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The Pain (Part 13)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Genre    : Family, Romance, Drama, Sad Romance, Friendship
Type      : Chapters


Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Super Junior’s members



Kyuhyun was looking at the girl who was lying peacefully on the hospital bed. That girl was Seyeon, Siwon’s little sister. Seyeon was still in her coma. No one knew exactly when would she open her eyes. Kyuhyun smiled sadly to see the beautiful girl in front of him. He missed her…

He missed her smile…

He missed her laugh…

He missed everything about her…

“Seyeon-ah, jebal ireona… aren’t you tired sleeping like this all the time? It’s been 2 weeks already, Lime queen. Oppadeul miss you…” Kyuhyun couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. It’s the first time for him to cry in front of Seyeon. He always thought that guy shouldn’t suppose to cry, but this time, he threw that thought far away.

“Mianhe, I already hurted your feeling. I never knew before that… that you like me in the different way… I’m such a babo, Seyeon-ah. How could I don’t notice your feeling? You must be felt so much pain back there. Jeongmal mianhe…”

Kyuhyun looked at the sleeping beauty with his red and teary eyes. He took Seyeon’s and and hold it softly. “But mianhe, I can’t response your feeling. I love YoonA…” After said that, Kyuhyun bowed his head. He cried in silent. Without he knowing, the sleeping girl in front of him, Seyeon, also cried in her sleep. Slowly, tears fell down from Seyeon’s eyes.

Yeah, The girl was crying in her sleep. Same with Kyuhyun, she cried in silent. Both of them felt pain right in her chest, it so much hurt…

Siwon who was watching all the scene in front of him also cried in silent. He felt sad to see his dongsaeng like that. Seyeon and Kyuhyun were his beloved dongsaeng. He felt useless to see them like that. He kept praying to god, so he could do something to them because he couldn’t take it to see them in pain like that.

‘God, please let me do something worthy to them…’




“Minyoung-ah, jebal… come to the hospital. Please come to meet her.”  Yoon Sung or also known as Mr.Choi persuade his wife to visit their daughter, Seyeon at the hospital. But it seemed useless, cause Minyoung was still sitting at the sofa while her eyes kept staring at the TV. She didn’t even bother her husband presence.

Yoon Sung sighed heavily to see his wife acted. He was tired… he was tired with all dramas that happened in his life. First, his dark secret was revealed. Second, his wife and daughter, YoonA were starting to hate him. Third, he had to lose his beloved daughter, YoonA. And now, Seyeon was in coma because of suicide attempts.

And then what else?? What else could happen after this???

Yoon Sung hugged his wife from behind. “Is it that hard to accept her as your daughter? Seyeon always loves you. She even did all this just because she wanted you to be happy. Jebal… don’t do this to her anymore…” Minyoung just silent, she bit her lips to held back her sob.

“I can’t….”





(Siwon’s POV)

“Seyeon-ah, don’t you want to open your eyes?”  I say with a low tone while I’m stroking Seyeon’s soft hair. I kiss her hand. “Seyeon-ah, jebal ireona…”

“Annyeong Siwon-ah…”

I turn my head to the door. All of Super Junior’s members are here. They’re here for my little sister, Seyeon. I give them a small smile. “Gomawo for coming here. Seyeon must be happy if she knows this.” I thank them. One by one comes to me and pat my shoulder softly. “Stay strong, ara! She needs you.” Sungmin hyung says to me. “Gomawo hyung.”

From the corner of my eyes, I can see Kyuhyun. His face full of sadness, and I understand why. Among all of Super Junior’s members, Seyeon is really close with Kyuhyun, and so does Kyuhyun. And also, the fact that Seyeon likes Kyuhyun maybe makes him even more sad and regret.

“Seyeon-ah, oppa bring you white roses. This is your favorite flower, isn’t?” Eunhyuk says with a teary eyes, eventhough he’s trying to cover it with a smile on his face. He put the flower in the vase next to Seyeon. “Neomu yeppo…”

‘Seyeon-ah, do you see this? Everybody loves you. So, please come back soon, ara! Because oppa and everyone is waiting for you…’





I open the brown door in front of me, it’s Seyeon’s room. Every single thing in this room are still the same since the day Seyeon left this room. I told the maid to keep this room clean. Cause I know… I know that Seyeon will be back soon…


This room fill with Lime. That’s because Seyeon is a lime queen. Ne, she loves lime…

I touch her things slowly with my hand. I still can feel her presence here. I walk closer to Seyeon’s favorite spot, balcony. The wind seems to greet me as soon as I open the balcony door. The wind keep caressing my face, makes me feel calm. I close my eyes to feel the wind even more.

From the balcony, my feet starts to move to Seyeon’s bed. I sit on her bed. My eyes fixed on the green book which is on the table next to Seyeon’s bed. I know that book! That’s Seyeon’s diary. She always brings that wherever she go. I pick that diary and stare at it from quite long, feeling hesitate to read it or not.

“Mianhe Seyeon, Oppa just wanna know how’s your feeling…”  I mumble as I’m looking at the book.

(Siwon’s POV End)






Siwon and Mr.Choi were running panicky in the hospital corridor. They just got a news from the hospital that Seyeon’s condition was getting worse. Right after they got in front of Seyeon’s room, they saw the doctor and some nurses just came out from her room.

“How’s my daughter?” Yoon Sung asked as he looked at the doctor. The doctor sighed heavily, seeing from his expression they both knew that wasn’t a good news.

“Just like I told you before, the effects of the drug is already spread throughout her body, it even damaged some of her nerve. I’m sorry but I have to say this… there’s nothing we can do about it anymore…”


“Ne, Siwon-shi. I’m really sorry. But right now, only miracle can heal her. We already did our best.”

Mr.Choi felt like he couldn’t breathe anymore when he heard about his beloved daughter’s condition.  His eyes started to teary. “Jebal, save my daughter. I’m begging you…” Mr.Choi said with a weak tone.
“Where’s eomma? She’s still won’t to visit Seyeon?” Asked Siwon as he was looking at his father, waiting for his answer eventhough he could guess the answer. Mr.Choi sighed heavily. “Just like you can guess, Siwon-ah.” Answered the old man with a low tone. Siwon patted his father’s shoulder. “I’ll talk to eomma.” Siwon said. “Gomawo Siwon-ah. Right now, I feel really helpless. It’s a good thing that you’re here, with me. You make me stronger.”

Siwon smiled to heard it. He felt happy to know that he was a spirit for his father. He made a promise to himself that he would do anything for the happiness of his family.




Minyoung was in YoonA’s room. she sat on the bed while her eyes was looking at the picture, it was YoonA’s picture. She smiled sadly. “It feels different without you, jagiya. Eomma miss you…” She said with a weak tone.

“Eomma.” Siwon called his mother. He walked closer to his mother, and once he stood in front of his mother, he gave her the book. Minyoung looked at his son with a question stare. “What’s this?” She asked.

“Open and read it! And you’ll find out soon.” Said Siwon before he came out from YoonA’s room, leaving his mother behind with a book on her hand. Mrs. Choi began to open the book and read it. As soon as she read the book, she felt surprised.

The book was actually a DIARY, SEYEON’s DIARY….
I never tell this to anyone, not even to YoonA eonnie and Siwon oppa. I only keep it for myself, cause im hoping that it isn’t true, and it just my feeling. But I think my biggest fear has become real…

My mother hates me!

Eventhough she never yells or mad at me. But I know that deep inside her heart she doesn’t like me. I can see that she always feels uncomfortable whenever im around her. And beside, she always treats me differently from my other siblings, Siwon oppa and YoonA eonnie.
Since I was a kid, I could feel how different she treated me from my other siblings. She always acts soft and full of love to them, but not me!
I still can remember the time when I get lost. I was still in middle school at that time. I was from my friend’s house when suddenly the rain fell down from the sky. I was so panic and when I saw the bus, I immediately entered it without looking the direction. I fell asleep on that bus because I was tired. I woke up when I heard the thunder sound and for me to be surprised…

..i didn’t know where I was. I think I was so far from my house. I get out from the bus and walked to the public phone which is not far from the bus stop. I called my mom to pick me up. But she didn’t pick up her phone. Finally I decided to ask people around there how to get home. And luckily, I could go home by myself. It was already night when I finally got home. I think maybe omma would worry about me.
But what I found was differently from what I thought…

My mother was watching the TV while she laughed. She didn’t care about me who was standing next to her with a wet clothes. Yeah, my clothes were wet because of the rain. When she finally noticed my present next to her, she just looked at me with no expression and told me to go change my clothes. She even didn’t bother to ask about my condition.

She didn’t worry at all!
Tears fell down from Minyoung’s eyes when she read Seyeon’s diary. She knew that she did a lot of bad things to Seyeon while Seyeon always nice to her. “Mianhe, Seyeon-ah…” She cried. “I’m sorry, but I hate you… you and your mom made me like this…”





(Siwon’s POV)

The doctor called us, me and my dad. For the second time, Seyeon’s condition turned to worse than before. The doctor said that the only thing keeping Seyeon life until now is the medical machine. Or the other word is there’s no chance for her to life…


“Ne appa?”

“Can you let her go? I mean, Seyeon…”


(Siwon’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-



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  1. huuuuuaaaaaaaaaa… chingu… kau membuatku menangis.. T_T
    jebbal bangunka seyeon.. *guncang badan seyeon*
    update soon chingu.. T_T

    1. gomawo udh setia ngikutin FF ini 😀
      iya iyaa, ntr aku bangunin si Seyeon. klo masih ngga bangun juga, kita guyur pake air es aja lol

      ok, ntr diusahain secepatnya 🙂

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