you do?”

The question just now makes me think for a while. The way Ryeowook hyung asked me was like he’s pretty sure that Seyeon does like me. Like he knows it for sure. It makes me a little bit confused. I look at him who is also looking at me, waiting for my answer. I take a deep breath before I answer his question.

“I don’t know… but you have to know that my heart is only for YoonA. Eventhough there are hundred Seyeon out there, but my heart won’t ever change. It’s only belong to YoonA! There’s no one can replace YoonA. Not even Seyeon!” I say to him.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)






Kyuhyun didn’t notice that Seyeon was there when he said everything to Ryeowook, including the part that Seyeon couldn’t ever replace YoonA’s place in his heart. Seyeon felt hurt when she heard it. Eventhough she already knew that she couldn’t replace YoonA’s place in Kyuhyun’s heart, but still… hearing it from himself was more painful than she thought it would be.

‘I never thought that it would be more painful when I heard it from your own mouth oppa…’

“Seyeon?” Called Yesung. “Why are you standing here? Let’s go inside!” Yesung said as he wanted to open the practice room door.

“Aniyo oppa! I gotta go!” Seyeon said. She immediately ran away from that place, ignoring Yesung who was calling her name.

Seyeon kept running, until she was out from the SM company. Her eyes were watery, her nose was as red as tomato. Seyeon looked at the sky which was raining heavily.

‘It looks like you’re understand about what I feel now…’

Seyeon continued her walk. She didn’t care about the rain which was already wet her. She just wanted to go away from that place. She just needed something to heal her wounds, the big wounds in her heart. Walking under the rain… maybe that sounds so dramatic and kind of silly. But that was what she did! Seyeon hoped that the rain would threw away her wounds.

‘If I go, then no one will be sad, right?’





Seyeon walked slowly to her mom who was still drinking soju. She looked at her mom sadly. “Omma… if I leave from this world… will you be happy?” She mumbled sadly as she looked at her mom. Mrs.Choi turned her head to face Seyeon. She was really drunk at that time. “Of course I will! There’s nothing more wonderful than that!”

Seyeon smiled sadly. “Ne, arasso omma… If that can make you happy, then I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you. Saranghae eomma…”

‘It’s over soon… and everything will getting better…’



-To Be Continued-



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