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Your Smile (Part 5)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Type      : Chapters/Series
Genre    : Romance, Sad Romance, Life, Drama


Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Sooyoung
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joohyun



“This guys seems familiar to me.” Thought Sooyoung as she’s looking at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun couldn’t take his eyes from Sooyoung. He greatly admired the beauty girl in front of him now. And it happened with Sooyoung too. She also secretly admires the handsome guy in front of her. They immediately turned their gaze, when their eyes accidentally met.

“Naah, i remember now! I ever met him in the Rainbow Cafe.” Sooyoung mumble in her heart.




(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I was so excited about last night. I never thought before, that i could meet her officially. I don’t understand why, but everytime i meet her my heart will always beating so fast and i just feel happy when i see her. But there is something that i don’t understand why..

Why is she always looks sad?

Eventhough she smile but i know that’s a fake smile. Because i can clearly see in her eyes that she’s actually sad.

I was walking to the parking lot when i see Seohyun was standing beside my car.

“Oppa..” Called Seohyun.

“Hey, What are you doing here?” I tried to act normal and threw away the awkward situation between us.

“Bogoshipo oppa.” Said Seohyun and then she hugs me tightly, not wanting to let me go. I hug her back as a respond. Eventhough i already broke up with her, but i still care about her as a friend.

“Do you have lunch?” I asked her as i release the hug.

“Not yet oppa.”

“Well, Let’s have a lunch in the Rainbow Cafe as usual.” I said to her while im smiling.

The only reason why i decided to go to this Cafe again is because maybe i can meet Sooyoung in this cafe. Because Siwon said to me that this is her favourite Cafe. And she often go to this place.


I think my decision to go to this cafe was right. Because not long after that, she comes to this Cafe with her friend. She didn’t notice about my presence at first, but then she sees me. And for me to be happy is…

…She’s smiling to me.

Gosh!! I can’t believe about what i see now. Because for the first time in my life i see her smiling. And for this time, her smile isn’t a fake smile. I could see that it’s a sincere smile from her.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




(SooYoung’s POV)

Taeyeon and I decided to have a lunch in the Rainbow Cafe. When Taeyeon and i are waiting for our orders, i feel like someone is watching me. I turn around to see who’s that person. And for me to surprise…

…He’s Kyuhyun, Siwon’s oppa bestfriend.

I can’t help but smile to him. I also don’t know why im being like this. I’m not the type of person who can smile easily to someone else, but somehow when i see him i can smile. And it’s a sincere smile.

“You know that guy?” Asked Taeyeon interrupting my thought.

“Hmm? The guy who’s sitting over there?”

“Ne. You know him? Because i feel that he’s always looking at us.”

“Ah ne, i know him. He is Siwon’s oppa friend.” I answered her.

Taeyeon turns her face to see Kyuhyun. “He’s a handsome guy. Does he have a yeojachingu?”

“Wae? You like him?” I asked Taeyeon while looking at her.

Taeyeon turns her face to see me and the she laughs.

“Wae? There’s something funny?”

“Hahaha.. Don’t worry Sooyoung-ah! I don’t like him. Beside my heart is only for Kang-In oppa.” Added Taeyeon as she’s smiling to me.

I just stare at her without any expression.

“Ne.. ne Mianhe Sooyoung-ah. Im just kidding!”

“You know what, That was the first time i saw you smile sincerely to someone since Donghae died. You should smile like that often, Sooyoung-ah.” Added Taeyeon again while she’s looking at me with a smile on her face.

(SooYoung’s POV End)




“Do you know her oppa?” Asked Seohyun jealousy.

She felt really jealous because she saw Kyuhyun was smiling to Sooyoung and he kept staring at her like all the time. He even didn’t pay attention when she was talking to him.

“Ne, I know her.” Replied Kyuhyun shortly while his eyes still looking at Sooyoung.

Seohyun couldn’t take that anymore, she tried to get Kyuhyun’s attention back.

“Here oppa.. Let me feed you!” Said Seohyun as she was trying to feed Kyuhyun.

But Kyuhyun refused it by saying “No you dont have to feed me. I can eat by myself.”

“Anni oppa. I want to feed you.” Said Seohyun stubbornly.

“But..” Before Kyuhyun could finish his word, Seohyun already fed him.

Seohyun smiled happily to him and then she wiped Kyuhyun’s lip. On the other side, Kyuhyun felt really uncomfortable with her action. He tried to show her that he felt uncomfortable with her action, but Seohyun didn’t care about it at all. And she kept doing her action.

“Ya, is that girl his girlfriend?” Asked Taeyeon to Sooyoung.

“Molla. Beside, that isn’t our business.” Said Sooyoung while she’s looking at them without any expression.

“Aiish why am i feel annoying when i see them like that?” Sooyoung mumble in her heart.



-To Be Continued-



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