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Your Smile (Part 6)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Type      : Chapters/Series
Genre    : Romance, Sad Romance, Life, Drama


Cast :
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Sooyoung
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joohyun



“Jebal Jonghyun-ssi.. please forget me! I can’t accept your love, and you know that right?” Said Sooyoung to Jonghyun as their sitting on the bench at the park near their campus.

“Please Sooyoung-ah.. Don’t ask me to forget you, because you know that i can’t.” Answered Jonghyun with a frustrated tone.

“Why don’t you try to love someone else. Like… Jessica maybe?” Said Sooyoung as she’s looking at Jonghyun.

“No, i never like her. The one that i love is… you Sooyoung-ah.” Said Jonghyun to Sooyoung while he’s holding Sooyoung’s hand.

Sooyoung tried to release Jonghyun’s grib, but it seemed fail because Jonghyun was so much stronger than her.

Jessica was looking at them with a angry expression. She was really angry about what her saw. Jonghyun, the person that she liked was holding hands with the person that she hated the most, Sooyoung.

Jessica clenched her hands tightly. “Choi Sooyoung, how dare you to steal my guy. I promise that im gonna make you pay for this..” Jessica mumble in her heart.



Jessica decided to meet someone who could her help to do the plan.

“I got a job for you.” Said Jessica with a smirk on her face.

“What can i do for you this time?” Asked that guy as he’s walking closer to Jessica.

Jessica gave him a photo. “Her name is Sooyoung and i want you to…” Jessica whispered about her plan into the guy’s ear.

That guys seemed interesting about Jessica’s plan. He took Sooyoung’s photo from Jessica’s hand, and then he stared at the photo with an evil smile on his face.

“If the plan work, i will pay with expensive.” Added Jessica again.

“Ok, When do you want me to do it?” Asked that guy again while he’s looking at Jessica, waiting for her answer.

“The sooner is the better.”

“Ok then. I’ll call you when im done.” Said that guy again.

Jessica shaked her hands with that guy as she was smiling happily. “I told you that you will regret about this..”






(Sooyoung’s POV)

“So, once again you rejected Jonghyun?” Asked Taeyeon curiously as she’s lying on my bed.


“Aishh, I feel bad for him.” Added Taeyeon again.

We stay quiet for awhile as im still busy doing my work.

“You must be careful with Jessica. I have a bad feeling about her. I don’t want you to get hurt just because of her, Sooyoung-ah.” Added Taeyeon again as she gets up from my bed, and then she sits next to me on the sofa.

“Don’t worry Taeyeonnie, i can take care of myself.” I replied her.

Taeyeon sighed as she looked at me. “You can take care of yourself? I doubt that. Because the last time i saw you with the ice evil princess, she was beating you so hard. Good things that i came at the right time.”

“Hhuh.. whatever Taeyeonnie! I really don’t wanna talk about it.” I said to her while im looking at her with a tired face.






Ahhh.. i really want to scream out loud. Why do i always have to hear their fighting?? I just want to have a normal live. Is that really too much for me to ask?

Gosh, i can’t take it anymore. I just want to… disappear.

Tears are starts to falling from my eyes, Eventhough i try to holding it back.

“Ah, stupid Sooyoung! Why are crying?? You shouldn’t have to cry. You must stay strong Sooyoung.” I keep saying that to myself, as im wiping my tears roughly.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

Seohyun action is getting annoying now. I can say that she already changed. She acting spoiled and also, she often looking for my attention. Ok, maybe at first i still could handle it. But now, i think i can’t..

“Ya Kyuhyun-ah! The girl named Seohyun is looking for you now.” Said one of my classmate to me.

Aigoo.. what is she doing here?” i asked to myself, then i walk closer to Jinki.

“Where is she now?” I asked to Jinki as im looking at him.

“She said that, she’ll be waiting for you at the park.” Answered Jinki to me.

“Oh ne, Gomawo..” I thanked him before i left.

Honestly right now, Seohyun is the only person that i really dont want to meet. When i got there, i see Seohyun is sitting on the bench. I walk to her lazily, as im trying to act normal to her.

“Oppa!!” Greeted Seohyun with a spoiled tone to me, and then she holds my hand.

I release her grib then looking at her with no expression. “What are you doing here?”

“Oppa, why are you being cold to me? Waeyo oppa?” Asked her with a spoiled tone to me. I can see that her eyes starts to teary.

I just keep silent and dont say anything to her.

“I miss you oppa. I miss my old oppa.” Said her and then she begins to crying.

“Why did you change oppa? Why?” Added her again, while she begins to crying louder.

I sigh and then say “I didn’t change at all Seohyun, but you did. You already changed Seohyun. I feel like i dont know you anymore.” I said with a low tone to her.

She bowed her head as she sobbed.

“Opp..oppa.. I just want you back..” Said Seohyun as she’s looking at me with a sad face.

“Mianhe Seohyun-ah.. But i think this is the best thing for us.” I looked at her with a sorry stare. Honestly, i feel bad for doing this to her. But i dont have another choice, because i dont love her anymore.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)






“AAAAAHH..” Sooyoung screaming in pain when her father, who was drunk slapped her face hardly.

Sooyoung was trying to ran away from his drunk father, but her father pulled her hair until she fell on the floor. And after that, her father began to beat her without any feeling.

“Ap..Appa.. Jebal… please stop.. it” Begged Sooyoung to his father.

“SHUT UP!!” Said her father angrily while he’s still hitting Sooyoung.

Tears were falling from her beautiful eyes as she felt the pain all over her body.

“I can’t take it anymore.. Someone, please save me….

….Donghae-ah.. please take me with you..”


Sooyoung ran away from her house with wounds all over her body. And now she was walking alone on the street, she didn’t care eventhough the air was very cold and it was already midnight.

She kept walking eventhough she didn’t know where to go. She just wanted to go far away and being free from all this torture. As she was walking, she didn’t realize that someone was following her.

“Aaaa..” Sooyoung screamed when she felt that someone grab her arms.

And then, everything was turned black…



-To Be Continued-



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