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Your Smile (Part 8)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Your Smile
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joo Hyun



Sooyoung felt there’s someone hug her, and then she lazily opened her eyes. How shocked she was when she saw Kyuhyun slept next to her while he was hugging her tightly.

She looked at Kyuhyun who was still sleeping next to her, and then she remembered about what happened last night. She really felt grateful to Kyuhyun because he saved her from a danger.

Sooyoung touched Kyuhyun’s face slowly. “Gomawo Kyuhyun-ah, jeongmal gomawo for saved me.” She mumbled while she looked at Kyuhyun. She didn’t know why, but she felt save in Kyuhyun’s arms.

“Why do i feel like this? I just met him, how can i feel so much saved when im with him?” Asked Sooyoung curiously to herself.

Sooyoung tried to release Kyuhyun’s hug slowly, so he wouldn’t wake up. But that only made Kyuhyun hugs Sooyoung even more tight. Sooyoung couldn’t help but feel nervous about that. Her face turned to red immediately.

“Ah, you’re awake.” Said Kyuhyun while he smiled warmly to her.

“Hmm.. Ne..” Answered Sooyoung in a nervous tone. She felt really nervous right now. Because she had never been this close with a guy except Donghae and her cousin, Siwon.

Kyuhyun realized about Sooyoung’s expression. And then he looked down to see his hand. He felt really suprised and also embarrassed when he realized that he was still hugging Sooyoung’s body.

He immediately let go of his arms. “Mianhe Sooyoung-ah.” Said him with a nervous tone, while he tried to hide his blushing face.

“Ne, gwenchana.” Answered Sooyoung as she tried to hide her nervous and blushing face too.





(Sooyoung’s POV)

I look at my reflection in the mirror, and i can see that my body and even my face full of wounds.

I touch them slowly because it still hurts.

“Aww..” I moaned in pain when im touching my wounds.

“Gwenchana Sooyoung-ah?” Asked Kyuhyun with a worried face as he’s walking closer to me.

“Ah ne, gwencaha.” I answered while im smiling to him, to make him sure that im fine.

“Here, let me help you to treat your wounds.” Said Kyuhyun as he’s walking out from the bedroom to take a medicine.



Now, we’re having a breakfast in the dining room.

“You better stay here for a rest. Or you want me to take you home?” Asked Kyuhyun as he’s eating his breakfast.

“If you don’t mind, i want to stay here. Is that ok?”I asked Kyuhyun while im looking at him.

Kyuhyun nod and then smiles. “Of course i don’t mind.”

“But please dont tell anything to Siwon oppa. I dont want to make him worry.”

He looks at me for awhile and then says “Ok, if that’s what you want.”

“Gomawo Kyuhyun-ah.” I thanked him as im smiling to him.

“Ne, Cheonmaneyo.”

“You know what Sooyoung-ah? You look more beautiful when you smile. You should smile often.” Added Kyuhyun again to me, while he’s looking at me with a smile on his face.

Im really suprise about that, i didn’t expect that he would say that to me.

I can feel that my face is starts to blushing.

“God, why am i feeling nervous like this?”

(Sooyoung’s POV End)






Meanwhile, Taeyeon was really worry about Sooyoung because she didn’t attend the class, and Sooyoung didn’t even pick up her phone when she called her.

“Aigoo.. where are you, Sooyoungie??” She asked to herself while she tried to call Sooyoung again.

“Yaa, What’s wrong?” Asked Sunye curiously to Taeyeon.

“Sooyoung didn’t pick up her phone. I tried to call her many times, but still she didn’t pick up.” Answered Taeyeon with a worried face. She felt like there was something bad happened to Sooyoung.

Sunye gave an advice to Taeyeon. “Why don’t you go to her house after this. Just to make sure if she’s alright.”

“Ah ne, you’re right. Ok then, Gomawo chingu-a.” Thanked Taeyeon to Sunye, and then she walked out from the class.





(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I found Sooyoung is sleeping peacefully on the sofa. I look at her beautiful face, i can’t help but smile when i see her face.

I made a promise to always protect her, because i dont want to see her get hurt anymore. When im about to touch her face, suddenly the doorbell rang. I walk to the door to see who’s coming.

“Aigooo… Seohyun again? Should i open it or just ignore?”  I mumble to myself.

“Who’s that Kyuhyun-ah? Why don’t you open the door?”

I turn my body and find Sooyoung standing not far from me.

“It’s..” before i could finish my sentence, the bell starts to ring again.

Finally i decide to open the door, cause it’s gonna be weird for Sooyoung if i don’t open the door.

“Oppa..!!” Said Seohyun with a cheerful tone to me and then she hugs me.

But her smile immediately disappears from her face when she sees someone behind me.

“Who’s that oppa?” Asked her with a sharp tone to me as she’s looking at Sooyoung.

“She’s my friend, her name is Sooyoung.”

“Why is she here?” asked her again.

“Aigoo, she begins to annoying again.”

“I think that’s not your business!” I answered to her coldly as im looking at her. I could see that Seohyun frowned for awhile, because i never talked to her like that before.

Without saying anything, she walks away from my apartment.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




“YAAA BABO NAMJA!!! HOW COULD YOU FAIL TO DO THAT PLAN???!!” Said someone with a very loud tone on the phone.

“That plan was so easy babo! All you have to do is rape her! I can’t believe that you couldn’t handle that stupid bitch, Sooyoung.”

“I dont care if you got beat or something. And im not gonna pay you either! Got it!” Added that person angrily before she hang up the phone.

Taeyeon was so shocked when she heard that. She heard about that person conversation without on purpose, when she was about to enter the toilet.

“Sooyoung almost raped?”

Suddenly the toilet door opens, Taeyeon couldn’t help but shocked when she saw that person.

“YOU..!!! HOW DARE YOU TO HURTED MY BESTFRIEND??” Screamed Taeyeon angrily to that person.



-To be Continued-



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