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The Pain (Part 14 – Final Chapter)


Author : Cho haneu (Kyula88)
Title       : The Pain
Type      : Chapter
Genre    : Family, Romance, Sad, Drama, Life, Friendship

Cast :
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Siwon
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Super Junior’s members



(Siwon’s POV)

“Ne appa?”

“Can you let her go? I mean, Seyeon…”


I look at my dad with a disbelief stare. I still can’t believe about what I heard just now. Did he tell me to let Seyeon go? It means that he already give up about Seyeon? ANDWE!

“Appa, how could you say that? Seyeon will wake up soon. She will back to normal again. We just have to wait for a little bit longer.” I say to my dad. My dad hugs me and when he talks, I can hear that he’s crying. “I know it’s hard for you. But, we have to do this. We have to let her go. She’s still here until now, just because of those machine on her body. There’s no chance for her to survive.”

“Andwee appa…. Andwee…”

God, why are you doing this to me? To my family? We just lost YoonA, and I don’t want to lose my sister again. Please, can you make Seyeon wake?




She’s still there, sleeping peacefully on the bed. Seeing her like this, makes me can’t believe that she’s actually in coma. And what makes me more hurt is… sooner or later, I have to let her go…

Yeah, I know that this situation would come soon, but I just can’t believe that it happens now. Let her go is the same as killing me slowly. Yeah, slowly but sure. How can I let her go? She’s my sister. I sit on the chair next to her bed.

Somehow, I can smell lime in this room, which is her favorite. Yeah, just like you all know, she’s addict with lime. I touch her soft hand and kiss it softly, not wanting to hurt her.

“Seyeon-ah, you’ll wake up soon, right?”

“Dongsaeng-ah, should I let you go just like appa told me?”

(Siwon’s POV End)




(Kyuhyun’s POV)


That’s how I feel when Siwon hyung told me about Seyeon’s condition. His father, Mr.Choi even wants to let her go. Siwon hyung told me that there’s no chance for Seyeon to survive. She’s actually death, but the machine keeps her to life. Or the other word, she can’t life without those machine. Keeping her until now is only gonna make her more hurt, that was what he also said to me. But Siwon hyung still confused about this. He doesn’t want to lose his sister, but he also doesn’t want to make her more suffer.

I came out from my room, and find all of my hyungdeul are there. All of them look sad, even Donghae hyung, Ryeowook hyung, and Eunhyuk hyung are crying. Yeah, they also heard about Seyeon’s condition. Seyeon is close to us, she’s like our dongsaeng, and we love her so much. So, this news is pretty hard for us.

I sit next to Donghae hyung. I pat his shoulder. “Kyuhyun-ah, I don’t want to lose Seyeon…” He sobbed. I pat his shoulder again, “Ne, arasso hyung. I don’t want to lose her either.”

‘Seyeon-ah, can’t you see that we all love you? Please comeback to us soon… we’re waiting for you, uri Lime Queen.’

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



Minyoung looked at Seyeon with her teary eyes. It was her first time to visit Seyeon since Seyeon was in the hospital. She already dealt with her heart. She promised to herself that from now on she would change her attitude toward Seyeon. She would try to forget everything and started everything new. Because she realized something, she couldn’t live in this such situation. The old lady already tired with everything, so she wanted to started everyting new.

Minyoung touched Seyeon’s hand and held it softly, “Let’s start everything new. But before that, you have to wake up first, arasso.”

“Mianhe… mianhe for everything. I know that I already hurt you so bad. I just…” Minyoung couldn’t finish her sentence. She sobbed hardly like there’s no tomorrow. Her heart was hurt when she remember about her attitude toward Seyeon this whole time. She felt really bad. “Jebal, please wake up soon, Seyeon-ah. Let me fix everything… let me fix my mistake…” She cried while she was hugging Seyeon’s weak body. Little did she know, not only her who was crying, but Seyeon too. It was her second time to crying in her deep sleep. Eventhough she was in coma, but she was still could feel anything around her. Including hearing those conversation.

“Please… please don’t leave me…”


Everyone was waiting in front of Seyeon’s room. Including all of Super Junior’s members. They just got a bad news, Seyeon’s condition was drop. Now, the doctor is in Seyeon’s room to check her condition, while everyone is waiting in front of her room with worried.

“Mianhe… jeongmal mianhe Seyeon-ah…” Minyoung kept mumble while she was still sobbing. Siwon came to his mom and hugged her. “Eomma, everything is gonna be ok.” He said to his mom, eventhough he knew exactly that everything wasn’t ok at all.

Kyuhyun cried in silent. He kept praying in his heart for Seyeon’s condition. He didn’t want to lose her! He never wanted to!

Kyuhyun read again the message that Seyeon sent to him before she decided to suicide. Tears came out from his eyes without he could even control at all. He didn’t love her as a couple, but he loved her as sister. He immediately wiped his tears when he heard the door open. It was the doctor, and seeing from his expression… it meant no good…

“This is it, time to say good bye…” Said the doctor with a sad expression. Minyoung almost faint when she heard it. “Andwee!” She cried. The doctor bowed, felt apologize because he couldn’t do anything to help her. “Mianhe, we did our best. But I think it’s time for you to let her go, for her good sake.” Added the doctor again.

Heavy rain and the sound of thunder seemed as if represented their feelings at that night. The night which was full of pain. They didn’t want to let her go, but then they realized, they couldn’t kept her for anymore longer because it would make her more suffer. So for her good sake, the must let her go… Eventhough hard, but they had to!


(Siwon’s POV)

Is this the end of everything? You’re really gonna go?

“Seyeon-ah, jebal…”

I look at my mom who is crying so badly as she’s holding Seyeon’s hand. Yeah, my mom decided to forget everything and start all over. But I guess it’s too late now. Because now, like or not… we should let her go.

“Jagi-ya, appa loves you. Appa… appa really hopes that you’ll come back to us…” Appa wipes his tears before he continue to talk, “But, if… if you go is the best for you… then… just go. I let you go now. Because I love you and I want you to be happy.” Appa kissed Seyeon’s forehead while tears keep falling from his eyes. So am I. I keep crying silently as I’m watching the scene in front of me. Seriously, I can’t take it!

Now, it’s my mom turns to talk to Seyeon for the last time.

“Seyeon-ah, eomma… jeongmal mianhe…” Eomma can’t continue her  sentence because of the sadness. Appa who is standing next to eomma immediately hug her, trying to make her calm. “Jeongmal mianhe for treating you badly for this whole time. I… I wish you can come back to us. But, if you wanna go, then I let you, as long as you’re gonnabe happy. And, please tell YoonA that I love her too. You both are my lovely daughter…”

Appa comes closer to me and he pats my shoulder. “Don’t you want to say something to her? For the last time…” Appa asks me while he’s looking at me with his teary eyes. I take a deep breath and sigh heavily, hoping the pain in my chest will go away. “Siwon-ah, I know it’s hard for you. But, we all know that it’s time for us to let her go. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love her or we give up on her. We’re doing all this because we love her. We don’t want her to feel more suffer. We can’t be selfish Siwon-ah.”

“Arasso appa…” I say weakly.

I walk closer to where Seyeon is sleeping peacefully. I touch her face softly, I also kiss her forehead, cause maybe it’s gonna be the last time for me to doing this. I sit on the edge of her bed while both of my hands are holding Seyeon’s right hand. “How do you feel? I… I miss you, Seyeon-ah…”

“Will you happy… if… if I let you go?” I start to sob. Still no response from Seyeon, but then something happens which is make me surprise, and so does the others. Suddenly, tears falls from Seyeon’s eyes while she’s still sleeping. Or the other word, Seyeon is crying in her coma. And not only that, she’s also smiling in her sleep. It looks like she’s happy now.

Could it be that… she really wants to go?

“Looks like she really wants to go…” Appa says with a weak tone as he smiles sadly. “Both of you saw it by yourself, right? She really wants to go. We can’t forbid her to go.” Added appa again.


“I know. I’ll let her go…”

(Siwon’s POV End)


(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“Kyuhyun-ah, please come in. I know you must be really want to meet her for the last time, right?” Siwon hyung says as he looks at me. I look at the other hyungdeul. They nod their head as a sign for me to enter the room.

As soon as I enter the room, I can see Mr.Choi and Mrs.Choi are there. They immediately give me some space when they see me coming. I bow a little to them and walk closer to Seyeon. I’m gonna miss her face, her smile, everything about her.

“Seyeon-ah, do you really wanna go?”

“If that for your own sake, then go… I hope you can find your happiness there. And also, you can meet your lovely eonnie, YoonA. Tell her that I love her and… mianhe… mianhe cause I can’t response your feeling. I love you, but only as a sibling nothing more. Seyeon-ah… saranghae…” After that I kiss her forehead. It’s for the first time and also for the last time.

Right after I kissed her forehead. The machine which is support Seyeon’s life rings really loud, as the sign that the girl in front of me has gone forever. I can’t help but cry loudly, I’m crying like there’s no tomorrow. Mr.Choi immediately hugs his wife. And Siwon hyung, he’s just standing there, right behind my back. Maybe he still can’t believe that his lovely sister has gone forever.

‘Good bye nae dongsaeng, Choi Seyeon…’

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)



Everyone was there to bring Seyeon to her last place. All of Super Junior’s members were there too, including Kangin and Heechul. All of those people felt lose and sad . Even rain fell down from the sky, as if it could feel the pain like the other people at that funeral.

 ‘Seyeon-ah, having you as my little sister was an awesome thing happened in my life. You and YoonA are my angel. Saranghae my little sister, and if you meet YoonA there, please tell her that I love her too.’ Siwon said in his heart while he was looking at the tomb sadly.

Mrs.Choi was crying in Mr.Choi arm. She felt regret about everything that she had done to Seyeon. ‘Mianhe Seyeon-ah, I hope you can forgive me. And… I love my daughter. Rest in peace. I hope we can meet soon…’

‘Mianhe for caused you a lot of trouble. Mianhe for make your life miserable. But, you have to know something. Appa loves you a lot. Rest in peace my wonderful daughter, Choi Seyeon…’

One by one people at the funeral went home. Only Choi family and Super Junior’s members left. After said their last good bye to Seyeon, they decided to went home also. “Kajja, Kyuhyun-ah.” Leeteuk put his arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulder. “You guys can go home first, I’ll stay here for a while.” Answered Kyuhyun with a low tone. Leeteuk could understand how his dongsaeng felt. “Arasso. We’ll leave first.” He said as he patted Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

Kyuhyun was alone at that time, cause Choi family just went home. He looked at the tomb with his teary eyes. Then, Kyuhyun put a bouquet of white roses on Seyeon’s tomb. ‘Gomawo for everything… Gomawo for your love, and mianhe for all of my mistake. Rest in peace, nae Lime Queen…’  He said before he walked out from the funeral.

-The End-



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  1. omo… chinguyaaa.. tega kau membuat seyeon berpulang ke rahmatullah *plak… T_T
    siwon oppa aku ngerti banget perasaan kamu.. *curcol
    chingu… ditunggu karyanya yang lain ya… ^^
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  2. chinguya.. knapa kau mengirim seyeon ke rahmatullah?? -__-
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    ditunggu karya lainnya chingu.. ^^

  3. Hello….
    I just a new readers from this WP. Ak baca ini dr awal dan biasanya ga suka kalo endingnya sad. Tp siapapun penulisnya, ff ini nyentuh banget, bkn mewek ending nya.

    Semangat nulis terus yaaaa

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