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Saranghae My Love (Oneshot)


This is a sequel from The Guy At The Bus Stop
So, i suggest you to read the first story before this 🙂


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Saranghae My Love
Type      : Oneshot/Sequel
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Kwon Yuri
– Jung Jessica
– Lee Eunhyuk


(Sooyoung’s POV)
I smile in happiness when I see all the foods in front of me. Today is my birthday, and I decided to invite Kyuhyun oppa to eat dinner in my apartement. I hope he will like it 😀 Because from what I knew, everything that I already cooked for our dinner are his favorite foods.

Yeah, since that day, the day when he wanted to commit suicide, our relationship is become more closer than before. I always stay next to him, because I really want to make him back like he used to, before Haneul passed away. Good thing that he starts to change like used to be little by little.

But, what I’m still sad about is because…

He still can’t forget Haneul…

Yeah, Kyuhyun oppa really loves her. Even until now, he’s still thinking about her like all the time. And that makes me can’t fill his heart. I think there’s no chance for me to replace Haneul’s part in his heart. How hard I try to make him look at me, it’s just useless…

The bell rings success to makes me back to the reality. I’m sure that it’s Kyuhyun oppa. After checking myself in front of the mirror, I immediately run to the front door.

“Kyuhyun oppa…” I greet him with a smile on my face. “Annyeong Soo-ya.” He greets me back and then he gives me a plastic bag. I raise my eyebrow, feeling curious about the plastic bag. “It’s your present.” He says like he could read my mind. “Gomawo oppa!” I thank him as I’m taking the plastic bag from his hand.

“Kaja, let’s eat now! The food is waiting for us.”

(Sooyoung’s POV End)




The tall guy with brown messy hair was standing in front of the lake at the park. There was a sadness in his face. He looked at the lake with a blank stares, like his soul wasn’t in his body anymore. That guy was Cho Kyuhyun.

“Haneul-ah, nan neomu geuriwo…” He whispered sadly.

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, feeling the wind caressing his face. Slowly, his mind started to flashback to his memories with his beloved girlfriend, Haneul. That place was Haneul’s favorite place. He couldn’t forget about Haneul’s happy expression whenever he brought her here.


Flashback Starts

“Oppa palli!” The beautiful girl with a cheerful smile called her boyfriend. While the guy just smiled softly to see his girlfriend’s acted. Her acted was almost like a little kid. “Ya Haneul-ah, why are you so exciting like this? You know what? You really look like a little kid now.” Kyuhyun teased his girlfriend, Haneul. Meanwhile, the girl laughed loudly to hear her boyfriend’s statement. “Hahaha… that’s because I’m still a kid, babo! Don’t forget that I’m 4 years younger than you.”

“Yah! Don’t call me babo!”

“Wae? You don’t like it? Babo oppa! Hahaha…”

“Aish jinjja!” Kyuhyun looked at Haneul with his evil stare. Haneul immediately ran away when she realized that she just make a devil awake from his sleep. “Yah come back here Haneul!” Kyuhyun shouted as he began to chase his girlfriend.

As soon as he caught her, he hugged her waist. “Op..oppa, let me go.” She stammered. Her face started to blush because of Kyuhyun’s act. Kyuhyun smiled while he was still hugging Haneul’s body from behind. He put his chin on her shoulder. “Sirheo. I don’t want to let you go.” He whispered softly.


Flashback End


Tears fell down from Kyuhyun’s eyes. Kyuhyun took a deep breath and sighed heavily. Hoping that the pain in his chest would go away. He looked up to the blue sky. “I know that you’re watching me now. Mianhe, if I make you sad. I just can’t let you go…” Kyuhyun mumbled weakly while his eyes was still looking at the sky.

“Yeongwonhi, saranghae Choi Haneul…”




Little did he know, Sooyoung was there. She heard everything that he said. The tall girl bit her lower lip to hold back her tears. She knew that Kyuhyun still loved Haneul, and it would never change! Haneul would always be number one in his heart. But hearing it by herself was success to make her heart hurt.

Sooyoung touched her chest, trying to hold back her sadness. ‘I knew it already, but why does it still feel hurt?’ Said the black hair girl, Sooyoung while she was staring at Kyuhyun.



Hyoyeon patted Sooyoung’s shoulder softly. “Just give him time, Soo. I’m sure that slowly, he will start to open his heart for you.” Hyoyeon said as she was looking at Sooyoung. Sooyoung bowed her head. “Nan molla, Hyo. I just feel like… there’s no chance for me. He loves her too much.”

“Don’t be so much down like that! You have to confident that someday he will open his heart for you.”
Sooyoung gave a small smile to her blonde friend. “Gomawo, Hyo. You make me feel better.”

“ne, cheonmaneyo.”



Sooyoung was eating her ice cream like a little kid. Yeah, that’s because she loves ice cream! Especially Vanilla. She loves it so much!

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun was looking at her with no expression. Sooyoung who could feel that Kyuhyun was looking at her, pretended like she didn’t know it. She kept continue to eat her ice cream. But then, she felt nervous because Kyuhyun kept looking at her, like she was the only one object in this world.

“Hmm… what’s wrong?” Sooyoung finally asked him. Kyuhyun startled by her sudden question. “Nothing.” He answered.

“She loved Vanilla ice cream…” He mumbled sadly, almost like a whisper. But it loud enough for Sooyoung to hear it.

“Nugu?” She asked curiously.

But then, Kyuhyun’s answer success to make her silent like a mute person. “Haneul. She used to love Vanilla ice cream too…”




(Sooyoung’s POV)


Why does it have to be her? Wae oppa?! Can’t you see that I’m the one who’s here in front of you now? Can’t you?! I’m tired to be her reflection, oppa!

“Waeyo Soo-ya?” Taeyeon asks me while she’s looking at me, waiting for my answer. The other girls, Sooyeon, Yuri and Hyoyeon also turn their heads to face me. I just sigh heavily before I answer Taeyeon’s question. “I’m tired…” I say weakly to her.

“Tired? Tired of what?” Yuri asks after she drank her mocca float.


“Kyuhyun again?”

I nod my head when I hear Hyoyeon’s statement. Yeah, she’s right! I’m tired with everything just because of him, Cho Kyuhyun. How ironic! But, that’s the fact.

Sooyeon, who’s sitting next to me pats my shoulder softly. “Ottohke? I can’t throw away my feeling for him, eventhough I know that everything is useless. He will never love me back. That’s for sure!” I say with teary eyes.

Great! Now, I even want to cry. And it’s all just because of him. Cho Kyuhyun, you really something, aren’t you? You can make me fall in love with you, and you can also make my heart break at the same time.

Taeyeon moves from her seat and she takes a seat on my right side, while Sooyeon on my left side. Taeyeon hugs me and says, “Just let it happens like a water flows. If he’s the right guy for you, I’m sure that in the end, both of you will end up together.” She says with a soft tone while she’s still hugging me.

The other girls nod their heads, agree with Taeyeon.  I look at my friends one by one. “Gomawo chingudeul. You guys helping me a lot.” I smile to them. “That’s what friend is for, Soo-ya! We’re always gonna be here for you.”  Replies Yuri as she’s holding my right hand.




“Would you like to be my girl?”

My eyes grow bigger when I heard that magical sentence came out from his mouth. But unfortunately, he isn’t the guy that I expect to say that magical sentence to me. Because like you all know, my heart is always belong to him, Cho Kyuhyun. And it will never change!

Eunhyuk, the guy that just confessed his feeling to me, is looking at me with his hopeful eyes. He takes my hand and holds it softly, not wanting to hurt me. “So, what’s your answer?” He asks. I can see that he’s very nervous now.

Slowly, I release my hand from his. “Mianhe…” I apologize to him.

God, really! I really hate this situation! This situation makes me feel bad. Really bad! Eunhyuk is a nice guy, he also warm and cheerful person. But the thing is, I don’t love him.

“Gwenchana.” He says with a smile on his face. “We still can be friends.” Added him again. I can see the disappointed on his face. This blonde guy gives me his warm smile before he walks away.

‘Aish, you’re such a jerk, Choi Sooyoung! How could you do that to him?!’

(Sooyoung’s POV End)




Without Sooyoung realized, Kyuhyun was there. He watched all the scenes between Sooyoung and the blonde guy named Eunhyuk. Kyuhyun clenched his hand, felt so much emotion when he saw Eunhyuk held Sooyoung’s hands. To be honest, he really wanted to approach them and took Sooyoung away from there. But sadly, he couldn’t do that. Because for the first time in his life, he realized that Sooyoung wasn’t his. So, there’s no way he could forbid her to be with another guy.

And with that, the handsome tall guy walked away from there with a heavy heart.





Sooyoung froze in front of Kyuhyun. She didn’t understand why Kyuhyun has been so cold to her. “Kyuhyun oppa, wae geure?” She asked as she was looking at Kyuhyun sadly. Kyuhyun looked away, didn’t want to see her face. “Just go.” He said coldly.

“But, why?”

“I’m busy. I have a lot of works.” He said before he turned his body. But Sooyoung immediately caught his right wrist.

“Do you mad at me? Why are you acting so cold like this? What did I do to you until you become like this to me?” A lot of questions came out from Sooyoung’s mouth. She was trying so hard to hold back her tears.

Kyuhyun looked at her shaply. “You know what? You’re kinda annoying me.”

There was like a storm in Sooyoung’s heart when Kyuhyun said that to her. “A..Annyoying?” She stammered.

Sooyoung bit her lower lip to hold back her tears. But it seemed useless, cause her tears already fell from her beautiful eyes. “Mi.. mianhe…” She sobbed while she was bowing her head. She was too afraid to face the cold guy in front of her. She felt like she didn’t have anymore strength.

Kyuhyun was looking at the beautiful girl in front of him with no expression. To be honest, he felt something hurt inside his heart, and he didn’t know why. He just knew that he wanted to wipe her tears and hug her to make her calm. But of course he couldn’t do that.

Didn’t want to feel any hurt inside his heart, Kyuhyun decided to go back to his office. Because like he said before, he had a lot of works, and it meant that he was pretty busy.

“Saranghae oppa… nan jeongmal saranghae…”

Kyuhyun froze like a statue when those sentence came out from the girl behind him, Choi Sooyoung. Kyuhyun clenched his hand. While Sooyoung, she was sobbing hardly like there’s no tomorrow. It looked like the air night of Seoul city was making her heart even more hurt and empty.

“Arasso, I know your answer…” Sooyoung wiped her tears before she continued her sentence. “I’m leaving now… and… I promise that, this is the last time you see me.” Sooyoung sighed heavily. “Good bye oppa…”




(Kyuhyun’s POV)

‘What the hell you’re doing, Cho Kyuhyun babo?!’

I turn back my body when I hear Sooyoung’s last word. Andwee! I don’t want this to be happen! I… I don’t want to lose her…

I immediately run to catch her. I see from the corner of my eyes that she’s standing at the edge of the road. She wants to across the street. Sooyoung keeps bowing her head. Right when she step her feet on the road, the traffic light changes from red to green. And the worse part is… Sooyoung doesn’t realize it!

The comes of a truck makes me realize that Sooyoung is in DANGER!

Andwee! I won’t let this happen again! I won’t let anything happen to my love ever again!

Yeah, the truth is I love her. I really do!

I run to Sooyoung like a crazy person. Then, I pull her hand and bring her body closer to me, right before the truck hit her body. We both fall onto the ground, with Sooyoung in my embrace. I hug her tight. I’m too afraid to lose her. Really! I don’t know what’s gonna be happen to me if that truck…

Aish! I can’t even say that!

It reminds me of Haneul’s accident. She was hit by a car, and i couldn’t save her until she had to go forever.
“Kyu… kyuhyun oppa?” Sooyoung sobs. She’s looking at me with her teary eyes. Her face looks so pale. Maybe she’s still shocked about what just happened. “Go.. gomawo… i…”


I kiss her lips softly, not caring about the people around us. I just want to let her know that i love her. And i don’t want to lose her. Never want to!

“Kyuhyun oppa…” Sooyoung says in surprised. I look at her eyes and say, “Saranghae. Nan jeongmal saranghae…”
Her eyes grows bigger, “Neo? You love me?”

“Ne, i love you. Mianhe for make you waiting for so long. Mi…” Sooyoung put her index finger on my lips. “Ani. Don’t say that!” she says.

“Soo-ya, would you like to be mine?”

Sooyoung smiles soflty, “Should i answer it?” She asks. “Because i think you already know the answer.”

“Nado saranghae nae namja, Cho Kyuhyun.”

I hug her again as soon as I heard her statement. I kiss the top of her head. “Gomawo, Soo-ya. From now on, I promise that I’ll always protect you and I won’t leave you. Cause I realized that you are my everything, Soo-ya.”

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




‘God, Thank you for giving me this awesome girl…’

‘Is this a dream? I can’t believe that this actually happen! Kyuhyun oppa loves me back 😀 I’m so glad! I promise to myself that I won’t let him down. I’ll always be by his side and I’ll always support him.’

‘Saranghae My Love…’



-The End-



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  1. annyeong~~
    comment keduaku di blog inii
    sbnrny ak gk terlalu suka kyuyoung couple (sorry)
    tp ceritanya baguss!!
    bca ff di blog ini bikin ak baca smbil bljr bhs ing
    btw, minta ff kyuyeon lagi donggg *pasang muka aegyo sungmin*
    ditunggu ff selanjutnya!!(brharap kyuyeon)
    gumawo~~ *bow*

    1. Annyeong! 🙂
      Gomawo ya udh mau mampir ke blog ini 🙂
      haha, seneng deh klo kamu suka ceritaku ^^ Tenyata Kyuyeon shipper toh! 😀 keke, ok ok ntr bkalan dibanyakin cerita Kyuyeon couple-nya 🙂

      Sering2 mampir yaa.. 😀

      1. iyaaa… gara2 blog ini ak jadi kyuyeon shipper.. hahahaha
        ak tunggu ff kyuyeon yg berikutnya~!

  2. uwah.. almost cry when soo feel hurt because kyu still remember hanuel and kyu said coldly with soo, especially in danger X-( . but finally happy ending. love it and love this couple

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