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Your Smile (Part 9)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Your Smile
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joo Hyun



“YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PERSON JESSICA!!” Shouted Taeyeon with a angry tone to Jessica.

Jessica just smirked while looked at Taeyeon. “I think this isn’t your business.”

“Of course it’s my business! We’re talking about my bestfriend now. Just so you know, im gonna report you for this.” Said Taeyeon while she still looked at Jessica with a angry face.

“This time, you’ve gone too far Jess.” Added her again and then she walked away from Jessica.

But then before Taeyeon could go far, Jessica pulled her hand. “If you want to report me, Then just go ahead! I don’t care. But if you do that, it’s mean you don’t care about Sooyoung.” Said Jessica as she showed her evil smile to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon frowned for awhile after Jessica said that to her.

“Are you trying to threaten me? If you are, then it’s not working. Cause im not afraid of you!” Said Taeyeon as she looked at Jessica sharply.

“What ever you think Taeyeon! But just so you know, i could do worse than that.” Jessica walked away after she said that, leaving Taeyeon who was still standing there.




Taeyeon was very worried about Sooyoung. She went to Sooyoung’s house just to make sure if she’s alright, but Sooyoung wasn’t there. And Taeyeon also tried to call her phone, but it was just the same as before. She still didn’t pick up her phone.

Various bad thoughts flashed in Taeyeon’s mind.

What if Sooyoung does something stupid? Like suicide.” Thought Taeyeon.

“Andwee… Sooyoung must be fine. Aish.. I think im going crazy now.” Said Taeyeon with a frustrated tone.

Taeyeon decided to go back to Sooyoung’s house because maybe she’s already home now.

When she almost reached Sooyoung’s house, she saw Sooyoung just got out of a car. She ran toward her and hug her tightly like there’s no tomorrow.

“Aww Taeyeon it’s hurt.” Moaned Sooyoung.

Taeyeon let go of her, and she was so shocked when she saw Sooyoung’s body full of wounds.

“Mianhe Sooyoungie.. Did that guy do this to you?” Asked Taeyeon while she looked at Sooyoung’s wounds.

“That guy? How do you know Taeyeon?” Asked Sooyoung curiously.

“Long story. But all i can say is that was all because of Jessica.” Answered Taeyeon to Sooyoung.

Sooyoung just silent. She still couldn’t believe about what she just heard. She knew that Jessica really hates her, but she just couldn’t believe that Jessica would do such a horrible thing to her.



“Now, tell me about everything!” Said Taeyeon with a serious tone.

“Who did that to you?” Asked Taeyeon as she pointed Sooyoung’s wounds.

Sooyoung took a deep breath before answer Taeyeon’s question. “My dad.” Answered Sooyoung without any expression.

Taeyeon couldn’t help but feel shocked. She couldn’t understand, why in this world there is someone like Sooyoung’s father who could hit his own daughter.

Taeyeon hugged Sooyoung to comfort her. She just hoped that she can comfort and help her with always be by her side.




(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I stare at my bed that Sooyoung used when she still here. Honestly, i kinda miss her and i still worry about her. I want her to stay here with me, but i also realize that she has her own home and life.

Now, i can admit that…

…I already fell for her…

Yeah maybe it’s sound silly, but… i think i love her since the first time i met her which is mean Love At The First Sight.

Suddenly, my eyes catch a shining thing above my bed. I take it, and it was a necklace. A very beautiful necklace.

“Is it Sooyoung’s necklace? Yeah.. it must be hers.” I thought while im looking that necklace.

The necklace form like a star and it have initials name behind it.

S & D .. I wonder who is D, because i know that S means Sooyoung. So, what is D means?

Her boyfriend? Ah ani.. according to Siwon, Sooyoung doesn’t have a namjachingu.”

Ah.. i better give this to her. Maybe this thing is something that really important for her.

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)




(Sooyoung’s POV)

“Gosh! Where is it?” I mumble while im searching my necklace. That necklace is really important for me because that was the last present from Donghae.

“What are you looking for Soo?” Asked Taeyeon when she just got back from the bathroom.

“My necklace. I lost it.” I said panickly and then without i can control, tears starts to fall from my eyes.

“Yaah don’t cry! I’ll help you. Let’s search again.” Said Taeyeon, trying to comfort me.



I sit on the floor weakly because i still can’t find the necklace. My eyes starts to teary again. Right now, i really hate myself. How could i be so careless until i lost the important thing for me.

Mianhe Donghae-ah..”

Taeyeon sits on the floor next to me. She hugs me and keep supporting me.

“Hey, don’t give up yet! I have a feeling that we will find it later.” Said Taeyeon as she’s smiling to me.

I just nodded and then begin to search again, with Taeyeon who is always helping me.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)




Kyuhyun came to Sooyoung house to give the necklace back to her.

Not long after he knocked the door, Sooyoung opened the door. Kyuhyun could see clearly that her eyes are red.

“Ah Kyuhyun-ah..” Said Sooyoung weakly as she tried to smile to Kyuhyun.

“Are you okay?” Asked Kyuhyun with a worried tone. He was so worried about Sooyoung and he also afraid if something bad happened again to Sooyoung.

“Yeah.. So what brings you here?”

“Oh i just want to give this to you.” Said Kyuhyun as he gave the necklace to Sooyoung.

Sooyoung smiled happily and hugged Kyuhyun. “Jeongmal gomawo Kyuhyun-ah.”

“Ah.. ne..” Replied Kyuhyun with a nervous tone. And then he hugged her back.

“Where did you find it?” Asked Sooyoung.

“I found it above my bed. It must be fell when you were sleeping.”

“Once again, Thanks so much Kyuhyun-ah. You don’t know how important this necklae for me.” Added her again with a smiled on her face.

“So, i think i was right. That necklae is really important for her. But i still curious about what D means.” Said Kyuhyun in his heart.

“Is D her namjachingu name? And that necklace was from him?”

Kyuhyun couldn’t help but keep thinking about that..



– To Be Continued –



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