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Your Smile (Part 7)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Your Smile
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joo Hyun



(Sooyoung’s POV)

I feel like someone is holding my body. I want to see who’s that person, but my eyes are too difficult to open. Seriously, im so afraid right now. I can feel that something bad is gonna happen to me.

“God please save me..” I prayed in my heart.

That guy brings me to the old building, and then he puts me on the ground. Finally im able to open my eyes. I can even see that guy eventhough the room is dark, because there’s a little light from outside the building.

The guy seems notice that im awake. He walks closer to me with a smirk on his face.

“Ah, you awake already.” He said to me with an evil smile on his face.

I can’t help but afraid when i see his evil smile. “Who are you? What do you want from me?” I asked weakly to him.

He touches my face and then he kisses my lips.

“Hmmmp… let.. me go..” I said to him as im trying to push him. But he’s too strong for me.

“Don’t worry honey, cause you’re gonna enjoy this.” He whispered to my ear and then he begins to kiss me. But this time, he kisses me roughly.

I just cry, not knowing what to do. I feel weak and my body still hurts because of my dad.

He begins to kiss my neck while his hands is trying to remove my shirt.

“Jebal… please don’t do this to me..” I begged to him as im crying harder.

“Sssh.. I told you that you’re gonna enjoy this. So, just relax ok.”

“God, why are you doing this to me? Do you hate me? If you don’t please send someone to rescue me.”


When i feel desperate..

Suddenly i hear a very loud sound. The guy who is kissing me, stop his action and then he looks toward the sound. He walks toward the sound, and not long after that i hear a loud sound and i can see the guy is fighting with someone.

Im still laying on the cold ground, i feel very weak. I can’t even run away to save myself.

When my eyes is about to close, i feel like someone is hugging me.

“Andwee… jebal.. please don’t hurt me.” I begged to that person weakly while im still crying.

“Don’t worry Sooyoung-ah, you’re save now. Im here to protect you.” Said that person to me as he’s hugging me tightly.

His voice is sound familiar for me. I look up to see that guy, And im so surprise to see who’s that guy.

“Kyuhyun-ssi..” I mumble his name, and after that everything turns black..

…I fainted.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)




(Kyuhyun’s POV)


I got Sooyoung’s address from Siwon. When i was about to go to her house, i see that Sooyoung was walking alone on the street. I tried to approach her, but for me to surprised there was a guy tried to kidnap her.

He put Sooyoung unconscious body into his car.

I followed his car until i arrived at the old building. I broke down the door, and i was so shocked when i saw that guy was kissing Sooyoung roughly.

That guy walked closer to me, and without any warning i punch him right on his face. I was extremely mad about what he had done to Sooyoung.

After that guy fainted, i ran to Sooyoung. I hugged her weak body tightly.

Sooyoung looked very weak and desperate.

“Andwee.. jebal.. please don’t hurt me.” She begged weakly to me.

I hugged her more tightly and i comforted her. I could hear that she was mumble my name before she fainted in my arms.

“Mianhe Sooyoung-ah, i should have to saved you faster.” I said to her as i was holding her body.

Flashback End-


I brought her to my apartment and i laid her on my bed. She looks pale and her body is shivering. I put my hand to her forehead, and i can tell that she has a little fever. I put a blanket to cover her body.

My hand touch her cheek slowly. I see that she has a lot of wounds all over her body even on her beautiful face. I decided to treat her wounds.

She moves a little when im treating her wounds. “Ahh.. it’s hurt.. jebal.. dont do this to me.” she mumble in her sleep.

I hold her hand and kiss it. “You’re save now Sooyoung.. I promise i will always protect you. I won’t let anyone to hurt you again.”

Tears starts to falling from her eyes..

I can’t stand to seeing her like this. I feel in pain when im seeing her like this.

“Goodnight Sooyoung-ah.” I said to her and then i kiss her forehead.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)





When Kyuhyun was about to get out from the room, suddenly someone grabbed his arm. And that person is none other than Sooyoung.

“Kyuhyun-ssi, please dont leave me alone. Im.. im afraid..” Said Sooyoung weakly as she’s looking at Kyuhyun with a teary eyes.

“Ne, i won’t Sooyoung-ah.” Kyuhyun replied to her, and then he laid his body beside Sooyoung.

“Gomawo KyuHyun-ssi.. If you didn’t come i..”

Kyuhyun cut her words “Sssh.. you better sleep Sooyoung. I know you must be tired. And one more thing, please just call me Kyuhyun-ah ok?” Said Kyuhyun while he gave Sooyoung a warm smile.

Sooyoung felt comfortable when she saw his warm smile. “Ne, Kyuhyun-ah..” Replied Sooyoung before she fell asleep.



-To Be Continued-



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