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The Pain (Part 12)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters


Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Super Junior’s members



(Siwon’s POV)

“Oppa, have you ever felt regret for having me as your little sister?”

“Mwo? What are you talking about? Of course not! You’re my lovely sister, arasso!”

“Keunde… I already caused a lot of trouble for you, appa, and eomma…”

“Ani! Everything isn’t your fault. Seyeon-ah, wae geure? Why are you talking about this all of sudden? There’s something wrong?”

“Ani… Oppa?”


“If I leave, will everything back to normal again? Will everything getting better?”

“Mwoya? Seyeon-ah, are you alright? Where are you now?”

“Nan gwenchana, don’t worry oppa…”

“Oppa, i just wanna tell you that I love you. You’re the best brother ever! And gomawo for everything oppa. You’re always kind to me eventhough you already knew the truth. I’m so glad for having you as my brother. If I can ask to god, then I really wanna be your sister again in the next life.”

“Nado saranghae, Seyeon-ah…”

“Annyeong oppa…”


“Seyeon-ah?? Yoboseyo???”

Seyeon just hang up the phone. Our conversation just now makes me worry. I feel like there’s something wrong with Seyeon. The way she talked was really different than usual. She was talking like… she really wants to go far.

God, it can’t be! Don’t tell me that Seyeon wants to…. LEAVE???

(Siwon’s POV End)




Siwon really panicked! He kept calling his little sister, Seyeon. But no response from her, it made Siwon more worry. He even decided to leave his variety show and went back to his house. The tall guy was running at the parking lot, he didn’t care about anything. All he care about was just his little sister, Choi Seyeon.



The beautiful girl, Seyeon was looking at her family picture. There were her father, her mother, her brother, her sister and herself in that picture. She touched the picture with her smooth fingers. “I hope I take a right decision. Mianhe for everything. I… I really love you all, that’s why I decided to do this…” Seyeon mumbled while she was looking at the picture on her hand.

She put the picture back on her study table. Her smooth hand reached a bottle of blue pills. Seyeon held it tightly. She took a glance to her family picture before she opened the bottle of blue pills. “Mianhe, but I have to do this. i… I really miss YoonA eonnie. I want to meet her and ask for apologize to her…”

And with that… Seyeon add all of those pills into her mouth….

“Mianhe oppa…”

“Jeongmal mianheyo appa…”



Siwon was running through the hospital corridor while carrying Seyeon on his hand. Seyeon was unconscious after she drank almost all of the blue pills inside the bottle. She tried to commit suicide by drinking a lot of sleeping pills until she overdosis.

“Jebal, please help my sister…” Siwon cried. The doctor and nurses brought Seyeon’s body to the emergency room. Siwon was afraid. He was afraid if he had to lose his sister again, he didn’t want it happen!

“Babo Seyeon-ah… why did you do that? You know that I love you, right?” He mumbled sadly. Siwon sat weakly on the chair in front of Emergency room. He looked at the room sadly. He felt useless. He should have protect his sister. He should have pay attention to her, so everything wouldn’t be like this.

“I can’t forgive myself if something bad happen to you, Seyeon-ah. Please be safe! Don’t leave me…”

“God, please save my sister! I don’t need anything else. I just need her. If I could turn back the time, I should come early so I could stop her before she did it. I need a time machine….”


(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Hyung, Siwon hyung eodisso?” I ask to Leeteuk hyung who’s sitting next to me. We’re just finished our variety show and now we’re having some rest in the Super junior’s waiting room. Leeteuk hyung shakes his head slowly. “Molla. The manager said that Siwon had to go because there’s something important.” Leeteuk Hyung answers.

“I think it had something to do with Seyeon.” Added Yesung hyung.


“Ne, I heard his conversation through the phone with Seyeon. It looked like there’s something important.”

Seyeon? I hope there’s nothing bad happening to her…

I take out my phone from my bag. There are some messages in it. From Ahra noona, Changmin, Hyunwoo, and Seyeon.


I open Seyeon’s message first. I don’t know why all of sudden I feel curious about it. It sent 2 hours ago, when I was still shooting for the variety show.

FROM : Lime Queen

Annyeong Kyuhyun oppa 😀

Nan neomu geuriwo..
Hahaha… ne, I know that’s weird, because we met like 3 days ago. But yeah, I miss you…
Oppa mianhe… mianhe because I took your happiness. If I have a time machine, I’ll definitely use it to turn back the time, so I can replace YoonA’s eonnie place. But unfortunately, something like Time Machine isn’t exist..

Oppa, I just wanna tell you something. Something which is I can’t tell you face to face. So, I have to tell you in this way.

Saranghae oppa…
Nan neomu saranghae…

I know you must be really shocked now. But that’s the truth. I like you since a long time ago, before you like YoonA eonnie. But I was such a babo at that time, ah ani… I’m still a babo until now…

I know that you never like me more than a sister. I also know that I can’t replace YoonA’s eonnie place in your heart. You love her so much, do you? 😀
Well, I just want you to know. Because I can’t keep this for anymore longer. It too hurts… Beside, I want everything to be clear before I go…
Gomawo for everything oppa.. I hope we can meet again in the next life. And if that happens, I hope I can be your girl oppa ^^

Annyeong nae sarang, Cho Kyuhyun…

Seyeon loves me? Ottohke? How could this happen? Seyeon and I are friends, almost like brother and sister. It can’t be happening! There’s no way Seyeon loves me! And did she write that she wants to leave?

Gosh, what is actually happening  right now? Why it’s so complicated?

Eunhyuk hyung comes into the room with a panic face. “I just got a news from Siwon. He said that Seyeon is in the hospital because of attempted suicide.”

“Mworago?!!” All of us shout in surprised. Suicide? Are you kidding me? There’s no way Seyeon will do that! But, the fact tells the otherwise, Seyeon really attempted suicide. It’s not a joke, it’s the fact!

“Ya, what hospital? We have to go there. I’ll talk to the manager hyung about our schedule.” Leeteuk hyung says with a panic tone. He immediately run out for looking the manager. Me and the others hyungdeul run to the parking lot.

‘Jebal Seyeon-ah… please be safe…’

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



(Siwon’s POV)

The doctor said that Seyeon is in coma. The effects of the drug is already spread throughout her body, it even damaged some of her nerve. If I bring her here a little late, maybe she can’t even survive. I touch her soft hand and I’m holding it. it’s cold, unlike usual. I already lost YoonA, I don’t want to lose Seyeon too.

“Seyeon-ah, palli ireonna! You don’t want to make oppa sad, do you?” I ask to the sleeping Seyeon who is lying weakly on the bed. Her face looks so much pale. And I just notice that there’s a dark circle around her eyes. “I’m a bad oppa, right?” I can’t hold my tears for anylonger. Without I can control, tears starts to fall from my eyes.

“Do you hear me Seyeon-ah? Please don’t leave me. Appa, eomma, and oppa need you. We love you, saengie-ya…”

God, please don’t take her away from us. We love her and we need her. I’m begging you…

(Siwon’s POV End)



Mr.Choi just arrived from the hospital. He actually really wanted to stay there, accompany his daughter, Seyeon. But Siwon told him to go home and took a rest. Mr.Choi entered his house, and found out his drank wife. He couldn’t control his emotion anymore. He took some big step to approached his wife.

Mr.Choi took the glass from his wife’s hand and it caused his wife became mad. “What are you doing?! Give me back the glass!”

“How could you being like this?! Your daughter is in the hospital and she’s in coma, while you’re drinking here alone like a heartless person. You don’t even visit her in the hospital.” Mr.Choi said in anger. He couldn’t hold his emotion anymore.

“Mwo? My daughter?! Ani! She isn’t my daughter! And just so you know, I prefer her to death! I’m gonna be happy if she disappears from this world.”


Mrs.Choi touched her cheek which was started to getting red because of the slapped. “Neo! You slapped me because of your useless daughter?!”

“Minyoung-ah, nan…”

“Neo jeongmal nappeun saram! I hate you, Choi Yoon Sung!”



Mrs.Choi closed the door harshly, leaving Mr.Choi outside the door. The old man looked at the door sadly. He knew that he shouldn’t do something like that to his wife, it would only make everything worse than before. Mr.Choi sighed heavily while his hand massage his forehead. He was too tired with all of this thing. It was too much for him to handle.

‘Does everything is a punishment for what I did in the past?’



-To Be Continued-





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