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The Guy At The Bus Stop (Oneshot)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Guy At The Bus Stop
Type      : Oneshot
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Kwon Yuri
– Jung Jessica



I love rain…
Because of rain, I can meet someone like you…


Rain was falling heavily from the sky, making all of the pedestrians ran immediately to a better place to stay, so they couldn’t get wet.

Among those pedestrians, there was a girl who was walking enjoy under the rain with a blue umbrella on her right hand. She seemed really enjoyed the rain. She didn’t even feel annoyed, unlike the other girls who were annoyed because of the heavy rain might ruin their make up.

That’s because she loves rain…

Sooyoung, the girl’s name, finally arrived at the bus stop. She was still looking at the rain when she suddenly realized about someone’s presence next to her. She took a glance to that person, but right when she took a glance to that person, the person also turned his head to Sooyoung. That made their faces were facing each other. Sooyoung’s heart began to beating faster when she saw the awesome figure in front of her eyes.

His brown and messy hair, his sharp eyes, thick lips, and tall body. That made him looked even more awesome.

‘Omo… is he an angel?’ Sooyoung said in her heart, admiring the guy in front of her. The came of the bus made her thought back to reality. Sooyoung took a last glance to that guy before she got into the bus.

‘I wish we can meet again…’




(Sooyoung’s POV)

“Wooah jinjja??” Taeyeon asks to me with an excited tone. I just nod my head as the response. Taeyeon immediately hugs me as soon as I gave her my response. “Ya, mwoya?!” I ask while I’m trying to break the hug. Seriously, this is embarrassing! All of people in this cafeteria are looking at us, like we’re a group of weird girls.

“Hehehe… sorry, I’m too exciting!”

“Wae? I’m the one who met that handsome guy.” I look at her with a curious look. Taeyeon smiles like a little kid to me before she says, “I’m glad to know that you’re normal. I thought you don’t like guys.” She says with a wide small on her face.

“YA IGE MWOYA?! How could you think like that about me! I’m normal, babo!” I hit her forehead with my finger. Taeyeon moans in pain, but then she gives me a peace sign using her index finger and her middle finger.

“Hehe… mianhe. Beside, you never look so interesting about guy before. And also, you almost never speak about guy to me, unlike the other girls.” Explained Taeyeon.

“Ciih, nappeun chingu!”

“Mianhe Soo-ya.” I ignore her apologize, I want to tease her for more longer. Who told her to thought that I’m… aish! I can’t even say it! It’s so gross to tell. Taeyeon poked my arm with her finger. “Please don’t be mad… ah, I know!” She snapped her finger. I take a glance to her.

“How about if I treat you to eat at Kona Beans? You love it, right? You can eat anything you want, and I’ll pay for it!”
Food? Eating?? Wooah I can’t help but almost shout in happiness when I heard that Taeyeon wants to treat me. Oh God, This is awesome! Kekeke…

“Kaja kaja!” I pull her hand.

“Hahaha… the shilkshin is back!” Taeyeon laughs.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)


Five young and beautiful ladies just came out from the classroom. They are Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyeon. Those ladies were talking happily to each other like there was no tomorrow. All of them were happy cause they got a very good score for their group project.

“Yah, I’ve never thought before that we would get the best score for our project.”The blonde girl, Hyoyeon said happily to her friends. The others nodded their head, agreed with what Hyoyeon had said. “Nado.” Added Yuri.

“We should celebrate it!” Suggested Taeyeon.

“I agree. But not today! I already have a plan with my sister, Soojung. There’s no way I can cancel it.” Said Sooyeon.

“Ok, we can celebrate it on the other day.”

After had some conversation, the group of the beautiful young ladies decided to went home. “Youngie, I can give you a ride, if you want to.” Offered Yuri to Sooyoung. But Sooyoung refused it by saying, “Gomawo. But, I think I wanna go home by myself.” She said.

“Hey, I can drive you home. You don’t have to take a bus.”

“She’s in a mission, Yuri-ya!” Taeyeon said with a smile on her face, making Yuri frown because she didn’t understand what Taeyeon meant. “What mission?” Asked Yuri.

“She likes a guy whom she met at the bus stop.” Taeyeon said with an excited tone. Sooyoung just bowed her head. She could feel that her face started to blushing. She felt so embarrassed.

“Wooah really?”

“Yup! Sooyoung said that the guy was so awesome and super hot. That’s why she always go home by bus now. She really hope that she can meet that hot guy again.”

“Taeyeon-ah…” Sooyoung tried to make her friend stop to talk about the awesome guy. “Hahaha… your face starting to get red. So cute!” Yuri pinched Sooyoung’s chubby cheek.

“Aww appoo…” Sooyoung moaned.

“Kekeke… Ok, I wish you luck! I hope you can meet your prince again. And if that happens, promise me that you’ll bring him here, so all of us can meet him. Arasso!” Yuri said.

“Ne ne… arasso!” Sooyoung looked at her watch. “Ah, it’s getting late. Gotta go now! See you guys on Monday!” Sooyoung waved to her friends before she ran to the bus stop.



Sooyoung smiled happily when she saw someone was sitting on the bench at the bus stop. That guy was her charming prince. She walked fastly to get to the bus stop. She didn’t want to waste her time. Her heart started to beating so fast everytime she stepped closer to that guy. Until finally Sooyoung stood in front of that guy. The awesome guy was busy with his IPad, he didn’t even notice Sooyoung’s presence there. She took a seat next to that guy.

Sooyoung took a deep breath and sighed. She was trying to calm her heart. ‘Aigoo, this is so embarrassing! I hope he can’t hear it.’ Sooyoung said in her heart as she was touching her chest.


Sooyoung looked up to the sky when she heard her favorite sound. The sound of rain. A small but beautiful smile appeared on her face as she was admiring the rain. Sooyoung turned her head when she felt someone was starring at her. Her eyes grew bigger when she noticed the person who was starring at her just now, was the awesome guy!

For her to be surprised, the guy gave her a small smile. Sooyoung swear to god that it was the best smile she ever seen!
“You seemed really enjoyed the rain. You love it?” The guy asked her. Sooyoung blinked her eyes for several times. She still couldn’t believe that the guy was just asking a question to her.

“Ah… ne… i… I love the rain…” she stammered. The guy laughed when she saw Sooyoung’s funny expression. “Hahaha… don’t be afraid! I’m not a bad guy. My name is Cho Kyuhyun.” The guy who was named Kyuhyun, offered his hand to Sooyoung.

Sooyoung took it and shaked his hand. She also introduced herself to that guy. “My name is Choi Sooyoung.” She said. Kyuhyun smiled at her, making Sooyoung’s heart melted.

‘Do you realize something? We always meet on the rainy day. It’s like destiny, cause you and rain are my favorites.’


As time went by, Sooyoung became close to Kyuhyun. They usually met at the bus stop. Kyuhyun was working in the company called SM. Actually he had his own car, but Kyuhyun prefer to took a bus than driving his own car. That was because he ever had a car accident, he almost died because of that. So, sometimes he felt scared if he had to drive the car by himself. That was why he often took a bus to go anywhere.

If you like him, why don’t you just say it to him?’

That was what Taeyeon said to her when she said that she liked Kyuhyun. Yeah, she couldn’t deny her own feelings. Eventhough they just met for a couple times, but Sooyoung knew for sure that she liked that guy. She liked Kyuhyun since the first time they met.

“Ah… ottohke?” She mumbled.


(Sooyoung’s POV)

For once again, I have to feel disappointed. It’s been a week since the last time I met Kyuhyun. Since that day, I’ve never seen him again. could it be that he wouldn’t take the bus anymore? But, from what I knew, he likes to take a bus than driving his own car.

Huh… I feel empty…

Haha… I know it’s sound super silly. I just met him 4 times, and I already have this such deep feeling for him? Weird isn’t it? But that’s the fact!

Huft, If I know that I wouldn’t meet him again today, I’d rather to accept Hyoyeon offered to drive me home. Choi Sooyoung, neo such a babo yeoja!

‘Kyuhyun oppa… nan bogoshipoyo…’



“What’s wrong with your face?” Hyoyeon asks. She looks at me for quietly long, make me feel uncomfortable. I raise my eyebrow, “Wae?”

“You look so depressed.” She said.

“Huh… I think I am…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Kyuhyun… he never show up again since that day. I wonder what’s actually happening with him?” I say to Hyoyeon with a sad tone. “Huft, don’t be sad chagi. Maybe he’s busy or maybe he’s out of town now. You know, he’s working in SM company. So, he must be a very busy person.” Hyoyeon is trying to make me calm.

“Ne, maybe you’re right.”

I continue to eat my food and so does Hyoyeon. “Hyo…” I call her. She stops eating and then looks at me. “Is it weird if I have a feeling for a guy whom I just met?” I ask to her. Hyo seems thinking for a while before she answer my question.

“Ani… I think that’s normal. Beside, I still believe about love at first sign.” She answers with a smile on her face. Her answer makes me smile, because that means I’m not a freak girl, who is falling in love with a guy whom she just met.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)


There was like a thunder on a sunny day when the tall girl, Sooyoung looked at by her own eyes the scenes in front of her. Cho Kyuhyun, the guy whom she loved was there. But the thing was… he was there with a girl, a beautiful girl who was holding his arm. They looked really close to each other, like a couple.

Sooyoung felt there was something heavy on her heart when she watched the scenes. She felt sad to saw them together. Kyuhyun and the girl were chatting happily with a smile on their faces. Sooyoung decided to turned her body, she didn’t want to be there for anymore longer cause it was only gonna make her heart even more hurt.


Hyoyeon looked at Sooyoung curiously. “Neo gwenchana?” She asked.

“Ne. Waeyo?”

“Aniya, I just feel weird because you wanna go home together with me. Don’t you want to meet your awesome prince at the bus stop?” Hyoyeon asked. Sooyoung’s face turned dark when Hyoyeon said that to her. She sighed heavily and shook her head. “Aniya…”

“…No more awesome prince…” Added her. That made Hyoyeon even more curious. She could see from Sooyoung’s face that something bad happened.

“What’s wrong?”

“I guess… I should start to forget him from now on. He… he already had a girlfriend.” Sooyoung said sadly. Hyoyeon looked at Sooyoung with a sad stare, and immediately hugged the broken heart girl. She felt bad for her bestfriend. Hyoyeon knew for sure that Kyuhyun was Sooyoung’s first love, that was why she could understand Sooyoung’s feeling.

“Well… maybe he’s not a right guy for you. Don’t be sad, Youngie-ah! There are hundred guys out there who are waiting for you. Just go, and pick one of them!”

“Huh… It’s not that easy, Hyo… But I’ll try…”



Yeah, it’s been a month since Sooyoung decided to forget Kyuhyun. She also never go to the bus stop anymore. She always go home with her bestfriend, Hyoyeon or Yuri. But today, she decided to go home by herself, which meant she had to take a bus to get home.

Sooyoung walked slowly to the bus stop. She kept hoping in her heart that she won’t meet Kyuhyun there, eventhough some parts in her heart really wanted to meet him. Sooyoung’s step became more slowly until she stopped near the bus stop. She could see Kyuhyun there.

But what a minute!

There was something wrong with him! He looked pale, messy, and depressed. He kept bowing his head, didn’t care about the situation around him.

‘Is that really him? What’s wrong with him? Why does he look so depressed?’ A lot of question came out from Sooyoung’s mind when she saw Kyuhyun’s condition. Why didn’t he look like he usual does? He was so different. Slowly but sure, Sooyoung continued to walk to the bus stop.

She didn’t say anything, but immediately sat at the bench not far from Kyuhyun. There was only the two of them there. ‘So awkward.’ She thought.

She kept looking at Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun didn’t notice her presence there. He kept bowing his head and busy with his own mind. ‘What is actually happening? Is he ok? Does he forget me already?’

The bus already came. But still no sign from Kyuhyun that he would get into the bus. He didn’t even move an inch. Sooyoung was in dilemma. She wanted to go home, but she also didn’t want to leave Kyuhyun in such situation. She didn’t know why, but her heart and her mind told her to stay next to him.

Sooyoung looked at the bus and then Kyuhyun. ‘Stay or not?’

When she decided her decision, she stood up from her seat and then walked to the bus. But before she could get into the bus, she felt someone grabbed her wrist. She gasped in surprised when she realized the one who did that was Kyuhyun. For her to be more surprised, Kyuhyun pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly.

“Jebal kajima…” He mumbled with a weak tone.

“Kyuhyun-ssi, what are you doing? I should go home now. Please let me go…”

“Jebal… can you stay here with me?” Kyuhyun said with a weak tone. His breath was panting. Sooyoung just realized that Kyuhyun’s body was warm, almost burned.

“Are you sick, Kyuhyun-ssi?” Sooyoung asked worriedly.

“Jebal kajima…”

“Ne, I won’t leave. I’ll accompany you. But we have to go from here, it’s already night and also cold. Beside, you’re sick Kyuhyun-ssi…”



They finally arrived at Sooyoung’s apartement. Sooyoung had no idea why did she bring him there. She knew that she shouldn’t do it, but yeah… she felt like she could trust him. Beside, in this condition, Sooyoung was pretty sure that he wouldn’t do anything to her.


(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I had no idea why did I hug her! I just need someone now, and I think she’s the right person. I know, I just met her for several times.But I feel like I can trust her.

I can even tell her about the reason why am I being like this, which I can’t tell easily to other people, not even my noona, my parents, or my friends.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)


(Sooyoung’s pOV)

I’m on my way to Kyuhyun’s apartement. I’m worry about him. He just lost his girlfriend in a car accident. He even blames himself because he weren’t there to save his girlfriend. I already told him that was all accident and also destiny. There’s no way we could change it! But yeah… his regret is too deep. All I know is I have to always stay by him side, so I can watch him and also give him some supports, so he can continue his life like he used to.

“Ya! Who is that guy actually?”

“I don’t know! But if I’m not wrong, his name is Cho Kyuhyun. He’s live in that apartement.”

Some girls are talking about Kyuhyun and that makes me feel curious.

“God, why does he want to suicide?”


I run to Kyuhyun’s oppa apartement with such in hurry. God, suicide?? What the hell is he thinking about?!
As soon as I arrive in front of his apartement building, I can see a lot of people are there. Some of them are busy taking Kyuhyun’s oppa picture, and some of them are shouting at him to not jump from the roof top. My heart ache when I’m seeing him up there. He’s standing at the edge of rooftop, some moves will make sure to make him fall from up there.
Without thinking twice, I run into the apartement.

There are a lot of people in front of the rooftop door. No one dare to step closer to him, they’re afraid if he will jump if they’re too close to him.

“Agasshi, please come down!” Said one of those people. But no response from Kyuhyun. He’s still standing there with a blank stare, there’s no life inside his eyes. Like his soul isn’t there anymore. It’s hurting me to see him like this.

“Kyuhyun-ah… please come down. Don’t be like this, jebal…” I beg to him. “Your… your yeojachingu, Haneul, she must be doesn’t like to see you like this. I’m sure that she never blame you for her death.”

Slowly, Kyuhyun turned his body to face me. He looks pale and really messy. “I supposed to protect her…” He says with a sad tone as tears starts to fall from his eyes. I also cry when I see him like this. We both end up crying.

“I miss her… I wanna meet her and i wanna ask for forgiveness to her because I couldn’t protect her.”

“Andwee! Jebal, Kyuhyun-ah… don’t be like this! Suicide will not solve anything.” I sob harder than before.

“At least I can accompany her. Haneul doesn’t like to be alone.” He says.

“NEO BABOYA?! DO YOU THINK IF YOU SUICIDE, THEN HANEUL WILL BE HAPPY?” I scream to him. He seems shocked to hear what I’ve said to him. I step closer to him. “Jebal… please don’t do that. Please think about your family’s feeling and also Haneul’s feeling if you’re suicide. That must be makes them hurt.”

I offer my hand to him. “Kajja oppa…”

“Jebal…” I beg.

Kyuhyun takes my hand with hesitate. I immediately hold his hand tightly, and then I pull him down and hug him. “…Please… please don’t you ever do that again! I’m afraid Kyuhyun-ah…” I cry while I’m still hugging him. Kyuhyun falls onto the floor. He cries hardly like there’s no tomorrow. I kneel down and hug him again. I just let him cry in my embrace.

‘God, I know that maybe for now, I can’t replace Haneul’s place in his heart. But please, let me stay by him side and heal his wound…’

I know that maybe I can’t ever replace Haneul’s place in his heart. But I hope, someday I will have a special place in his heart. But for now, I just wanna stay next to him and heal his deep wound…


Huh, it’s funny to know that rain is always falls from the sky everytime we meet…

I just hope that the rain will bring your pain away, so I can see your awesome smile again. You know oppa, our life is almost like a rain. There’s always rainbow after the rain. So does our life, There’s always something good happen after something bad happen.

So, all we have to do is be patient…

Because something good is waiting for us now…

(Sooyoung’s POV End)

The End




Just a simple girl who loves music, food and blue sky

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  1. omo chingu!
    This fic so awesome,
    I like the story 🙂
    eventhought more of sadness than happiness,
    but I like this story 🙂

    chingu sequel please?
    *sorry 4 my bad grammar

    1. Really? Wow, thanks a lot ^^ I’m glad that you like it 🙂
      well, i’m planning to do a sequel about this story, but maybe later. Cause i still need an idea about it 🙂

      no problem, your grammer is fine 🙂

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